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Tang Xiaolan, Meng Shentong ruled. Even pain Zen, two martial arts masters gold with not one of the subtle changes, other people, etc., not to mention naturally. They are optimistic about the Tang Xiaolan initially thought than just a real effort, Tang Xiaolan able Wencaoshengsuan, now a contest to two internal strength, actually loggerheads, Tang Xiaolan also seems a little underdogs, could not help but surprise, is very worrying. A test to know anything else, defeated party, might be able to escape, only a test of internal strength, but Juenan pay Xing, the outcome of a minute, that is death sentence stand up! If so evenly matched, more likely Liangbai all! And these two masters, are hanging magic masterpiece, one hand, and the world no one can resolve! Everyone in Ningmu watched, almost breathless tension. In this extremely tense atmosphere, eye pain Zen Master Ming listen, hear Husi underground 'buzzing' sound. Pain Zen Master was taken aback, quickly asked: '? Daoxiong, you listen, this is what the sound' golden master listen attentively, and said: 'It's strange, seems to have something underground drilling over to the side. 'Zen pain on humanity:' Unlike a human 'gold?´╗┐Teacher said:. 'Unlike Listen buzzing sound, but rather like burning paper media.' This sounds very fine, in addition to the two large master, no one was found, heard the pain Zen Master doubt, going to loud warning, sudden, I hear people over there Meng Shentong uproar exclaimed, but see a prosperous figure, swift as the eagle set, suddenly fleeing people plexus, a man ran Xieqi, Peak son, many experts red sun symbol, Kim Chan, Fuli gradually so actually have hindered live! Ying Feng shouted: 'Hey, sister, you are with, is the one who battles Meng Shentong that day man!' Lin Feng's eyes widened, but silent, and thought and said: 'Fortunately Qiner today to stay in the temple. 'This man wearing a mask of human skin, the action was surprisingly fast, Jingsi day under the blue sky, and suddenly there is a ghost haunt in general, in addition