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red lady planted a big somersault, so he has to resign this Guanci, is to let go with both of you Zhouxuandaodi.'Futian Hao was shocked, sigh and said: 'Tan Compass is thereIs, as the death of pleasure, making also astonished, Tianchi Venerable Yi Tan said softly:! 'Miss Wu, Duron palace both men and women, in addition to martial arts outside Jingshan also are not afraid of dying madman also Because the underlying reason why it makes such a huge influence Duron house! 'Wu Yunshan asked: 'What method Duron saints actually makes these people do not order it?'Xuenv said: 'The truth is very simple, they take the art of picking up in their beauty, and the key to our comprehension of different cultivation, once in a year or two before the Withered and blood, not only can not beauty, face and aging much faster is fraught with problems, painful times, so they did not die a quiet, mostly before that time in the future, in order to die Kill solution, of course, do not care about being killed! 'Wu Yunshan hesitated and said: 'that is quite difficult to make them give in!'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'Off the martial arts moves in the United States and the United States already stronger than me, I'm only as good as the repair of internal forces, but they are holding hands with weapons, they make up for the lack of internal forces!'Xuenv said: 'Holy Duron set by three checkpoints often change, this was actually put the strongest lineup, showing that he still fears for us!'Wu Yunshan said: 'Duron Palace Palace always someone to break it?'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: after 'Easy Calm martial arts supervisor took over ten years ago, around the head of school of martial arts have told us for help, saying that they often have young disciples disappearance happened, until now have become unsolved today finally get the answer! 'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'It must be, and this is trying to lure blue Meng come, he has done martial arts supervisor, recruited candidates are naturally very convenient, if it spread it out, we would have to work together s more, this god of war command, military strategy, but also the art of war is in second place, Daoxing and magic is the decisive factor. Bright yellow in the army large account. In the Song of big business being. Is very obvious. Zao color of the face of ridicule, looking men generals laughed:.. 'Although these people when the big demon known as primitive, but now it seems, too, but that's all on the magic, Pindao not their opponents, but if On the war, but it is not afraid Pindao. (see their soldiers, mostly Simon intersect, although combat, but do not have a good command of generals. just like a sheep led a group of lions, or a flock of sheep. ' At the side of the sky fairy suddenly said: 'Young, though you learned a lot from ShishuBut do not forget the other side of the living from the prehistoric to the present, naturally has its unusual to place, or caution. ' Zao pot of cold water on the sky and not the slightest displeasure, but nodded and said:. 'Thank you, pointing senior sister apprentice, bear in mind when younger self.' The next day, fruit see across the Ukrainian flag in the breeze, White Pond led complete side, the British move, namely Mongolia, who slowly out of the camp, the air demon cloud make up, but it is Yaozu army, but also of the shape of the minimum period, can barely control the demon cloud, when accompanied by the line also has an evil wind, have the pressure up. 'Young, today, here is a good place on, I am afraid that one end of the senior sister apprentice must take precedence. At that time, do not stand in front of Shishu say the prestige of the senior sister apprentice.' Sky fairy suddenly smiles tenderly said. In cases of good fortune, though not the door disciples, but cut taught at Ha comfortable than a lot since the beginning of good fortune were not outside the door, and cut the Church points, although it is united, but also there are conflicting with each other, both inside and outside contradiction between the doors. What's more, Zhen Fang reincarnation but Red Cloud, right way major sects, but it is a mess, and now the enemy of imminent, is still more than infighting. When that Miaozhen Shenni for Buddhist expert, but can not figure a 'greedy' word, this is the same door myself, but in the other crumbled, but also stepped kicks. Because the other side of the gate and took a fancy to the hands of magic, How sad too! And though on the surface of the Kunlun ShushanIn talking to Cihang, but it is still too powerful because Buddhism, like the side of truth, this dust, Guangji, Miaozhen which is not equivalent to the strength of the anti-dummy, but do not mention on Mount Jiuhua and do not know How many monks disappearance in them. Dealt with air transport, not to mention that since the Tang Dynasty Buddhist merit Zhantan Journey, Buddhist forces entered the lands east China, handed down. And although there are a mighty countless doors, they are looking for big mountains, seclusion practice it, where as Buddhism, in downtown Canton disciples did not know how much gas transported won. Especially after the Ming dynasty, the door comprehension disappearance not only Buddhist myself, to walk the earth, do not know how many qualified high degree of believers, do not know how much has been good. At this point if he did let Miaozhen annexed Merciful. That Buddhism does not know how much longer the strength of times. Mention of which there are an innate Lingbao. That willow leaves and white jade Jingping This is a right, then separated, although some power, but major sects still acceptable, but if both recovered intact. Let the baby's power surge, the major sects in mind that a bit uneasy. 'Since the chief has made, since when Pinni compliance.' Miaozhen Shenni Po phase solemn suddenly declared loudly chanted softly on her beat Palace said:. 'If no match can be made to come to me after the South China Sea MEDITATION Chi Hong net vegetarian years ago is still a pulse. 'Ms Palace to see a foregone conclusion, the moment also relieved. Although they did not know each other any good