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strength can now kill them, so why not easy to eliminate this robbery.' She suddenly bite:. 'General Lee, our biggest enemy is not the extradition would not Tin Ying Liu, not rebellion Once upon, but the Emperor, the most frightening thing is that we can not hostile happens with him.' Her face showed fortitude of color, slowly: 'Soldiers of God Weiqing, according to Prince Liu, two princess Tin Ying Liu, who figures so clever masterpiece, then launched upon a rebellion, the result is precisely in order to give himself the Emperor eliminate robbery ground game and I definitely do not Yoo Ji dayCan repeat the same mistakes, Lee, you and I have to follow the right path, the counterinsurgency Once upon rescued Heaven. ' Guang long time in silence, suddenly said:. 'Tin Ying princess presumably must be very painful.' Yoo Ji-day hung his head, hair curtain quietly cover over like a star eyes and said:. 'Naturally, love and friends watching, to see if the visibility is not to see them, twenty years ago to take advantage of the things they are exposed, do not really know how to get along 'under the shadow of the sun reflecting gradually shift, Liu Ji leisurely day turned and said:.'. The princess went to serve about him, about the days when the compensation shadow sister two years owed him good. ' Guang footsteps motionless, cold tunnel: 'Little Princess, the wife only care about one thing, if you like him, if not just for the future, or so available to them, all without falling in this respect Yu Guigui take care of him.' Yoo Ji-day non-stop pace, silvery laughter came and said: 'I do not know, Like father, ah, Lee, why not you and me, the other is all just my guess, whether it was day Yang Ying shadow sister, who do not know. ' Guang long silence, suddenly laughed, proudly away, at the same time to leave, look unintentionally toward the shade of a few hundred meters away glance. Under the shade of Valkyrie figure gradually flashed behind Liu fat wretched voice Hey said: 'Even the little princess also found Parents guilty, innocent baby. 'So they put her down for adoption. Meng Shentong too many enemies, and master fear that girls grow up, there will be trouble, therefore hides her personal life, even she did not know.' Gu Zhihua 'wow' a cry out, shame, shame felt. Liu Xingsen whispered: 'junior sister apprentice, you blame me Cao asked veteran, I can not say one thing, you still do not know six months ago, I was going to explore your Mangshan, met Meng Shentong the way... disciple items hung, I almost killed him win, Credit goes to Cao veteran rescue. She must find clues Meng Shentong all about, I'll give you two years of life experience to conceal a secret, can not be said to her. ' Everyone had been listening with rapt attention static gas speak, then he noticed look, to see him pale and thin, black gas Jisi beside the temple has not faded net, expect he will be subject to the injury, illness Later, still vitality was. Cao Kinji slowly said: 'Ladies and gentlemen with the door on this, if you heard clear is the daughter of Meng Shentong, this thing has no doubt that his father was a great enemy of the door, how can we be assured to be under, Ao one? ? enemy's daughter, mixed within the door 'South Seven Chivalrous of his disciples, to see the head of the senior sister apprentice, then at Gu Zhihua, everyone was silent, after a long while, Yizhong Mu whispered:' Aunt Lu close apprentice when she did not know the valley are friends may have made it clear that the origins of her life experience? 'According to the rules of martial arts, and if so Lv Siniang already know is the enemy of the door, but also willing to receive her, then this responsibility in respect of the Lv Siniang be negative, unless Gu Zhihua Muren repeat what unforgivable fault, or someone else to clean up the right to generation Lv Siniang portal. Kinji Cao said: 'Liu brother, then you will send her Mangshan, please put your circumstances at the time again to talk about.' Liuhang Sen said: 'I am the masterAfter doing her daughter, hearts often