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rejected outdated studies were twenty years ago, can only be regarded as ignorant fools. Fool, he was definitely going to sanctions! Du wind out sharp left hand fingers nails soaring in the air void of a catch, the stream of screams constantly ringing, all fellow tightly clutching his neck, appeared above the five crimson bloodstain. Just then, bang opposite the steel door issue, then off the wall straight out of the wind to drop to DU. Fly half, the steel doors have been utterly superfluous metal flake, into a steel Juzhua Zhao Xiang Du wind left hand. Not attack each other's intentions, just want it to stop Du wind action. Punched steel doors timing just right, if the same trick Du wind let go, the wrist bone is sure to be cut into several steel claw clamp. But the wind was not the slightest way Du Bianzhao mean, Kara Kara continued, all the fellow's neck were broken. Steel Talons also waiting for an opportunity to attack, mercilessly bite in the wind on the Du wrist carnage splash. Shadows behind the door trembling a bit, desperate to hear the sound of breaking bones Du wind. He soon heard the sound of broken, cracked, but not bone, but steel. Steel Talons fragmented into pieces fall to the ground, the wind Du wrist cracked a bone deep scars visible, you can vaguely see the white bones, the blood flow is also a lot. However, blood collection is clearly because of skill, blood gathered by hand at the wrist Qinlong caused real damage done Steel Talons extremely limited. Du despite the wind drops of blood on the ground, looked burly shadow look behind the door. Shadows are slightly trembling, his hands deep dawn Qinlong weaknesses in the use of, ancient weapons will be gathered all the gas in the fingertip, palm or less impossible to gather gas is completely undefended state, can only rely on its own Tough defense flesh degrees. In this situation, it only hurt the Steel Talons Du wind flesh, bone strength was fanzhen broken into several cut. I thought the point of view from the shadows Du induction Lu Shan, please the parents to resist him, Tianshan Pai friends broad, Li Qinmei everywhere predecessors martial arts can invite him embarrassed. Although Meng Shentong feared only a limited number of people, whether it is a hassle. So he's in the Taihang Mountains into the valley, side stepping use Xuangong healing, sent his side Young red sun symbolDavid disciple items, two disciples Wu Meng et al., Into a few road, go chase regret Li Qin, Qu items hung and repair but the way it happens, just met in this small inn in . Gu Zhihua was imprisoned not know Meng Shentong Qin Mei-season thing, because Jin Shiyi reluctant lifted her sad things, therefore things about her father Meng Shentong to avoid to talk about the day he talked to Meet Li Qinmei through, but also to avoid her jailed Chuang Meng this period. However, Chuang Meng Jin Shiyi row thing, but it is Gu Zhihua heard. Then she hung from the item's dialogue with Qu repair and hear them talked about 'the woman surnamed Li Tianshan Pai', also filed Jin Shiyi, the sound of their conversation, although fine as mosquito called, there as her top sounded Maggiore, at once so she stayed stunned. The 'Tianshan Pai woman' of course Liqin Mei, and has therefore been to Jin Shiyi Li Qinmei of people imprisoned in a row, then this person is, of course, a clever with Gu Zhihua guess it forward, but she did not dare to think about even in the heart did not dare to speak out the name. Gu Zhihua panic taken the sound of footsteps, at this moment, prosperous and entries hung windows and doors will open, and beat played out, Gu Zhihua Danjue sudden surge of cold wind hit to, can not help but cried aloud: '! 'item hung' 'just got to the second tier, with Gu Zhihua skill certainly not afraid of him, but thus confirming that they are disciples Meng Shentong, she feared is the father she had never met the student body, the Xiepai the famous Great Satan Meng Shentong! Just at that moment, the room hung Qu repair two items have already jumped, item Hung Chen Sheng shouted: '? You she spent seven strokes.Tianchi feeling slightly stunned Holiness then said: '! Miss fencing superior, in this short period of time, actually seven strokes can be applied.'Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and asked: 'Look, I can break Duron Venerable Palace it?'Tianchi His Holiness said: '! Duron into the palace is enough, but not better than Duron saints, this line still is in vain, because the lady was seven strokes with a full power play to prove a lack of judgment there.'Green shadow is not convinced and said: '! Judgment enough speed to make up for the available'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'spar is dead, but the object is a living person, not standing there waiting for you to attack, so that by that time, you do not necessarily have the opportunity to display seven strokes!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'respect Zhezhi Yan won the sword to reason, but I do not know how much is enough going to move?'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'I can be in the full power of the four strokes, may be as long as three measures Duron saints, he wins me the chip, accomplished on deep I doubled up to full power within five strokes before a try, otherwise the rest of his life spared Juenan sword in the other ...... 'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'We're looking for the blue butterfly dream, is not looking for Duron Holy Mountain!'Tianchi Venerable sigh and said: 'Do not uniform Duron saints, youAll information will be extradited from this end Quanmie become completely unremarkable history. Joan - Luo Feile sweet smile becomes very bleak, the sound slowly into sobs: 'Ha, ha, grandfather bird fox, without me to help him, and finally planted it, ohh ohh ......' Du wind by hand on the shoulder of Le Luo, Luo Le twitched and turned to hold back tears Du wind. Joan prodigy - Luo Feile, what on the surface seems to be indifference century on two decades have been desperately searching for the whereabouts of the extradition would end human. Even before announcing Du Fenggang people have been killed and her heart in case there are still hopes that in the elite group chase busy to move forward, grabbed and ate mysterious jade, whispered shouted:'! Master in the nave, do not you people see you at this time to catch up. go, pay attention not to teach you to get it! 'quickly clear edge tenor full length. Xuan Yu also like to see her intention to speak to the crowd before he said: 'Ray is a master old friends aunt, both her old primary, master certain quasi her sensibilities, Hugh said early step is inattentive had inadvertently small mistakes, but also will be lenient.  see her words before and after the match, exceedingly puzzled, had heard nothing. With the Heimo Le Xuan Yu and the others said: 'I lead the way in front of it.' Then, immediately went to the right side of the hole drilling rockery. Heimo Le etc. With the back, see injustice Diameter song narrow, dark scene is very excellent, if not everyone is a good vision, straight road to the enemy. Too steep in some places, narrow only tolerating. Up and down all around are protruding rocks Ah Lei, hinder passengers. Walked four or five turns, not yet out of the hole to go. Xing young children, could not resist: 'This is a dark cave difficult, since we might as well go over the wall antecedents refreshing it.' Clear edge laughed: 'You antecedents, the middle section to be around for a long period before the foothills, where trouble and how much closer the dark hard-line of the road, which is only five or six at the beginning of the beginning of your turn because the three antecedents?. students, not quick, so stuffy. sub a turn or two, piercing volt Cave, you can freely accelerated. A total of less than a mile halfway, impatient for what? 'said, the terrain suddenly turn tall. Black River, three children by a glimpse of the front wall into the shadow, like a lot of Pan, there are three cup size blue and purple starlight stop at the top, far ahead, across a row of bamboo scaffolding. It is the first case of suspected heart two of the lurking snake, the snake is violet Bright EyesThey may embarrassed. 'Tall, pale face