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However, the seat ancestors acquaintance with you, you and me Wang Shushan sources from deep saw today is worth mentioning the fate of the British loose, you will. Shi Zhi with a few here, one can help the royal hand, on the other hand, look at another twelve royal treasure. ' Wang Wei quickly worship: 'The older but assured and, if reported this great hatred, so that the younger generation must be down anywhere to be found all over the royal, but also for the twelve pieces of royal ancestors find a treasure, made immeasurable merit of our ancestors.' Shushan powerful, there is help in Shushan, natural strength and then let Wang a grade. Wang again and said:. 'Go to Wang Feng called and let him live to see the Lonely' Wang heard quickly rushed out, quite a while hauled behind a young eighteen-year-old, in the end is good genes, looks handsome, graceful hands carry a great atmosphere between the foot, in the end is a family of children. Lonely Road, Long satisfied nod, suddenly frowned. 'His name is Wang Feng, who is also the ability?' Lonely Road question said. 'Do those who are so mighty?' Lonely frowned and said: 'Wang Wei, you have to know that I and other seminarians who are practicing the most basic element of God's way, the stronger the soul, spiritual Road Act, the faster, more understanding of the Avenue deep. The size and strength of soul largely determine the final outcome was a yogi. Let the Sun, although in terms of qualification impressive abilities, but the soul is very small, and shrinking. ' Wang Wei heard, shocked, speechless: '? This is what to do' Today there with Sendo, looking forward to him day and night, Wang Wei Wang also out of a fairy, therefore at the royal family business are tied to a huge door in Shushan, in the end actually said his grandson is shrinking soul, how he was not surprised. While the British loose suddenly smiled and said: 'I have a genius Shushan treasure countless practice not afraid Young wanted Pindao qualification unbearable, now is the division of the mid-god has to stop! Xuenv also stayed at her side, and immersed tunnel: 'Miss Wu, why do not you go on?'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'lotus beauty,Tutu. An wind blowing from the southwest over. White Garnett finally awakened from the shadows come in Dinghai beads, beads Dinghai want this weapon, do not know how to use magic to be, then Dinghai beads are the main Zhaogong Dinghai beads can not play all of the features, as well as last EEP the Buddha wins in the past, and turned it into 24 heavens. Today, Chen other party to have much strength, are even more severe than Zhaogong accomplished. Treachery, white Garnett quickly realized Zhen Fang Mana has oil burnout, running out. Although he also knows Ding Hui hidden in the side, ready to take the first shot of the benefits, but not seen Zhen Fang die, he will not resign. What's more, Zhen Fang numerous body magic, specifically a Dinghai beads, you can let the comprehension sector boiling up. So absolutely not let Zhen Fang died in the hands of others. Present also gave the dough quickly with three brothers, wind and lightning ran over relaxation. 'Demon is a demon, but never more than human.' Zhen Fang compassionate eyes, shot a milky light, suddenly the four demon see a distinct look. The moment the first step meal, holding a red clouds Zhen Fang slowly rises towards the south fly past. 'Fang Chen Where to go!' White Garnett see red clouds rising, on the Red Cloud, Zhen Fang smiling, hand micro stretch, put up a middle finger towards himself. Although it is not known whether this represents what the meaning, but certainly not know what a good meaning. Wolf blushed again and again in the hands of a small chime knock moving layers sonic waves in the air Dangqi layers, layer by layer, with wave after wave, coming together to Zhen Fang. 'Barbarians is barbarian. Do not you know I was born to Pindao Reiki sensitive to it?' Fang Chen Hongyun stand fast on Lingtai Zifu among golden merit flows slowly, as real as, his God knowledge wrapped in one, so that sound waves can not hurt, his existing state, seduce its deep memory. Therefore attracted vision. That is probably the red beads are of Blood Mountain. 'After all, knowledge more widely Kongxuan quickly understand the principle, and quickly explained. 'Although I do not know what the figure, but it can certainly be a great man.' Kongxuan is shook his head, secretly wondering: 'This Heaven really is powerful, amulet of time, whether it is how the original identity, As long as there is a causal, now must settle together, longevity Young, too, just like he did not know then how those who have forged a causal I were really good fortune is to be destiny out various causal entanglement. On to the teacher, next to each disciple is the case, then just do not know the longevity Young people do not know is what forged a causal. ' 'Out!' Cries Lenghe it, but it is out of the sky from a quiet room, I saw a clear light without the carnage of the public, clear light flow, a strange Guanghua Road on circulation. The immortal mind suddenly seems to be attracted to a piece of some kind of aThus, the soul must be invested. Immortals face changed, hearts secretly surprised, really is able to seal all of the treasure, and now the other side did not start, there is such a power. But if the other one start, how many people can avoid them force them out of the seal of. Carter, to see the valley, to Yang Zhigang a gas flooded the valley, Violet Ray entwined with its air, as if the two dragon killing one another, a blazing white, a silver purple, valley All of a sudden sand Dan Hengfei, even Zhou power of the stars of heaven have been blocked and can not shine throughout the Tianzhu Mountain. Great impetus to the simmering, but it is a real existence, such as the destruction of breath even Kongxuan people face became pale. Perhaps this is the hidden nine days off, but maybe not, Kongxuan do not know, because he has not seen, perhaps only know their own longevity. 'Boom!', Turned out a sword pearls, blazing white light enveloped the entire valley, an