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arts great progress, southern hee hee laughs: 'I helped you a favor when I can not teach you Yizhaobanshi?.' Jiangnan Circuit: 'Hey, you forget? You daycare that I transfer a gift to Jinda Xia, I'll give you dreadfully puzzled at first, and later learned that the Tibetan spiritual Master who goes on a strange picture, Jinda Xia saw, happy to not , he said, although is a gift, but I also have merit, it was a brain child of ancient acupuncture techniques and his superior martial formulas are taught to me, but unfortunately the big short time, he taught me, I benefits yet, and drink from the source, but also rely on your help, I have never thank How about you: 'he had said this, even in the road to Hana knock together a ring head. Gu Zhihua Jin Shiyi secret for fear that he missed, but the southern eloquent, Gu Zhihua there be a way to break his Buddist, heart secretly anxious eyes glance, I saw Lisheng Nan listened very carefully, she looked intently south, suddenly asked : 'What is that? strange painting ah say it beating me to experience?' said: 'Southern favorite exaggerate, it actually goes through the strange painted a volcanic eruption on the sea, there is a giant? Standing at the foot of the bow and arrow you say that's not enough weird I asked my son, he was also surprised to say that do not understand the meaning of the painting that it ' said:.'?! ah, this really is weird enough ! 'At this moment, Gu Zhihua suddenly found her face showed a pair of very strange look, Gu Zhihua greatly surprised treasure? 'Gu Zhihua laughed:' how you found it to be a baby? 'South said:' How else Jinda Xia so happy? 'Gu Zhihua know the character of the south, he said, do not give into that, he certainly will not stop, but other relations major martial arts secrets, but how can he missed, then build speech and said:' I think that the Tibetan spiritual Master but the school master, his collection of paintings certainly not an unusual thing, Jin Shiyi joy novelty,They gave him. 'South has not yet satisfied, Gu Zhihua wait he and 'convenience' blend of bliss Nirvana realm. This is the 'Budaha of joy,' the religious meaning. Although in line with one of the four thousand eight hundred kinds of Buddhist deities, but in Buddhism it is, though also the quasi-mentioned Taoist sects, but not for all the joy Buddhism, even with joyThe disciples are not necessarily people like. Yulong little after year with sandalwood Buddha merit, do not know how much listening to esoteric Buddhism, and so on Budaha of joy doctrine is very exclusive. Although Jinshan monk disciples Budaha of joy, while they are Bodhisattva fruit, though despised, but also a Buddhist, so also Huanliaoyisheng Young, but the words among the exceedingly cool. Jinshan monk though ugly, but is also a sensible. So although the Jinshan Temple weekdays practice, but never to this post this cold ass. But today at stake, had to ask three Prince Yulong go. Dragon Prince will also present three apparent indifference do not see, but together even said:. 'After the suppression of Buddhism because Chai emperor made me a little Buddha in Dongsheng Divine foundation off a lot of orders from the Buddha's therefore come Southern Tang, assistant master English. In my Buddhist complex systems. just a few days ago, Chairong pro-collar army south, accompanied by three generations of disciples there are too pure sects. resourceful, more different people to help, that day, Pinseng borrowed Qiantang River water, ready to annihilate the Later Zhou Dynasty fell swoop million troops, but did not expect anyone to really fire the sun borrowed the Qiantang boiled clean, desperation, Young had to come out of the mountains please Buddha, retired after Well I Buddhist system recovery. ' 'What? The sun real fire?' Yulong three Prince face became pale and could not help but exclaimed. Later Zhou Dynasty emperor move out Buddhism. Naturally he was aware of. Although micro-speech, but as to the Venerable Buddhist Treasure but no, the only peace of mind ponder the supernatural magic bullet in the Qiantang root iron bar fight over. 'Well, I give you.' Sapphire sitting motionless on the Throne, waving his hands again and again, eyes suddenly became countless cloth to black light, which countless stars skull tumbling in the blanket of darkness. 'Bang bang!' Suddenly countless explosions sounded. 'Haha, turquoise, this reality and go!' Outside the blanket of darkness, Zhen Fang suddenly laughed. Sapphire quickly open Toru Mist, looked toward the distant fleet equation feet on Red Cloud, electric general shot past. 'Go to hell!' Gas turquoise eyes red, a black light piercing out, the DPRK Chen played in the past. Less than a moment, we see a figure from the air and fell, disappeared. At the end of the Yangtze River, the river rapids, stale. At this point of the Yangtze River Yangtze River in ancient times not long ago, 'Sunrise Flaming Red River, Spring Green River in Blue.' The poem has long been sought only in the book. On the vast river, from time to time came the sound of the whistle, with an unpleasant odor, a Unit of black smoke pushing the boat forward. River crashed whimpered what sounds like also, as if to the people to tell something. And people do not know the river bottom, a group of air wrapped in a colorful figure, above the mud sink. Faint light curtain, the muddy river blocked out, as an egg like that with the undercurrent of the river bottom and moving. 'Click.' Really hit a stone, colorful gas inwardly winced slightly. 'This is where?' One person inside the eggs with weak said loudly. 'The river bottom, how to come up the river bottom.' A figure slowly stood up, I saw this pollTop of a statue of silver tower, spire on a red gourd are faint brilliance. Not Zhen Fang is who? 'Good powerful magic!' Zhen Fang looked around, saw that they fall into the river bottom. Immediately remembered when his own escape, the shoulder in the turquoise of the plot. Looking over the shoulders of a black, you know the plot itself, unusual. Present quickly Moyun real dollars, but it felt real dollars obscure