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the next four look extremely strange, ejaculated:. 'Qin sister, you get up to see what we in? 'Chung Show HUO Di jump, pull out the sword, then, he has found a lying on his side, yet still awake late Raymond exhibition also steel and angry, mind:.' Anyway, fight life, do not let them hurt Qin sister! 'Sword strokes, wait for them to come, they first went Jin Shiyi secretly praise:.' This kid is not bad, I will live up Qin Mei delivered to him! 'Although the show got to know Zhong Tian sword of the true mass, but the skill is still shallow, with an enemy one is also similar to an enemy, and that he would not be Bailiang Ji surnamed Han opponent this point, Jin Shiyi know Chung Show knows that Jin Shiyi hiding in the trees, sit on the sidelines, if cowardly enemy Sitao Chung exhibition, he will put rescued alone, as to whether Chung Show will fall into enemy hands, he would simply go on. Bailiang Ji Zhang Yuan short of ten, it is necessary and Chung Show contact suddenly 'wow' bang, even overnight Sakamoriba allOut, that surnamed Han's surprise, quickly asked: 'Do you, how do you ......' at the end, then finished, vision is sometimes belly ache, belly Cuckoo's cellar, followed later, is 'wow 'bang, he did not even have to vomit snot tears are crowded out, more embarrassed than . Jin Shiyi buttressed by two fingers Duron pin, only to be met Chung show a danger, they send the needle hurt the enemy. Today, they have yet to see the fight, and that Huang Yiren suddenly big special vomit vomit, first hesitated, then wake up to reality, heart laughed:? 'Katsuo quirky, I do not know what to get her hands so secretly better than Duron needle but no flaws. 'Fortune said, that moment, Chung exhibition is a sword stabbed. Bailiang Ji also failed to straight backs, hurried with a 'big bend Xiecha Willow' agility, a spin heel, rolling out of the way, he makes is a rolling dragon whip, up to ten feet more , also followed his bullwhip called rotating circle, this trick defeat the win, do have genuine talent, is no trivial unspeakable emotion: 'I do not charge you a total of heaven, heaven is you.' Du Yang Ying wind clasped hands, sneered: '! Robbed yet to be finished, thirteen of God congregation, leaving the two' He reached behind the policy, pointing to Heaven God laughed:. '. You can not absolutely dominate the three realms to God because there are policies that God exists, you will not kill the plan of God, it should not always be robbed.' His mournful tone, simplyGod intended to force the Emperor to kill policy. Making God pale back again and again and said: 'Can I be robbed ...... and ...... I care ......' Heaven follow him thousands of years to be absolutely clear. Heaven will surely kill him. He screams and turned to leave, only ran two steps, making God's head to fall from the neck, the head fell on the ground to uphold jumping, shouted:. '! Heaven I have for you a faithful' Du wind silent. If making a faithful God of Heaven, then dare to defy the Emperor gave death. Liu also Fazheng day zero. Du wind suddenly said: 'The days of zero Princess, you thought of it.' Liu days and trembled and said: '? What I think how you can know.' Her heart was aware of Du wind guess what they are thinking, the world attraction repulsion, yin and yang, and men and women, coordination is the basis of all existence, the earth, the heavens, and all the world is so numerology unilateral pay, in addition to promoting the destruction process, can not bring any positive result. God is such a policy, he bent loyal to the Emperor, can finally return for a death, the Emperor to kill him, just to be a less important place seems to have robbed. Liu Du sound of wind passing days and ears, lightly:. 'Heaven will say, if he really loyal to me, I would be willing to sacrifice, not rebelling against death.' Sure enough, as he expected, the head of God's plan looked Road Emperor: 'From God, if you really loyal to me, I would be willing to sacrifice, not rebelling against death.' Liu days and hate channel: 'in the end what you want to say?'  Fang suddenly felt a Dinghai beads rotate among the endless, as if about to fly out of the ordinary. Heart of a dynamic, suddenly laughed and said:. 'I did not expect today it is fate, actually met you,' said Ni Wan a move, a Dinghai cents shiny beads, flying into mid-air, shining all around, as if looking for prey. 'Dinghai beads? You are Zhen Fang?' Lan Po adjoin to Dinghai beads Buddha looked at the sky, as if the snake is pegged to the general. Among tone, could not resist a hint of panic. Three Realms rumored a long time, can be congenital Lingbao world into Western twenty-four Zhu Dinghai beads fell Zhen Fang hands. 'You're a bit down again experience.' Zhen Fang hint of pity in his eyes, but soon disappeared, a religious person, you must upper body day heart, since the other side now at your fingertips, that nature is the day set . But also the hearts of dismay, that the West Second St. really so cruel, actually again and again to his disciples before his own door, he was careful not to kill. Buddha statue at the moment do not know where veins left. 'This is the name of several Pindao wanted to put your life, it seems that today you will be the doom of.' Zhen Fang sighed. Ni Wan a move, I saw the sky colorful, haoguang radiance, fleet dozen empty road haoguang shine, into a streamer, on towards the border to fight over blue woman Buddha. Although feeling blue border po Buddha mind bad, but relied on their own Daoxing Zhen Fang far above the heartIs not afraid to hand wave the moment, but it is closing a large array Zhou stars, again turned into a long needle, glittering, wind flash, edged Revenge emerged the body, Paoxiu strokes, falling seven golden years, but into seven beautiful woman. Turned out to be the year when the east of the Dharma, which received seven cave of silken web spiders only. 'Today went out Zhen Fang, took its Lingbao, I will also freely Buddha nature.' Adjoin Blue Buddha face while hideous woman, fiercely said. Pan Sidong seven women heard, his face showing a trace of fear,