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Duron Santos said: 'Even a small women are familiar with its code, you want to go kidding Fortunately, I only just beginning, if declared at the time companion Assembly matter, would not people laugh??'Blue Meng said: 'No matter, Tantric companion, no one will know it's the bottom line!'Duron Santos said: 'Now people are aware of the palace!'Blue Meng laughed: 'palace people know what relationship, they would say out?'Duron Santos said: 'There is not the Palace of people?'Blue Meng said: '! After today, if there is a person alive do not belong in this house, this unification tantric saint cause to become a problem.'Duron Holy thought for a moment and said: 'That makes sense, anyway reshape an idol is also very simple!'Blue Meng laughed: 'In fact, this is superfluous moveLong dragon tongue grazed beside him on the cheek. Du wind frown. Chaotic fragments can re-group as a weapon, is far from unique group Xu gun technology, Xu Yuan speeds approaching the point where I do not know when it has to grab the gas poured in front of their Shendao cut pieces, had the gun combination finished. After popping a blow gun once again scattered to pieces, wind and Xu Du far not then focus on the knife, but each to the other fired a punch. Du fist like wind collide like artillery hit Xu Yuan's face pop pop sound, Xu Yuan's face numerous bone fragments flying slag, almost half of his face was beaten collapse. Xu Yuan boxing soft and weak, just like clay, like printed on Du wind arm. Du wind face slightly changed, it's not boxing, but he is most familiar to catch hands. Abandoned child catch big hand! Is to catch the hand of a stick could no longer throw off large abandoned child. Xu away draw strange smile on his face, palm and Du wind body tightly connected, actually forcibly turned out a gun. Du caught wind of his right hand cut Shendao, and Xu Yuan close together not a good thing, if the promise was cast out far distance shootout, he is certain death, Xu Yuan must push back the job. He leaned his head violently Xu