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beaten, shouted, Toy desire to eat he will push closed his left hand. Zhou Ping, although others look thin, who seems to have a good effort, exceedingly strange, still see the child in pursuit of the group, Duanhe, went up from stopped. See Zhou Ping child population increased aid, aggressive, can not help but scare, within one he said: 'You are good, do not go, I shouted to her father.' He finished fly away. The remaining dozen asked Zhou Ping, rushes, utter bounce, grab a few times before, eat all week flat open. Etc. Soon, children go from the depths of a roadside village hospital Yung Yam cited a fifty-year-old man and a few long-term employment dressed fat man came. Even know what the old man was a see Zhou Ping air, they lookHe is a friend of the rivers and lakes, not grudges provoke, hurriedly filled the air of a pressure toward the same to Morohito Shigeyanse Hezhu group of children came alone, with his face Guixiao, was about to mouth, first save of thin black child is put to the side, to teach a set of words, from the previous week level behind the looting, said: 'Brother, this is my thing, I have asked out black, said he sold his childhood home paying only the net worth can be taken away, I do not know the true and false. So I ask his master, to see how the argument. 'Zhou Ping Tan Zhennan with running rivers and lakes for many years, well-informed, excellent eyesight, kids eat a slight squeeze, sleep the great weight, the more surprised, he meant interface along busy laughing: 'That's good, you say go.' child nodded, grinning unto fat old man said: 'You are what his master Liu Baosheng this? We looked like a child, buy a go, you like it or not? ' Liu real sly stranger is good, courageous but not very big, which he saw two black older, the heart is not with stupid stupid a few years, will be subject to local people know the foundation of agitation, despite their own financial situation, in the end hate . Since the last time it was re-passer gas prices go, exceedingly sorry, anxious to sell him to playing volleyball opponents all over the floor like swatting strum. After playing a dozen palm, Du wind gradually frown. The other cock, but inadvertently found a way to restrain the wind Du. Ancient Warrior fat woman is a star, in addition to superb hypnosis, infuriating her star power when there is no attack, but to protect the body there is a magical effect, make the fat body additional flexibility, the body bunched up a large rubber ball in general. Du wind 'evil spirits' thorn in her, like the blade pierce the rubber cement, the effect is not obvious. Du wind savings intentionally infuriating, with more than a dozen physical force broke open mind monument hand, it is to be fat woman's body all bounce like rubber. In the garage, the number of tons of heavy metal gates smashed cars can not be fat woman killed, Du wind attack more physical force alone is useless. After ten consecutive failed palm, Du wind gradually slowed down. Fat woman is a star, after all, ancient weapons, at the beginning of Haide soul flying, slowly regained his composure, see Du wind could not think of any way, and playingThe idea, Du wind around crazy catapult, looking for opportunities to opportunistic attack. Du wind completely close his hand, fat woman re-release of the head and limbs from the body, slips hand broke open his throat, his hand forced to break the vocal linking hoarse grinning: 'Du wind, we have know your weakness is lack of infuriating. When we arrived all hell squad, you will die ugly. ' Du wind blade like eyes as piercing Pangfu humanity: 'What the hell is the team?' Fat woman is forced his eyes trembling, hastened to pump myself up and said: 'Hell squad, is directly under adult horsepower tie ......' Having said that fat woman could not help but cursed himself, how say that talkative fee lines, quickly threat and said: '!! We have two five-star fairy Du wind, you can not think of it.' Du shocked wind turned cold tunnel: 'The Fat Man, on the train, you go for a drive!' Liu Hai Fat hop, though he did crying.Ji Gang cried and said: 'Royal Highness, the little master of his little master ...... ......'Yan Mufei mind a tight, urgent: 'how he was allowed to stew, Say it!'Ji Gang said: 'Ji Gang inadequate primary care, negligence, little master him ...... Cliff alienate the vote.'Yan Mufei speak mind as H slamming like thunder thunder was playing a bit, immediately stunned ...... 'He froze, Ji Gang but suddenly shook his head, sounded tear stains, sadness, said: '!! Jigang million dead, though not enough to redeem their sins, but only one death to thank the world, to report less Lord Royal Highness, Ji Gang take leave.'Flutter a prayer, and then take to the sky Yang Zhang Ling.Yan Mufei startled and awake, but he woke up too late, when he was killing guts heart, want to block shots, Ji Gang palm Spirit of God has been shot, 'Poof!' Slamming, red splattered brains, immediately fell to the ground does not move .Yan Mufei wits, heart, he froze.Those big guards and Guard all horror, afraid to face.Long, long time, just start Yan Mufei given to God, a warble: 'Ji Gang ......' body violent trembling, tears like a mighty rushing out confused.His grief, a grief Jianwen alienate, two grieving loyalty majestic natural martyrdom Lord Howe, a generation of Aviva since caving.A long while, the other partyMurmured: 'Ji Gang, do you regret the hate, the hate regret heard the words so that the brothers, and even come to this and other ...... or else today, this world is not that you do martial arts?'He slowly lowered his head.At this time, behind sounded loudly call: 'Uncle king!'Meng Huo turned rise, silk man standing in front of him not far away, a look of stunned look, Yan Mufei chest fire rises to speak, shout, said: '! You see, this is your forced out.'Jinyi people busy: 'Uncle Wang, who is ......'Yan Mufei excited authentic: 'You do not know what you're looking for him, but also to kill him?!'Jinyi people Yaran said: 'He is ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Ji Gang!'Silk man blurted cried, and said: '? Is Ji Gang, Ji Gang, he is, it, this pure friendship, instant will matchless mighty grateful brothers, we scrambled around us .K-Swiss male generously said: 'Buddy, can have a friend like you, die without hate, today Domon four friends to help you, do not forget the next fellow Yongming.' Baoshu De laughed: 'How can we say See cover Brother outside of words, we are fellow ah 'iron horse Leehom channel:.' This fight is too grand, and Barry Brothers that ax, from now on to beThe sound of loud screams, people really stunned. 'Humph! Amazing.' Gong Gong face changed, and faint while flushing fleeting, and soon got it back, dark blue big hand to restore the original appearance, but kept trembling, apparently just one hit the , but it is Zhen Fang take advantage. That co-worker glanced nine Fung et al. Lengheng slightly surprised to find the air across a blue light, when again, even with a fleet of nine co-workers have disappeared without a trace Phoenix.? First -?? Hair www. Junzitang. com and Dubbo hint as to his face was the color of embarrassment, the DPRK Chen line with propriety, also painted the Three Realms slit open in front, to fall upon a time away. Outside the city of Luoyang. At the foot of the Songshan, have a family. Yangxing home owner but a youth, were asked. Its people since childhood Sendo good, but parents do not travel to distant lands. Nonetheless, some weekdays often sitting pontificating Taoist mountains, all lines passing under foot Taoist Songshan, all go home, sit by his twelve days.? First -?? Hair www. Junzitang. com Yang asked sadly heard hearts, can not help but ask: '? Is this the world would not have a place to make me do monastic' That Lianqi frowned, suddenly said: 'This is from one hundred and eight thousand Luoyang miles, but jambudvipa have mountain, Minghuan Tianzhushan, but places south of heaven fell monsters Senior living, I heard the Senior magical wand, may help you monasticism. 'Then it disappeared without a trace. Yang asked after listening to the message that the hearts of excitement, until a