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not when this little word to thank the donor in Wudang alienate, how to say Wudang morally difficult to shirk this responsibility is less donor dishes aftermath, but of course, Yantai Xia not be too modest...'Yan Mufei kerf said: 'I have to-do events, not eventful stay in front of your palm to teach your long road to pay tribute on behalf of two, Ye Wudang capacity at a later date, say good-bye!'He is said to stay away, one hand, to go and went out.Tianyuan Road longer to send, but so he told Izumo room, Yan Mufei already gone missing.No wonder, Yan Mufei he was anxious to leave this sad day earlier.Mouth mouthYan Mufei busy: 'Yes, I arrived, these days Pianlao expensive Fenduo it!'That Hanako said:. 'Dare, can do for you, this is the 'Qiongjia Bang' honor, it is the supreme honor of the first to report it Fenduo I heard, Wei girl well.' said: 'Thank you, she may be in the inn?'That Hanako busy nodded and said: 'In, Wei girl hope your day a lot. 'Yan Mufei barely smiled, did not speak, that Hanako was busy and said: '! You please go to the inn, I retire.'He applied for a ceremony receded.Yan Mufei busy: 'Please place your behalf Fenduo compliments.'That should be a cry Hanako, hidden under the eaves into.Yan Mufei move toward the inn door.Into the inn, to the backyard, he first has to invest Wei Han Ying lived in that never ending. Never ending, the lighting microlens, the door ajar.He has an unusually excited,Stage a little different, taste Acacia done, he walked to the front of the room, clapping and knocking the door.Stripping pecking sound was played, just listen to the room sounded Huasheng Wei Han Ying: 'Who?'It sounds, in the past has been sweet enough, and now listen to feel more intimate and warm.Han Ying Wei room to call out a cry of surprise, only a moment later the door burst of wind blowing, and then, two doors suddenly open.Wei Han Ying, her standing as the door, eyes wide open, the Jiaoye a little haggard, looked scared pregnant there, staring unblinking Yanmu Fei.This case is no shelter. In toxicity The intense. Rao three are great talent of different people, Seeing the look, mind is uneasy. Could not help but back a few steps, Zhen Fang air will turn into red mist clouds, holding himself flying tens of meters in the air, just stopped. 'You have these ants, that's not a road Lord bullied?' Discount westerly moved his huge body, triangular smugglers stretched toward the front of Jiangji Cheng Leng Heng said: 'Boy, did practice for many years, but still have learn from these hypocrites to the demon slayer. See you but Dragon and Tiger sects, but also with a religious person, this reality will put you on a horse today. The reality is not to back down. 'Jiang Jicheng looking ashen, into prototype folding westerly, the mighty, like a mountain stand in front of their own, like a real general Mist whole body. But although he has refined the late comprehension threshold are yet to come, but after all, is the Lung Fu Shan Ha, repair is not, but it is extraordinary experience, not just this fairy obviously not to be able to deal with, but let the students leave himself so alone to escape, apparently also very difficult to do, let alone in front of the girl was still his favorite. Jiang Jicheng heard his face became pale, suddenly sneered:. '. Everywhere, you do not have to squeeze me I ability is not, is a man, how could leave the beloved woman regardless of the truth,' as the son of the mayor, can be considered a family of children, normally seen infighting do not know how many, lined remarks in the heart of the Division of snow made it justice, but Jiang Jicheng everywhere is crowded but know yourself, let yourself go next plane, In fact, it is not to go. Therefore, a word not only named the hard lined intentions, also the Secretary of snow indicate their mind; let alone let yourself off the westerly Since that go, that he is also a real fear Lung Fu Shan, At least he is a guarantee of life. Threefold, why not. Although only four abilities, but a witch who level it. Faced with hundreds of years of