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Liu have Shoda other industry in this, the night arrived Jinhua, or to Liu lodging, are very convenient. The switched, within the cove of Zhou Murai, both remote places, are far apart, the two go to the hour, to arrive.  attention along the way, the first people to see the village also has several mountain bend of a street, not a plain Wu Wu Kuang-free into the smoke trails fiber is tired, Caoshu horizon, the sky and black down hill moon is blocked everywhere quiet sway beclouded, lonely landscape is very gifted, AncunSuch as what happened, and Liu Ying in the river near my son, look at this scene, it seems that something will not happen. Is daddy dying divination, confusion, so Seoul fulfilled without it: there was a small iron monkey Hou Yong tetra promised orphan care, hand in hand, until a few years after marriage, never seen troubles, had passed him, and also asked me something, how self dad died, he went to take the young girl, Jiang mother confined to bed, secretly took the opportunity of a festival, but has not been seen on the pier had just seen his shadow? This person does not light promise, all come off of the reason, how themselves as careful, it will not observe little shadow: the by-line but at a hill, one side is a large depression, plants mud Ze, Juru miscellaneous column; side he is a wide stream, apart from top to bottom, steeply two thirty feet. Gang Lu feet width ranging from the future of the fork four manifolds, in the pass Jiagu, Liangya chu column, like portals, left the line a few steps, which amounts to Jianbian. The right is the piece of wilderness, more than one shoulder high weeds, bushes Sen column, especially after the fall of Mao, when animals like snakes lurking in which local people as a dangerous road, more than usual detour. L due to see the day when the late king, and relies on peer Touch of Zen, one hundred where no consideration, taking a shortcut walking reminder force. See bearers are gentry, dare not disobey.  slower pace, the crowd separated further away, thinking able to use it. Now Don skill by day and then Jin Shiyi about par, so do pick up this jade bow, a little longer, the amount of veins exposed on the grouped, wheezing could be heard Sim hidden surprise non-farming small, busy:. 'Naturally, I am to be an eye-opener. 'Jade will take over the bow, it's skill than the Tang also slightly better by the day, but still find it hard, he carefully looks for, in addition to a heavy feel abnormal, too weird, the other side, but no abnormal. He could not see This bow out but jade, if any poison to try to use silverware jade, will now gray color or black spots, and now this whole body jade crystal bow, naturally you can rest assured to be under Lisheng Nan laughed:. 'That will Jade three arrows, but also be a large head to Sim looks for it. 'Xin Agriculture hidden see three branches are the same, took Solidago, attempting to pull on the string, to spare his exhausted body Biao power, nor weep over how scared he quickly put down, said:.' Li god amazing girl , can such a heavy jade bow. Naturally, I am only admire! 'Comfortable playing from the heart, a blue and white Paixiong Bi said: 'No problem, I was responsible for fifty female students, within three months, to ensure the surrender of fifty Gongsun aunt, at any time pending fight in!'Thunder statue also said: 'Lao Jiaohua mad, they have learned how to fifty slain!'Ling Yun smiled and said: 'That's absolutely no problem, beggars begging though, is not really poor, even 10,002,000 Kim, we can immediately come up!' said: 'That would not have to, the raids magic cave, blue Meng cellaring extremely abundant, and I have told the high value light Yu curios close up enough to use it!' yuan busy: '? Then how can it, we are not yet become looted'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'These things are antiquities, not living in a foreign land, if distributed to the people on the ranch, but will harm them, every man innocent, pregnant wall against himself, only this powerful martial beggars before You can save them, not to mention the losses beggars,