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hands-on how to do it? The other wants to age, size, not elegantly, look at this skill is so vigorous, perhaps a master Nade, is Biaohang own physiology, unwilling enemies, who intend to Qindao, say a few words to let go, to display themselves generous, but also to avoid the tree a enemy, although anger ashamed harder and harder, it did not hurt the heart. Unexpectedly, a move to get started, the other irrelevant skill agile, stops Jin Qi, then that air force is also very human reach, if not both inside and outside powers have foundation, never without this and other skills. Hugh said let strokes less than the killer, he gave fully display their skills, it would not be able to prevail, but also lose a little negligence, can not help but marvel. Ancun: Enemy young age will have such a good martial arts, teachers were given very. Half own Wal-Mart, they defeated the south arrived in the hands of a child, the future spread up rivers and lakes, irrelevant Biaohang not do it again, to see people face to get even! Heart of a fear, like they did not dare come early so impetuous, hurriedly gas Shen live, in order to fully cope with the side, a. Face dark check the origins of the enemy Number of imagined enemies feel both are brilliant hand-eye teach agility, good nature is never seen it. Running their own rivers and lakes for many years, in prestigious, so in case a child is defeated, exceedingly ashamed. Jin Qin Sankui pure martial arts, was originally an expert, but violent temper, count up some underestimate the enemy before they cause a disadvantage, after seen the signs, know this flotation will suffer a great deal, Heart RingShen, a consumer anger, step by step, attention naturally impeccable. Tong Xing Although different intrinsic nature, and must have the true mass, in the end the young, the furnace yet to come, but much more agility than the Qin Sankui Brisk. A concentrate, buckled relied light as a handy, Weaponry strange, detached Shashou trained, so Checheng tie, called evenly matched, each incompatible, bit, at the moment the dragon into two, one blue and one purple, each other, the National Division King Buddha surrounded in the air, smashed down together. 'Namo Amitabha!' MND King Buddha looked at the sky flying to four dragon, Stern old face without color, suddenly roar, a huge sound wave piercing away, caught off guard that under Wu Zhiqi, shot was turned over two somersault, only to fall into the Huai. Looking at the sky has been dark violet chains with two dragons, MND King Buddha at the moment only slightly relieved when Ssangyong strike pending in one fell swoop down, while the Huaihe River water surge, flower waveSky flower straight, facing a huge shadow on the sky and golden, a violent ape cross in the air, Zhuangruo gods. 'Boom!' Golden burst of air vibrate, surprised to find a huge iron bar turned out, it hit the top of the National Division king golden Buddha's Body, State Master Wang could not spray the mouth of a golden Buddha blood come. The original does not know when, in the air to a huge piece of land chains, but at the moment into an iron bar, swarthy, like a hideous monster in front of now, any time devouring the world in general. That chain lock not know how many years, then suppress their own things, due to the passage of time, Yu Ye has already died, the above prohibition also long gone spotless, comparable to something innate Lingbao, Under the yuan has long been to properly refining Gods Memorial Ceremony, soul control, change by putting yourselves. Poor King Buddha that MND rush came, where you know so much news, not a defensive one time, in the other calculations. It also can not be said, like monkeys born on this stick has a special hobby, playing a set up, such as the Monkey King fighting over the Buddha, there are the six ear monkeys Liu Li, etc., are the weapons of choice for iron bars Today this is the same water ape, chains are rolling into the iron bars in the air already, stop knocking National Division King Buddha at loopholes. 'Boom!' Air is a shadow fell down, about hotels, gather in front of the hotel for a large group of people attracted Du wind. These people are in front of a huge land around the holographic screen, watching the relish. Strong blast and the number of calls from the photography screen In four-dimensional holographic modeGently sigh, said:. 'Sometimes a man can not be too stubborn, always lose themselves'Futian Hao said: 'Until now, I still think they get stubborn and not wrong.'Fengniu Er said: 'There is no way you are ever stubborn Pa Zhipa down, you have no way to ever Shoushenruyu Pa Zhipa.'Futian Hao eyes of a condensate, said: 'You are a girl ......'Feng Niuer slowly said: 'I have an analogy you listen, a man used to sit in prison, and did not care to sit once more, not to mention this is that he's willing to sit?'Futian Hao Yi Zheng startled, Mokenaihe said: 'girl, you, this is why bother?'Feng Niuer shallow a laugh: 'I can not tell, perhaps because you are 'Desert Dragon' Futian Hao it!'Futian Hao wry smile and said: 'I'm sorry ......'Fengniu Er said: 'Too late, unless you can get out of here alive ......'Futian Hao to speak, Feng Niuer already added: 'I'll tell you something child is in Zhangjiakou, I want to tell you about that child ......'Futian Hao said: 'It is not enough to understand it?'Feng Niuer shook his head and said: 'You only see three tenths, and seven tenths you do not understand, I tell you, 'big eagle' Tan Compass Zhili total catch has resigned from office, he is now with his The three disciples in this yard for Zhao. 'Futian Hao suddenly hesitated and said: 'So is he ......''? Powerful it' Feng Niuer smiled and said:. 'You still could not dig out his palm out' composed himself and said:. 'Tan Compass though my bitter enemy, but I still do not deny that he is a fine idea, wily character.'Fengniu Er said: 'You know he is quite deep.'Futian Hao hesitated a moment and said: 'hey why he quit his position Zhili total catch ......'Fengniu Er said: 'Tan Compass fairly narrow minded, swallow his breath to go, you have to let him with inception, vibrant handsome Tan Xu, a large number of reporters after the game was inevitably containment Zhao Luan and Deng are completely left out in the side. Variously problem after another, forcing Tan Xu almost breathless. 'I askYear old, has a girlfriend. ' 'No way, this Miss Zhao is your girlfriend?' Xu Tan wanted to nod, but saw Zhao Luan look askance cigarette dangling from his ruthless kind, or against one shook his head. 'You are the one who led the carrying machetes, modeling is an imitation of Independence Day, the end of the year winds Du extradition would it?' The question at once so that the audience quieted down, so far, Du and Liu wind butterfly has not shot one day, but the wind that Du Jing grabbing water does not move a mountain of momentum, people have begun to suspect that this man twenty years ago The wind has been associated Du Independence Day. After Luan Tan Zhao Xu Deng revealing amazing strength, more people began to suspect that this person is missing twenty years ago Independence Day Du wind. Xu Tan Du looked bewildered wind, wind deadpan Du noncommittal, Tan Xu finally could not resist:. 'He is the Independence Day Du Feng' First a quiet audience, and then detonated a bomb just like in an uproar, after about ten minutes, before anyone stammered out the next question: 'sub president of the Singapore Association of the ancient Wu Tan Song is your father You and Du wind Why Chinese ancient weapons on behalf of the Association played it. ' His indifference figure slowly through the crowd, the crowd in front of him involuntarily separated road. Xu Tan Du wind came around, cold tunnel: 'We are not representative of the ancient Chinese martial Association, but the end will be extradited.' The crowd is in an uproar, even after long silence, only people gingerly authentic: 'Does this indicate that the wind to Du Independence Day and the World Association of ancient martial parted ?' Du wind eyes flashed intention to kill, indifference and said:. 'What parted simply does not