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in a hurry in the body, delayed two days, and so the matter after finishing a discussion, these are all well-known figure head, the old non-Tulv opponent yet, not to mention their own? It will also be trifled Paul dark dart. Fortunately, no one knows what, going to change dollars to act, just leave it to the Sun messenger wall. Husband for his sister at this, so many years, a detour to this visit. Yuanjialuzhai places in the future of the store last night, I met four Yu Gong master and servant, appearance, accent is quite similar to the old Tulv said, under the window at night to eavesdrop, it really is not bad, and hear the personal bodyguard have long shunt. I thought five old sects are still chivalrous, never willing to Sheriff Xianhuan used, must be the personal bodyguard hired. Now both shunt, kill these people, would not such easy backhand? This way, not only to the head and planted the seeds, but also hijack Min Fu, get him a Chongchou. Densely populated town, inconvenience move, calculating this and asked the only way, and from the mouth that guests bearers hurry hurry, came to this, it is a wild Italian eating Bon appetit, static and other three outdated start. Unexpectedly, the same child suddenly brotherNow, through the discussion Jiuchi name will Erzei tease anxious hands. Erzei eat all children killed, shift corpse bone. He went to see you two split, only to my family. I had expected this to come to you, and then only a small Yin Ming again you want me to prepare for room and board, on behalf of the extension Jiake, the more you will come to know of the doubt. ' Mud humanity: 'The original is still the case, I really have not even mysterious when you place it old drunks presumably still here, I'm big on his behalf to an old beat up enemies killed, and had just a mask to hide why Tibetan people refuse to see, what! exigencies 'He Yi and said:'?.! he saw you, you probably know the old Tulv hand this guy dead in hundreds of years has relied bicyclic thirteen cymbals, I do not know how many people heard that Fox clan elders under the old fox, I Yaozu Story heritage Fuxi gossip surgery, suggesting the world of things, why not let the fox allowed Mo old baby on speculation that twelve king. where, this way, things are a lot simpler. ' While nine demon fox heard shocked, and quickly thanks and said:. 'The king, the royal thirteen think it is so easy to speculate ye treasure my Divine supernatural powers countless sects Lishan Ziyun fairy Daoxing, on several occasions comprehension sector predicted disaster, but also heard that she can figure out where thirteen Dragon Air. My humble patriarch Road line, five hundred years ago, guess the secret, it is almost not even a scrap of cultivation are also invited Wang Shangrao one life. kindness I dare Wang Mo Fox family. ' Shan heard nodded and said: 'Nine demon, you and talk you up the Fox family, although the strength of the weak, but it does do a lot of contribution to my old fox demon clan deduction if not secret, for what I Yaozu five hundred. Germany and prosperity. this off to mention, not to mention all the tricks in front of strength are paper tigers. I Yaozu powerful, afraid that Soke Tulv not about to die. commanded to go, people keep an eye on those comprehension for those who have movement and the Dragon Gate group, as long as they got that baby before we send people to grab, grab even ruined it wants. 'Zhong Yao heard have nodded, flattery voice rang in the hall theCome. Only black Garnett insidious nine demon fox staring, watching the fox demon nine chills, quickly worship and said: 'the king, since the matter is completed, go under the apse of the audience with His Majesty the Lion.' Shan little head, nine fox demon quickly back out, but still felt vicious eyes behind. 'Elders?' Nine demon fox watching the old man sitting in the left side of the Lion. Gray-haired, wrinkled, a few silver side shall quivering mouth, as if indicating the extent of its old, only eyes filled with the light of wisdom. He is the inheritance of ancient demon clan Story