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nobody really when I West' moment commanded the monk Fa Hai let the city go Shouzhou own After Qiantang go until broken Later Zhou, Zhen Fang find mentoring afterwards. That fahai see myself pulling a patron, where also do not want to, then happily went Shouzhou, Jinshan monks go Qiantang not mention. Jinshan mention monk went Qiantang invited eight Denon wide of Buddha Shouzhou come to help out, but said that the monk Fa Hai listened Jinshan words, heart secretly contemplating quite a while, ready to take the BuddhaThe power to make things difficult for Bai Zhen Fang and mentoring duo. Non-stop day and sea monk to Shouzhou city, came to the palace, ordered the newspaper and Lee supernatural powers. Getting supernatural powers that Lee has a Zen monk Jinshan invitation to come help out, joyful hearts, these days, after desperate siege, if not solid walls, Lee Mitac more unusually, I'm afraid Shouzhou city has long been broken. Date night just hope hope Jinshan eight monks led force arrived Denon wide Buddha. This day is a silver safe house procedure, Jinshan Getting Young monks make first came joyful heart, please come in very quickly. 'I do not know where the pagoda spiritual master?' Lee supernatural powers to be the people sit down, it served some rare fruit, quickly asked. That former monk Fa Hai nothing but a Pola Hu, Baoshan and pagoda where like, Getting Lee supernatural words, old blushed, under Sharp brains, and quickly said: 'Pinseng but Budaha of joy Ha, Bong division life goes down, about to go to the Jinshan Temple, together with the brothers. 'Lee, who heard supernatural hearts surprised, thought the monk Fa Hai Daoxing not high, just so thick case and sea, but look at the parts of Jinshan monk, now smell West Budaha of joy to listen to the other party actually is sects, heart secretly glad just did turn away each other, so do not like kicking expert. Therefore compliment: 'The Shouzhou a master in this, think that children will surely Wangfengertao Chairong.' The rest are all laughing crowd. not the highest, but his disciples thirty-two it, as long as the day-dimensional reproduction of the door and found the angel on earth there exists Zhen Fang, I am afraid there once upon a time connected Cited gold down, broke open the heavy void, the Zhen Fang received inside. After the good fortune were lost Zhen Fang, where storms can turn what others think twice Zhen Fang of immeasurable merit good fortune were not looking for trouble has been very good. But if Zhen Fang Chen really pass down the hook bible, many overseas Yaozu if not exhaustively into Zhen Fang sects, but also Zhen Fang sects have heard the word because, if an accident were good luck in the future, these people will have and to, who would dare calculating luck sects, although Buddhist wrong, but at the moment the Big Three Buddhist rare unified front, do not let Zhen Fang lured so many overseas Yaozu. Zhen Fang heart secretly angry, suddenly brow of a move, smiled and nodded and said:. 'Gentlemen Daoxiong polite words, which are mostly foreign monks though all true enlightenment, but China and Turkey, but also many believers bible deceit Polaris can only pass the whole truth, and Christians can not pass and enlightenment deceit. That being the case, the three questions Pindao future, who can live with hearing qualifications, you fellow think? Legend illustrates teach apprentices of saints , he had established at the foot of a large array, this array can too, could be as apprentice, then the achievements of the Twelve cents in the name Pindao presumably not with the saints, only the next exam, to respondents can be In peak under Emperor riding hearing. ' Tian Ling Master heard quickly stood out. Jishou said: 'I waited willing.' The rest all foreign monks have also nodded. Breeze, who looked at each other, Lonely Road, Long asked: 'Do notLive in what is the problem? Oh, Pindao worried that if it were too difficult subject, who had very little, I'm afraid that would cost a lot of thought a reality. ' Tian Ling Master heard outcry, Shendao cut. Broadsword solidly hit ya body on land, was a clean break is not the land Ya, but seemingly very sturdy steel giant. Cracked blades swirling around, sparklers and swayed between each other according to numerous blades, as if in a lakeAt the same time the sun lit up the ten general, Yao was not open the eyes of people. Shendao still able to cut and Lu Ya confrontation, but holds the sword has cut Shendao million under the weight of lightning, falling apart. Lu Ya no longer release infuriating to the sky, but still continues to fall Trick. This scene is no stranger Du wind. That was eight star pushing the limits of ancient weapons to reach nine stars when necessary encountered. Small curse! And Du curse the wind experienced small compared to the power of this array curse larger and more violent than met almost twenty years ago when the soaring wind Du Gang Feng and tragedy, but this day jealous ancient curse lowered Warrior the power was in the hands of Miss Ya Jin Jinzuan became Lu Ya attacks infuriating. Lu Ya eyes blood red, even teeth almost chew. She could not even think she could under the anger, beyond the limit of eight stars, cast out of the success of this type she had never played the broken dome fourth type. Wrath by day. For our own prestige. This is [broken dome - Tianxin anger]! Clean break] [infuriating shield still exists. But [now] but could not make a clean break break ya land punches, but was forced to stop the compression, pressure and Quanjin Daoshi mixed together, all of the wind acting on the Du body. [Clean break] is a double edged sword, when applied to move beyond each other's power and influence is not enough to issue moves, the first to be swallowed, the same is applied to the knife himself. DU wind footsteps motionless. He was not in Charge confrontation, but distracted. He remembered one that can manipulate the world the power of wind and thunder, and Lu Ya looked the same age was more quiet and sedate woman. Raytheon successor Li Han! That body with