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Beam faster and faster, and gone on over the diversion to New York City, in the dark sky appeared a huge hole, a giant hand and full of rust slowly stretched out to the sky cast a large seed . Liu Ji day turning into pale face, legs trembling and said: '! Pa ...... King Xiang Yu' Guang remake of weighs on her shoulder, soothe emotions little princess, calm authentic: 'I do not believe in the power of one channel can summon the King!' Du wind eyes still is a black and white, can only sense the strong energy of the gas field, he was indifferent and said: '? Who is the King' Yoo Ji-day warble:. 'Thirteen of God congregation, King strongest Overlord off, blood floating oars, you've heard a million Han Chu Chi Xiang Yu wartime abusing it.' Du wind seems to have been in the hands of a knife invisible magnetic attraction, directedDay, the murderous knife hidden in the sky suddenly appeared to be a little sucked giant hand. Went so far as to cut conquering Shendao melt down a little bit. Du wind indifference: 'The Kengsha million if the murderous King alone can melt Shendao cut his hand off the massacre of millions of people that are not too much.' Liu Ji Yao Zhuya day off, force yourself to calm and said:. 'Thirteen of God congregation, King first, second soldier of God, fly in the third, I do not believe they can send the next King, Independence Day, as long as you kill all the stuff down you can. ' Countless seeds floating over New York City, seeds gradually expands hatch, climbed out from among countless shapes seed faces ferocious reptiles. Just when everyone thought it was going to attack these reptiles, reptile's body to rot again in an instant. Like carrion-like atmosphere to the New York City hood down. Yoo Ji-day pupil suddenly shrink over the protection of the atmosphere in New York, is the full flavor eaten. Then the birds of the sky falling, any creature in these crazy to attack the next breath, lost their lives, the more rotten breath lowered the more turbid, became similar gesture mucus, mucus Existing ground forces have been insufficient to re-fall upon the Emperor, Weiqing never agree to open heaven seal adventure. Bing came in clear voice: 'Tin Ying princess, how a drink together.' Yang Ying smiled and said: 'I want to talk about the armor of God and then rest assured, I will not do no good move up..' 'This is very good.' Art of war receded into the distance a little bit, Yang Ying look dejected fade, armor of God and their own congenial person, but by virtue of logic thinking armor of God, and the soldiers of God, like delicate use of troops, will succumbed logical thinking . His point about the robbery to consider that so far there is no evidence to prove that absolutely can not be accepted. If Kyi and Liu Guang day in ...... Yang Ying shook his head slightly, extremely clever Liu Ji days in the year had to guess the clues, but this wayward younger sister too far instincts, and always see themselves as rivals, then even venturing into the second heaven is not such a thing Eye blink, who knows will someday because of her wayward bad. She opened her hands down his back, it seems to immersing myself that ugly stickSolution. One side is the world deceived by her companion in good faith, in order to slow the soaring, making thirteen robbery occur simultaneously, she had to use some of the extreme measures. Once upon a time one side is a common destiny with her partner plotters Heaven, but now they have been lopsided. Distrust on both sides of the cracks, Yang Ying is too tired. Purple mucus in her body and humble to retreat, Yang Ying's body lying directly on top of the white clouds, she murmured:. 'I no turning back, Independence Day.' When it comes to the unconscious Independence Day, Yang Ying eyes suddenly flashed warm. She lazily authentic: 'I knew that, twenty years ago I would not have pains, directly to you all into a different space to sleep for 20 years.' She lazily rolled over and said: 'But I owe all of you that love, Yang Ying, only one, I can not play all of you, ha ha,