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truly be accepted when the ancestral dragon heritage, has no less than ancestral witch's body, has a powerful supernatural magic, though have not yet reached degree archosaurs like that, let the three realms of the strong tremble, but to reach that level, but also a matter of time. 'I do not deserve.' Nvwaniangniang coldly. If the Dragon is her own discovery of the archosaurs then willingly left with the drop of blood to send Dragon, perhaps, she was very happy to recognize this sister, but unfortunately, the results of which are calculated to others, and that Since it is a different matter. Lu Peng among Taishanglaojun light, said:. 'Xuan Du, the day when you break the other 10 charges to ten ports sword Jian Zhen what?' Hyun have heard glanced Zhen Fang. Zhen Fang cheeky smile, secretly and said:. '. This is a Laojun refused to lose the primary, today the industry is not put his own together so soon afterwards began a' present to the side of Kuangyin nodded, half After the ring, someone sent of ten sword, Jianguang Senleng watch his appearance, is the reason I used the land to the lineup of ten sword, namely turtle Wen Long algae, green snake, fire fine, broken hill, According to gall, waves sword, dragon, Lingbao, jade dragon ten sword handle ...... Laojun took over, sighed: 'really is the finest nursery magic is indeed the year in the world of magic out hundreds of millions of pieces of magic, today the achievements of ten sword...' Knocked the moment, but it is broken sword in the land I rest a little soul, and move over the eight Dongzhen cents Nanjixianweng, Zhaogong ten humanity: 'Tomorrow's own war, amulet coming, but you killed him or he killed you, O Self When completed Shajie you four, butTomorrow when into the array, the array inside a yellow bell gossip stage rises, you first broke into dozens of tight encirclement, brings up the sword. Originally Yaozu sword. He also never Yaozu, not my, etc. harden. 'Dongbin, who also nodded, took the hand sword, their first not to mention a lot of Lian Ji, level of , when the world is great, no one can be me opponents! What am I afraid of? 'Gu Zhihua said:' I rely on martial arts can be rampant it? Have you ever heard of unjust is doomed to destruction of the old saying? Not to mention the big thing in the world, but how can you know that you can restrain your no effort? I do not know anything else, I'm the master of restraint on the left you another way! 'Meng Shentong sneer that:' I am more than a decade in the Taihang Mountains seclusion, never go to commit her, because she was in the dark trick with me: But, ah Lv Siniang Lusi root, you have underestimated me too! You do not come alive with my hands, but after the death of a Huangmaoyatou called to go against me, how can I move nothing! 'Gu Zhihua said coldly:' I am not your opponent. But my master left restraint your effort, someone excel within five years before you come! From now on, if you Gaiecongshan, within five years, the plot under certain merit, when your enemies or will forgive you. 'Meng Shentong burst out laughing:' For decades, the only people to me for mercy, which I'll knees to others? Master dare you to find me still alive, I do not believe her death could leave any bad effort! You're so bad, you try to formulas back to me. ' said:' Since you are not afraid, why should I need it back? 'Meng Shentong a red face, coughed, and said:' You little girl is really bragging, Am I just want you to be frightened back? I was going to point out the absurdity of your master, let you this frog eye-opener: thou mayest know how to repair suffer yin evil magic power, but also the non-master can you expect to get: 'Gu Zhihua also sneered:' I say you is the frog. How can I master the martial arts is that you can imagine? But, in fact, you do not say I know your mind, you are afraid of my master, but also afraid of being restrained in your : So you want to shock me will tell you that this effort trick, so you somewhat preparedness! 'Meng Shentong pierced her, excitedly color, sneer, said:' You are now in my hands, complain. Strange mind, because Yoshio also urging people to drink, expected to have good plan, ask inconvenient. Yoshio not yet open, the first since the Yao people shook his head and said:. ' people very snobbish sleek, anchoret but Can He greedy I want him twice, ate Fantai repeatedly seek that barely hold back the hearts of Paul does not bear grudges? He knows I do not want to subject local case of an Xiang Li Zhang for transfers, not to mention that grow old busy body. He did not sent someone to cause between, I still do not quite conceal outdated or that I want to pomp, incognito transit and he favorite cold burning stove, like entertainment, and at the fee, but for fear of offending my head, the party has renewed my future proof, specially came up with this all-round strategy for both sides, suggesting that pro salute my weight, but also ask for Min .!?, said the constitution intended considerate, do not ignore me all his wrists contingency, so how sincere I am always disgusted him, how it can be trouble congenial 'good husband also said:' Fu Ya has raised quite a martial arts expert, unusual Detective must not be the enemy. They also have Min Fu Feng secret order, both public and private on both sides to take advantage of, as long as slightly when exposed backing, you can move against as with them, not only useless but harmful. This thing is not without rescue, but a bit risky luck, the enemy may not have no chance of winning, it is not nothing to worry. I have just been carefully thought about, but then we should the front row, so that the enemy does not know a good plan leaked to assassinate the territory outside the province will not Xia Guan in this side. is good or bad, to the point it can be seen off the overall track trillion. ThatExpect something out of the crisis urgent, after all the mountain pass, the previous years tour Xian Xia Wuyi mountains, the geographic area that is very familiar, yet many are familiar with the mountain. Once there, the camera cope again diverted too late. idlers!'Green shadow sadly and said: 'Do not miss us?'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'I was very difficult and I do not miss the future, just an ordinary village women, coarse Levin light meal, to work hard to get to his own mouth!'Green shadow and said: 'We can do it for Miss!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'Of course you can, but do not necessarily agree with Yu Xiang Gong, he wants is a pro Jingjiu parade housewife, since I keep him, they must do my duty, which is kind of fun, otherwise Yu Xiang Gong position today, where as those who want us to buckle down and bitter, so you must not be grouped my job! 'Green shadow and said: 'Then we had to take a Maopeng nearby, embroidered textiles, like the use of labor to feed themselves, since we never left the young lady!'Qiong Yao Yuwen intentionally a frown: 'Dear husband, how do you see?'Yu Shi Yuan is no way, shookLi Meng, a potential emergency, Jiang Ming is deliberately, they would have much real power, but suddenly out unexpectedly Ying thief, how can when? Just listen to the sound, the two soldiers, touching, Mars splash, the thief left tiger's mouth Li Ying were shattered, sun wheel Dangqi up, get rid of almost flew out of the body was shook several steps backwards. Thieves Wan Ying think the other side of this one, you know well, Yudai resist, the body has not been laid. Jiang Ming hit success, but do not neglect the potential long with this block, an 'Eagle take Rabbit', plus 'dial grass snake hunt' of the situation, both man and sword, flying over vertical chase. Ma Ying Zhen thief already left arm, the tiger's mouth disease pain, barely holding the moon and round, not force, to see a person Jianfei, scared rush, when vertical knife block, eating empty Jujian wave, crotch bang slid the knife, then stabbed distracted, oncoming swift falcon, very smart. Ying thief surprise, dazzling glimpse Jianguang, already imminent, knowing not spared, with the sun and the moon when taking the strong fight to round up, Jiang Ming Jianyi pierce the hands by the throat, homeopathic right