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, to touch the head, also issued a split person cardiopulmonary cry, they not only did not propped Gu Zhihua, even their own accompanying fall! Wing Chung In this surprised no trivial matter, Heke in southern Ye Ye Yi hurriedly hidden doctor approached and shouted: '! Is highly toxic, it can not touch the head,' Li fishing for men to take this opportunity confusion, ran out, Young voice call and said: '! Gu sister, I hope till we meet again' Don agile by day, a bayan is Saegusa Tianshanshenmang Pente shot, shouted: '? Xiao Yaonv, you killed a man, but also want to escape it.' Lisheng Nan sword dial He fell three branches Tianshanshenmang, sneered: 'less head, you haste, I settled this matter, since the future will also have seen the Tianshan A seven female cult leader, but when division students. The day after the track has already been eliminated and no revival 'Ye Ye Yi said:.'. Seven female education there is a secret poison called Wudu scattered, my ancestral medical books contained by this toxic symptoms, as this drug Powder is like poison five synthetic yeah, how solution, but do not know it. It is an ancient legend, overcast teach disabilities have a 'detoxification Scriptures', and later also to Joe snatched the North sea and now Joe North sea powers by Meng supernatural powers and re-transmission of this world, I'm afraid that 'detoxification Scriptures' has also been found that this fallLi woman's hands! 'Factions master looked at each other to make the hearts are thought:' If so, is it a Meng Shentong just died, another Meng Shentong out? 'Yizhong Mu heard this, it is a heavy heart, but he was a bit puzzled, Lisheng Nan have also asked him to convey a message to , according to her statement, Gu Zhihua does not seem to die in the short term, but, as at present it seems, even Ye Ye Yi also think the odds, do lie to him not? But since deliberately poisoned Gu Zhihua, why lie to him joy? Spake, Ye Ye Yi has the Tianshan snow lotus pounded with ale and mix thoroughly, Xie really took it, pry Gu Zhihua life of friendship between Chiang and firewood deer, deer Qiao Jiang once an order for Council to discuss darts darts, and Henan one-man battle Thief Fangjun Xiong, Xiong Fang Zhao result he slashed a Bibo, while deer Qiao Jiang also gave him seriously beaten with iron sand palm. is from Su to the palace where he stole a team Millennium Radix, this healed him. So the next section Jiang Lu Qiao willing to pay off, with his married brother, This secret, very few people know the rivers and lakes. But Meng Shentong it is early to know. Suddenly he was 'slightly' bang, Ji Xiaofeng crumbling, quickly leaning on the wall, but the head has hit the wall, audible, Meng Shentong him a pull over. , Extensor his Xuanji, Pier, wind House, owned by possession, Victoria Road, ranking absurd, Pteris sealed with seven big hole, stop the bloodshed, thiophene attached two disciples Wu Meng Tao! 'You get two small for me also Dan, the shouting continued off God to give him barge glue on broken bones.' He looked Meng Shentong to injury, laughing: 'Fortunately, it's Tie Pipa Cao Kinji passed Young Lu Tao phosphorus, it's still not yet reached the level of attainment Tiezhang effort, or else suffer if you hurt her weapons, how can there life in? 'After a moment, Dan Wu Meng will also get smaller, and give him clothes next, Meng Shentong little self refining also Dan. In each of the refining drug wounded among the fastest effective, it can consolidate both Pei-Yuan, Ji Xiaofeng after dose, over a Zhancha midnight, then gradually see the ruddy complexion, then Wu Meng has been Dipsacus glue with his broken bones barge good. stood up, but not thanks to Meng Shentong, but is Meng Shentong thanked him and said: '? Well, you really are and gave their lives to give me work, and what you want to reward' Ji Xiao wind said: 'Gold and Silver treasure my hand to bring, do not you just give me my old will I receive you make disciples:. 'Meng Shentong said:' Why do you want to do my disciple ' said:'? I now owed is superior martial arts, if you what we do in this school, you do not have to multi-barrel! ' said:' The two may not know, the girl has already reconciled Mang Valley . gate under the 'road hero sword has been sold out,' Well, 'a cry:'! White Brother, why and they say, just ask them to give way so that 'entry David laughed:' Hao Young, this muddy ?!! How dare kid in front of our bullying, this is not it funny borne Hey, hey, if you're not unreasonable, then, we just do not unreasonable ancestors' way Kennedy stared, endured the anger and said: 'Listen to you That is to say, you have rather a full WealthLi-like? Yes, we have to find our Xiangyang Valley home to the Valley junior sister apprentice, this provision you what happened? What is your reason? Say, Say it! 'Item hung intentionally tease him, laughing, slowly said:' Even if the girl is a member of the junior sister apprentice Valley so what? Heaven, earth, monarch, pro division, which is for every people have some tablets, you ought to know, right? Master corporations elders, but it is not as the biological father? Besides that Cao Kinji but her senior sister apprentice, you also just her brothers! I have been instructed her biological father since Aviva already guessed they were disciples Meng Shentong being shipped Shaoyang dark magic, ready with their power against evil Shura hidden, so from the get Young quarrel with them. Road hero, it was a straightforward man, in his mind, never once Meng Shentong as father, so that the two men said do 'Miss my family', he actually did not expect to go Meng Shentong this regard. Then wake up, startled hesitated and immediately fly into a rage, people curse: '! So you two are Meng old thief villain's minions, Well, Well, I was looking for your bad luck,' David shouted items : 'You're a little muddy kid put a clean mouth, no matter whether you call us, and dare criticize our Master?' The road hero said: '!! I have chosen to criticize, Meng Meng old thief old thief' item hung stature flash, call the beat on the road to play hero to go, shouted: '!