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away, rat snakes swim string, normally two animals each other predators, then rare run on the same path, really stunning. Suddenly, I heard the shrill cries of the tsunami of sound from the bottom of the cliff pass up, forcing air out of a carnage, it isQuickly disappeared in the air, just a moment as if nothing happened. One dressed in red robes fire middle-aged man, handsome star eyes, his face filled with glorious Yao Yi, a hair is also a red rope casual tie up, rope crystal clear, shining brilliance, is extremely bohemian. 'Disciples hi master from prison, from the wide sea diving, the days of His Career, reproduction I Momen prestige, windy three realms, only magic Domination.' A fire red figure jumped up from the cliff , bowed to the ground, very devout, if Zhen Fang In this case, this person is bound to know the blood of the Son of God, Ding Hui. 'Ah, you are very good, although the loss of the snow soul beads, but by virtue of the repair is big into reach of mid-god, but you have to remember, as a teacher's apprentice, can not repair on this point is.' Red Taoist frowned. A coldness in his eyes exposed. Said: 'Do you know Zhen Fang gone?' Ding Hui respectfully said: 'Some time ago, the disciples had made inquiries, I heard that was good and evil and the Divine Land II sent overseas to go into just do not know where.?' 'Well, captive. As the teacher to find old friend, pick up a vast land in those self-righteous human right way, the unity of the secular world, and then look for him. I'm the prince of the small blood lead people looking, not at able to run away. ' Ding lead, shocking the last battle of good and evil, for Qingcheng blood prince killed Jing Ding virtual lead. Did not expect to actually clean not dead, but now it is emerged in stature. 'Master, now that your old friend still there?' Ding Hui at this time to know his master's name, though I do not know how the name and prestige, but presumably it's not bad to go. ! '. Well, these guys how we could then easily exterminate hui child, servant servant would also like early, Zhang told Jiaoma overtime gave the money, the four immediately got up and went to the master and servant. Yao Kumi people return home, unfamiliar geography, people only know the way of Fu Yin, cocks, but forgot to wear even thirty years among the mountain, although the mountain, people are there in the valley, improper road , is not easy to find a stranger, time and late, no moon. Go for a while, seeing misty mountains, close the eyes want to close the smoke, sunset West passed away, the day is the evening. Yoshio see cottages along gradually scarce, this time into the trails, but not a family, stars getting dark, as if Yunsheng, wild wind and cold, the rain seems to have meaning, because listening to Yao Fang had just remembered the words of the people, simply busy high spirits catch line, forget asking Distance Zhang life at rest, conscious negligence, a large section of the road has been expelled, the potential withdrawal without reason. Although heart thought Jiaoma self-employed neighboring counties, here geography does not know, to see if they enthusiastically rushed air, feed not only no vote. Unexpectedly, because the guests were kind bearers, the way they eat meat and wine, only know their way too reward, other pass ignored, see after dark, each will play a lantern point, blindly carrying the chair, drink before and after the call, the DPRK before the sprint. Between walking, Zhang front, inside glimpse of the light shade of the trees in front of the cove, Mangxiang three report it. Yao Min Zhang went to spend the night side of life, he heard the sound of the front Weaponry touching, opened Jiaolian and saw two shadows, each with a white light, this jump he jump, flying up and down, in addition to soldiers edge touching, jingling, inaudible sound a little walking between the two could not see the face of the night. Yoshio experience deeper, and the bell again, Lu duo together some day, that feast on many rivers and lakes. See inside the forest proper lighting, '! Coke Master obediently sat with me a couple of drinks, but if you consciously fast my words, they do not touch, or else you're asking for trouble, find their own sins.'He loose his hand, focus Uranus a face pale, but no further action.Suddenly folks brought food and wine.Coke directed quasi-day opportunity to mention gas, they have to go from red, I did not realize he was just a move, they endured a finger on the loin, infuriating a vent, immediately move incredible.Folks arranged the food and wine was gone.Jiao Yan Mufei looking Uranus laughed: '?. Coke Master, I did it wrong to see each other, I know this is Pink 'Bing Lady' Methodist girl, she just made you, not me.''Bing Lady' words ear, his face burnt Uranus is a change.Yan Mufei there for him, poured a glass of wine, said:. 'Geometry of life, such moments are few focal Master, wine and food, just sit with me, by the time I shall let you go, why not ? Why can not non Zizhaokuchi? drink, drink. 'Then lift the cup, did not dare to drink coke Uranus, he strikes with a wine, the previous big difference now, and now it was hard to swallow bitter wine.Today wanted to run, it is the son of the widow died, did not expect it. He only looked helplessly outside, hoping outside suddenly come to their own people.Drink a glass of wine, Yan Mufei and said: 'Coke Master, you may know, my people to run one, count one, as long as you honestly, I guarantee is not difficult for you, but if you are not honest, that you can do Strange how I hurt innocent ...... 'Pick paused and asked: 'I would like to ask, coke know my master?'Coke Uranus head barely two points. said: 'Do you know who I am?'Coke Uranus nodded again. said: 'Who are you?'Coke Uranus nodded, still did not speak.Wei Han Ying handle move away from the desktop.Coke Uranus busy: 'Yes Yantai Xia!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Anything else?'Coke Uranus cunning, he secretly mention gas, taking advantage of the mouth of the time to call.But he could not be faster than the Han Wei Ying, who just a mouth,Han arrived in Britain's Huang; or as the natural way, you can have longevity, and the world with in heaven and earth Qi Shou, the achievements of the place of saints, Inaction is a saint, it is therefore not lost, so no loss. Cardiff or line or with; or spy or blow; strong or lean; or upload or destroy. The wise to even go extravagance, to Thailand. The Saints Catholic Tai, but big inaction, for Heaven; or the universe of the road, but the road Road, Road of the cosmic void Promise see really mysterious world body. Down four of whom Yu, whom the universe ages. This road is the road to get in the way, beyond the existence of Heaven. So although I have not sanctified, but Yun Yang Yu universe itself, why worry Heaven relies instead imposed. 'Cloud neutron, who practice countless years, to now know, what road, what is heaven, what road, what road the road. Pitt tour the palace, Tongtianjiaozhu suddenly looked a move, while non-ordered when the Virgin said:. 'Go, you come Shishu Red Cloud, for a teacher to meet the' no when Notre Dame despite the arrival of Red Cloud's curious, but also want to know that there must be things, the moment quickly out of the palace, led the boy towards Jin Ao Island fire and water from the entrance. Fruit see, Guanghua flash, we see a young Taoist slowly emerged in stature, the whole body pale blue robes, little stars on the robe, Purple-filled, very mysterious, not Zhen Fang is who. No hurry when Virgin worship: 'The disciples when no audience Shishu, Bong teacher of life, came to town to welcome Shishu.' Zhen Fang nodded and said:. 'Leading the way' 'Young, came very anxious point.' Tongtianjiaozhu square Chen Bi swim into the palace, chuckle. They readily pointed to the side, was surprised to find a cloud bed rises, Zhen Fang not decline, sit up, but not when the Virgin and ordered the boy to send some rare fruit, from the back sideDown. 'Young, please!' Tongtianjiaozhu handy little surprised to find him on the Ni Wan, a mighty whitecaps, Zhen Fang before now. Zhen Fang looking for a happy, quickly