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and looked around the high wind days not peaked wall Zhangpi backhand a giant mech in the legs, played the whole mech buzzing. Looking solemn authentic: 'I was almost killed you.' Luo Feile stepped back in fear, she can see the wind Du This is really angry. This fearless naughty girl, in front of Du wind, like a really cute docile kitten. Du cold wind tunnel: 'Luo Feile, twenty years ago, your grandfather said, you have a super 369 IQ, but EQ is nothing but just did not expect the level of nineteen twenty years later, not only did not progress, EQ also. devolved into nine, only trouble. ' Luo Feile whispered: 'I ...... I see you did not appear worried about you, otherwise, you hit me a good slap in the face outlet.' She was like a kitten close Du wind, to seek spoiled muddle through. Du wind is really a walk away and gave her a slap in the face, I thought that the city made unrecognizable naughty girl, she does not look at remediation will be a big trouble. But he did not under the heavy hand, this slap in the face, at best, which is make Luo Feile electrical ions by the shock body only. 'Popping' sound, like a pile of broken bodies straw like flying more than twenty meters. Du wind shocked even a moment, in the past has been too late when Feizong, body like sandbags heavy fall in the mud, like a pool. Luo Feile burst into no get up and cried and cried: '! You really hit me so cruel.' He beat up 'by the point of shock' is a relative electric ion body, if converted by the human body strength, but even one star ancient weapons have been beaten him to get down on the spot. Had Du feel when exposed to wind Luo Le skin abnormalities, temporarily put away 99% of the force, Luo Feile still alive is already a miracle of miracles. Du wind attend and speak Luo Le, headed Luo Le violently holding down the head of the bearing into her body. After convinced and did not suffer any harm, just let go of his hand. Luo Feile looked up, the left half of white high cheek swollen, tears filledFace and said: 'Do you out. Zhen Fang know that the wood of the property, but have saved efficacy function. The right of a dynamic, chaotic purple spiritual fire swarmed around the basket in which the drug, and shortly will become its meltingShares of blue liquid. Ni Wan a move, red gourd flew out, a milky white light down into the blue liquid being, but it is innate Lingbao Dinghai beads contained Kuei water essence, the so-called five elements allelopathy, aquatic wood, though not with congenital A wood Gas par, but far better than the average wood of magic on many. Fruit see, that shed a light milky liquid into a surge of green brilliance sky, a few miles radius are showing the breath of life. Jiang Huazi but alchemy master of the five elements of the art of understanding how deep, naturally understand which shares represented by green life meaning, his eyes revealing look excited, I did not expect to recognize a great brotherhood between themselves an idea. After a moment, I saw the soul as Zhen Fang circulation, a length of about tens of centimeters wide, there are a hundred cm length, depth of about hundred centimeters medicine basket formed. An exudes a hint of glaucoma. Jiang Huazi looked excited, awaiting came to fetch. Zhen Fang was surprised to find his face solemn, a clear air emitted from the mouth, the mighty, hands linked, and shortly bear numerous fingerprints, playing on the drug basket, suddenly gone into it. Well quite a while, the drug basket Guanghua flash, fell down from the sky. Zhen Fang quickly took the hand, and gave mouth Dengmu stay Jianghua Zi. '! Tianpin' Jiang Huazai eyes wide, suddenly grabbed Zhen Fang, shouted: '! Brother, you really, really tough, tough giant' Zhen Fang almost ran straight down, I did not expect, a silver-haired The old guy, the network has also learned the language. 'Come, brother, this is a panacea Yun, to restore what you strength.' Jianghua Zi Bai Baonang suddenly removed from the side of a task to put out a panacea Zhen Fang hands. 'This is a Ying Dan, Dan, this is the Nvwaniangniang. Tongtianjiaozhu sneered: 'Goddess of Mercy does this amulet Currently, when closed Dong Fu, Jing Huang Ting chanting, perhaps escaped amulet, I waited saint disciples are in the robbery, and if Wuchao living in bliss. naturally has nothing to do with the matter, but since the matter under the Red, had been tainted with cause and effect, so it must be on the stage were born of the Gods. 'Hmmm, then who is saving people everywhere Rufo Men, Hem, then is what people with nailhead seven arrows book Zhaogong kill, even with the clouds that cut the dead teach the most likely to become quasi-holy cut disciples on the Gods, leading not into magic, life does not know when to have the opportunity to become a quasi ST. Land pressure die, Babel hearts Nanxiao hatred. Babel teachPrimus and now once again stood on the same side, insisting kill land pressure. 'Young, you are in charge of Heaven to a lifeline, which you speak.' Taishanglaojun glanced Zhen Fang faint. Goggles exposed nameless glory. Zhen Fang looked hesitated, knowing Taishanglaojun in force myself to stand up. Providence knives, who did not damn, damn who do not. Zhen Fang swept demon large array of Zhong Yao glance, sighed:. 'Heard two brothers invincible supernatural powers, but for a long time not seen the' Primus looked surprised a moment, suddenly laughed and said: 'Now that want to see the Young Red Cloud, today for the brother to incompetence.' Pangu streamers said, lifting his hands would go on strike. Suddenly a golden stand in front, but carefully looked surprised to find Ching Lin Po-color flag, Primus furious, awaiting speak, I saw a film escorts Taoist golden hands, several hundred red gas are falling into the hands of such Large manufacturers demon sheep, White Pond et al. 'Lifeline under Heaven, Red Cloud Young monk to be keep.' Then, without a word to be silent, while the soil behind the empress and quasi-mentioned Taoist quickly stand around, Primus furious hands Ruyi pending strike to air plan to have a red light, it