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trips can also Suan Bule what. 'The thin man surnamed Hao said: 'Go do, whom to ask Zhao Six-fingered children, he will tell you, that is dreaming.'Tall, pale face looked at him and said: '? To do as you say, we just stay here east across the yard, and other means of six children with Zhao dark trading, waiting for Zhao Six-fingered children betrayed friends'The thin man surnamed Hao said: 'I did not mean, but ......'Compass Tan frowned waved and said: 'Well, boss, so you can be lifted out a way to resent it really ......?'Turn pale face look Tall said: '? The second, you have what is another way.'In the past, Tan Compass event always handed down to the boss, the 'River Town' is a good example of that trip.On starting to really work, surnamed Hao, this boss has obtained his service three true mass, in three of his brothers are also the most significant.But now, Tan began to ask for the second child Compass, and fairnessOn faceless blue Meng! 'Yu Shi Yuan smiled and said: 'Then I try it!'Tianchi Venerable replaced by another candle, the transfer position, Qiong Yao Yuwen yuan borrowed sword, flying out, cut up the first one, then spar issued crisp sound bite, but did not break down, Tianchi His Holiness said: 'I forgot to explain that those spar only the light of the Department, it was cut off! 'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'Duron palace good qigong, the body only place binocular attack, if the sword falls on other parts of the students did not effect the way I designed this swordsmanship spar albedo, but also for them to weakness! ' dollar touched a Spar said: '! I know, His Holiness could let me try again.'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'Nature can, please prepare a brother!'Put a new candle, but also to be rotated, Yu Shi Yuan simply threw his sword against those spar watching turntable gradually slowed, Yu Shi Yuan is still not moving! Tianchi Holiness hastily: 'Buddy how not hands?'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'Do not hurry, I just going to use a trick!'Tianchi Venerable stunned and said: 'It was never a move possible?!'Yu Shushan respect to discourse. 'Well, hope however, they must not lose the identity.' Xiyi coldly. 'Although the original here but Qingcheng and the closure Emei factions predecessors, but the passage of time, the ban has been destroyed, then in accordance with the rules of self-cultivation sector to see a portion, all by chance. Good luck fellow, that truth Masters How? 'Although Zhen Fang Xi Yide speech Shushan predecessors destroyed the ban to be a word to bring disappeared, but could there be for words between Qingcheng consideration. The presence of many, there is an anti-own virtual master level, three of the late master of God, and although most of ShushanIs the period of God's master, but of God can be compared with the period of the anti-dummy it? Although separated by only one level, but more far when I and II. Wish comparison, let his attention is already close to the realm of truth Arhat master, with his party to see through the Zhen Fang is most important. Not to mention there are two anti-party Zhen Fang virtual level master. 'Pindao no comment.' Zhen Fang and Kun-yuan fairy king, trees demon exchanged views nodded. 'Monk has no opinion, all by chance.' Physiognomy hands together even road. 'Daoxiong, you must not forget, here, but had Shushan Jianpai predecessors first discovered.' Idle processor never less than quiet heart, quickly said. 'Today would have no Shushan Jianpai a. Only the Shushan and Qingcheng.' Xiyi eyes shine, said fiercely. Qi year Soseki a drastic move. Qingcheng clean air transport will win, if not assisted Emperor merit Qingcheng there probably would have disappeared in the comprehension of bounds. 'Polar Daoxiong said.' Master Yuan Zhen together even said: 'This moment, today's Turkey Divine, only Shushan and Qingcheng, where Shushan Jianpai.' Wartime evil, the right way to Shushan sword faction led by palm Qingcheng, Emei etc. handing the door, although the strength of Buddhism is also more powerful, but not with the two sects contend sage. Had followed suit, on the