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command someone, which is what the command is the command to make it, so someone is Yan Yan someone the truth lies. before the princess still please the command to cause the child on his behalf, Shifeideyi, understanding all asked her indulgences. leave! 'Micro one hand, stood up and turned around to go.Lu stood rendered busy dictated said: '! Yantai Xia, Yantai Xia'Miss rendered strong laugh and said: 'I do not deserve, not when I asked Yantai Xia calmly think twice.'Yan Mufei indifferent a chuckle: 'Thank you so command, I respect compliance Ling Yu, then think again if the mind has changed, I will come to the command to make the report.'Turned and walked out.Looked at the tall stature blocked the door, Lu rendered face a grim turn Yinhen, sneer, said: 'Yan Mufei, all from you, I can not believe Banguo thigh arm ......'Of course, Yanmu Fei did not hear, he was out of this family homes, the horse where you come from, but also where to go, do not, free and easy to move straight to town to go to.-------------------------------------------------- a trillion OCR old rain joint House and Xiaoxiang College serial: the sky is already dark, the night already falls, the lights everywhere. The more he go inside the more lively, wine shop, the teahouse, buzz everywhere, Naorang Rang's. Yan Mufei walking distance walked inside, he was watching on a person, that is unkempt begging Hanako, in Lang Yanxia walk, to see people they reach, but two Gu Lulu looked at him.Yan Mufei understand that there must be no mighty trillion, or this 'Qiongjia Bang' early disciples came up to his side.Immediately, he was watching through the sides, with a glance at the corner of my eye out with. He saw it, there are two middle-aged black guy in the left and right outer tail with his feet, and two pairs of eyes have been peeping at him.This is the reason for not begging Hanako gone.Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, turned into a wine shop, looking for a seat in the head by a falling blocks. He saw clearly that the two middle-aged black man also precious blood flow into the sea. Soon there are numerous small silver fish along the distant smell of blood draw, after that in the bloodstream called roll, automatically gathered into a beacon arrow pattern, swim to the front. Du wind indifference and said: 'Your blood, and D, as is the whole species.' Kindred to draw blood for a living humans and various animals, protracted, full of blood also mixed genes of various organisms, some of the high quality of kinship, blood concentrated essence of almost all biological genes, 'E' appears It is one of them. Even the fish in the sea, but also because by the blood gene summoned to help them specify the direction of arrival of the land. Du wind glanced Liu fat, fat bar on Liu ten fingers full of carrot-like pinhole, screams and said:. 'Well, well, soon stitched Miss Yang Ling, leaving a little skin, Do you want me to give you sew strips leather skirt, just worthy of your beautifulMust rely on his hands while climbing!Kangsi Han Although action slowed down, there is help Tianchi Venerable, a tie, if necessary, it would not cause too much behind, the most bitter is yuan!He toting Liangbing sledgehammer, a light a weight, add up to two thousand kilos more than his weight almost two times, although he can afford sufficient strength, but ice climbing hand corner may not be able to bear is maintained, Sometimes you must insert that sticks with his dagger Bingbi leveraging to go aboard, this way, the slowest touches him!Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'Palace on Duron you must go this way?'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'Duron Palace otherwise smooth up, but want to bypass this mountain, longer time-consuming, and we went to this, it is best to surprise, so I chose this dangerous road, I only consider beforehand to Kangsi Han's tired, have our help that will be no problem, I did not expect Yu brother who's a burden! ' Yuan smiled and said: '! No problem, I got support.'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'In the brave brother, I believe Dengfeng is no problem, then I'm afraid Dengfeng, afraid to take a step back:..' Well, he chose you naturally has his reasons. Sister, remember to warm to the position, the foot is the easiest place cold. ' Tears slowly flowing face, she sobbed and said:. 'I congratulate you, Mrs soul mate.' Young zero shame not self-suppression, but why not move the body in eyes stare down. Du see the distant wind shadow flash, Luo Feile flashed a hint of tears in his eyes, and turned to walk towards his room. Half gone, she suddenly remembered what turned serious and asked: '? Sister, the day you come a few times.' Young zero instinct authentic: '11 times ......' She awoke suddenly blurted, then a right on H slamming systemic blood Chung, quickly fled wildly hugging pillow Du wind burst into the room. Punch too hard at the foot of a trip to the ground, and the poor of this nephrite Wen HongBeautiful children, almost rolled into the. Zhao Luan began secretly root against the wall away, this fearless sturdy girl now only found some serious problems. Du wind swept her a sidelong glance, looking at once put the nail in the wall Luan Zhao could not move. He coldly: 'I'll be back to you afterwards.' He turned into the house, the room dark, with Du wind eyesight can clearly see under thick blankets on the bed, there is intense anxiety humanoid uplift gasped. Young zero has been quietly hiding in there, nervously listening to Du wind footsteps. To her disappointment, and did not hear the knives unloading clothes off and Du wind unlock the voice from the back, followed by the bed shaking a bit, Du wind even without taking off his boots to rely on up. Young zero stammer authentic: 'You ...... you ...... you do not take a bath.' Zhao Luan trembling, nervous even have arms cigarette fell out, Du cold wind tunnel: 'Is not there you go Luo Feile nonsense, then give me a sister out of this stupid idea.' Zhao Luan disposal after the wind went straight to the end of the corridor Du Luo Feile room. He should hand in front of the door and opened it a little fox distraught even at the top to stab, and numerous green mucus paste together into one, like a plague-like spread rapidly to the surrounding . Several staff unprepared immediately stuck, screams body melt into a pool of glue. Zhao Luan agile. Don picked up a few tens of meters away Luedao situation. Cracked earth. Mines dazzling light jet out from the ground to illuminate the night sky, once again want to gather into a huge hand covered the ground. Then a beam of light can be raised palm Leiguang bounce, with tens of thousands of feet of empty connected Guixiao large objects like a misty blue light beam along soaring away. Li Han generals from the ground and jump out, both on the body is a mess, stomping Li Han said: 'a step slow!' General Li Han patted on the shoulder and said: 'WithOur two forces can not stop them soaring. ' Li Han color face is upset, they had hoped to ask out from the mouth of thunder fourteen soaring base position, the results only to say a thunderous, you head to explode, it seems already to prevent horsepower tie this hand. The tie was originally scheduled horsepower drew upon a senior immortal blew off base, but finally could not escape fate. General to looking like water is calm, the extradition would already well prepared for both eventualities. Can stop it stop. Can not stop, it will come down upon a time and see what happens. They can not discern that Yang Ying position upon a time, such as willow and Liu Ji-day fat, but intuitively, Yang Ying Once upon a ground position will not be low. General to knuckle boxing was rattled by, if you want, and Du Yang Ying wind contact, which is the best, of course, Yang Ying also be sent countless fairy attack them, all this choice. ------------------------------------- In the far wall to day, the wind is still in the endless Du sleeping. A slim silhouette in the distance are silently watching him, like a magnificent ruby ​​eyes in the dark of night, extraordinarily clever attractive. Yang zeros are used every day so distant gaze Du wind, but