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will certainly Kunlun hair strokes, otherwise it is not possible to master the Kunlun Mountains Ten 'clear' Generation name have brought. But he did not think that at this time the wind would actually begin to move up. Micro moment angrily:. 'Breeze fellow, though otherwise engaged today, but today is also the date of the birth of the Kunlun Laojun but the door handing, passing a long time, Patriarch Yuqing saints Primus is three clear of the door who, when the ceremony for the first of it! 'The implication is that you are the founder of Primus is my Patriarch to Young, senior birthday today, you these disciples as Young Ha, Ha Young, or to do good in this divided . Although not clear at this time Zhen Fang breeze dough, but surely you can guess that the heart is very upset. 'Lonely Daoxiong say very yes. Although the matter is important, but when Laojun birthday today, I and so are the door myself, can not miss the auspicious time. 'Zhen Fang around suddenly sounded dull voice. It is Wudang palm teach Yuanyang reality. Inherited from trueEmperor. In the secular world is very influential. 'Too pure inaction, large comfortable Fan Wu courtesy touches these very seriously..' Zhen Fang heart of a dynamic, talking around xiyi is real, just listen to him and said: 'If there is to know Laojun saints, and will Let me stop this ritual, etc., or discuss about the safety of my relationship with things the right way as well. 'Zhen Fang faint applause, these people really come to worship where is, after all, called the door Laojun sage leader, but only to the You Shushan benefits, but did not give the benefit of other sects, have you not seen the man-made tragedy Shushan spend someone else to take the initiative. If it were not for you Shushan have desires, who come here to visit. Today booing, actually there are things such as the safety of my relationship, Zende not worry. 'Ching safety?' A voice to take from the mouth of out across more than one hundred sects, as well as hundreds of scattered repair heard, have Buddhism, the future may be off a natural skins, gold Sendo achievement results. Enjoy the so-called Western Paradise, lectures Three times Dafa, no affect, achievement immortal, finished this body does not break. There are songs, saying: Yan Ming Ying-day Golden West Lotus most micro-fine. Chien wreaths infinite wonderful. Yoshimitsu absolutely successive students. God bless people pestle rare metals and forest Qi easy. Occasion, Tong Fu lotus will, we know the road to this day. 'Ethereal sound like ears, eyes and heard around beings fanaticism, his face suddenly appeared a trace of longing for color, could not wait to be able to reach paradise general. Bai face a move, his eyes also appeared trace grain, corn mouth slightly open. Awaiting promised, above all of a sudden puff of merit gold Ni Wan, Leighton time soul clear, bright eyes, revealing faint brilliance, could not resist fiercely sweep of the few people at a glance. The original speech Budaha of joy, but it contains a sound confused. Bai was not aware of very high merit, the critical moment cover your soul, do not be fooled by the other party. Budaha of joy naturally understand the truth, although slightly hearts sigh, but soon carry a fixed idea, though perhaps Bai behind other characters, but Bai but Xuanyin system. If they could get to the tripod furnace. I am afraid that can exceed tens of Asura daughters, if these figures can not be degrees into their own sects. How worthy of joy in the name. ^ Cold moment and said:. 'Evil creature, monk persuade them, it is so ungrateful, worth mentioning, in order to guard against this evil creature havoc you today on behalf of Heaven monk,' said a pair of pink big hand towards Bai caught come up. Thirty-three days at a time outside the large Luo Palace, both mysterious cave, wonderful scenery, Wonderland abnormalities, which are more saints residence, the whole slope Health Seocho, Ganoderma lucidum were born, even to show the root, the top pick Tianqi. Fairy tale, there is a house, saw that the book 'Tao a look at this new Mountain God, if you have the opportunity to live to become robbed!' Fifth force toward the handle bar knife blow violently, throwing knives at once from flameless combustion, it will insert a knife into the ground, the earth also will be burned up, had nonflammable earth and rock, to become the best reminder flame retardants, mysterious flames Du wind and horsepower are tied up under siege. Du Shendao wind chop into the ground, the flames burn up all the way down Shendao cut up, even his body has completely turned into a bunch of torch out of the hands of lush tree tree of life, constantly repair the body was burned in flames section. He looked at the horse tie the hands of the knife, the knife handle and four to tie unfolded horsepower strength, they have not be coming to the nine finished knife handle. Du wind flames nothing happened, he did not seem to desire to fight, but in thinking. Huang Ji Xian Qi is a little bit burned out, Du wind suddenly said:. 'To make a bet.' Horsepower tie strange smiles:. 'What do you want to how' Du cold wind tunnel: 'I wait for you finished nine knife handle, if I have not fallen, even if I win, you let me dispose of.' Horsepower tie Guaiyan pages, this is not the style of Du wind. Independence Day is the advantage of unparalleled speed, Li and Li Tuo, are not yet fully in force when it was issued ahead Du wind down, back up all nine knife handle, such as their strength will shoot arrows over Bow has become a spent force, this condition Du wind no benefit, but added to their advantage. It extensor a twist, brings up the sixth handle knife, unceremoniously: 'Okay!' A good character blurted, Huang Du Xian Qi wind wrist pole disappear out clean, the Flying immortal wildfire started burning his arm again. Sixth knife handle horsepower left hand bar, within wind to the right arm, the arm condensation from countless ice immediately. Du layers of ice will also wind right arm wrapped up, instant, intravascular Du wind arms were filled with ice. He still