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said: 'I've visits murderer did, and it was not my idea, is one of his smart aleck, I can put people to you!'Kangsi Han said: 'I do believe it, you just plug the intent to kill individual responsibility, there is your mastermind, I just find you afterwards, catch you go for a life!'Blue Meng sneered: 'I know it is difficult to distance themselves, and did not kill the murderer, leave to live to interrogate you go, and you see that the murderer, ask again and I still blame later ! 'Qiong Yao Yuwen sneered: 'You men are slain and more, produce a scapegoat is not difficult!'Blue Meng cold authentic: 'This man is not my hands!' yuan busy and asked: 'Who are you?'Blue Meng laughed: 'Go see that, and you want to solve the problem, it can not be standing in the doorway, Wu brother, let's go in, with them coming!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'Go on in, even the Longtanhuxue, we have to try again!'Leading rode forward, we also had to follow, covering a very wide door, take a lot of tents, there are many stones to build the house.Yu Shi Qiong Yao Yuan looked at Owen, her slightly mused: 'I have been to this house before, I do not know what is?'Green shadow whispered: 'Tornado Ranch authorities within clouds, step by step, quartering, but the old lady has been lurking easy, for if there is a problem, she would warn us!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'The elderly no warning, probably nothing, went to say!'Everyone dismountedWhat malice, but also everywhere beware, do not put me to sleep one night. This evening the slightest thing did not happen, teach Gu Zhihua more puzzled. The second day Gu Zhihua road again to catch a day, nearly dusk, to a town called 'Dragon set.' Dragon set is a town of considerable size, and normally should be in this town lodging Gu Zhihua, Gu Zhihua forget unloading a detour to avoid it, and then catch a dozen miles. Candlelight, was rushed to the front of an unknown town, I thought: 'I see you still able to be funny?' That knowledge into a small town, there are people who look like a salesman off the soil to Turkish Foreign comprehension comprehension can be compared..' '? This is why the' King of the Mountain sneered: 'Do Tianwei specialized door open to them and they do not have what you comprehension sector different??' Green Spirit child smile: 'Overseas comprehension sector strength than I want pure Divine Land Turkey more vast land of my comprehension Turkey since monasticism, only very little time to seriously practice, other times mostly mutual intrigue. or for the spiritual pulse; or Treasure; or doctrine; or dispute, and so on and overseas comprehension are bent on immortality had moved abroad on the one hand they were striving for Road;.. Second, different overseas in the Divine, Divine Aura scarce and overseas has not the slightest influence, little can be accounted for on the strength of the martial art a spiritual pulse. Third, Turkey comprehension after several wars, have already lost a lot of comprehension law formula, where as overseas as complete, otherwise it can be gently Zhen Fang grade, we can achieve post-entraining it? ' Wang Shan waved, smiled and said:. 'Green spiritual son, I do not think people do not understand is that you can vary as long as the day-dimensional comprehension sector door does not appear, ye who have no comprehension of rampant social capital may be different now in a hundred years ago, and now is the strength of everything. Zhen Fang reason not to me, such as the eye, or that he has absolute power, or is Bushitaiju. Green spiritual son, you say he belongs to which class. ' Green Spirit child frowned, secretly wondering said:. 'That Zhen Fang did not know if Turkey Divine situation, if under no wrong, then it should not belong to the former category, however, the powerful comprehension sector overseas, has a long history, few encountered major catastrophe, overseas, magicMore. If Zhen Fang twelve magic hands, son or caution. 'Green spiritual son thought, or the idea that out myself. 'Nineteen. You go take a trip.' King of the mountain suddenly shouted. Green brothers would gather Divine Dragon, that things may not be the same. Dragon reborn, Reiki this human world will slowly recover, this will generate a lot of elixir between heaven and earth, so that later the brother would not have suffered the pain of a weathered. 'Then embarrassed smile. Zhen Fang mind while lamenting the so-called good comprehension is not qualified, after the road is wide, but as such people, not for the fame move, generous heart, one mind to seek their own authentic, the whole truth is indeed an enlightenment, which After the race to become the atmosphere. Moment does not conceal his purpose: 'The? Brother, traveling around the world, you can know which place has magic to refining the material cold.' 'You have to mixing device?' Jiang Huazi surprised and asked: 'Now comprehension sector, even if you have good material to refining, refining probably a bad magic on a good but we Shennong valley, in some of the previous seeking immortality. a time when there are many Shang Hao down to magic., do not get Tianpin brother, but to this point with my products face, or can be obtained and sent to the head of the brothers. ' Zhen Fang touched and said:. '. Brother need not be so brothers refining means is not bad,' said Jiang Huazai pointed behind medicine basket, smiled and said: 'Just like his brother behind the drug basket, although the material is good, but refining when the heat is not enough, the grade dropped a lot of herbs can not guarantee its original appearance, probably influenced the immortality of the good or bad. If you are not afraid of the younger brother broke your medicine basket, brother willing to for the last time you practice . ' 'Good! Today I am on the cheek, accounting for a cheaper brothers.' Jiang Huazi heard imagined, behind the drug basket will be taken down, delivery and Zhen Fang. Zhen Fang smiled, pointing to the right that tens of centimeters of medicine basket, while blue Meng Meng's glorious shine throughout the Arctic ice sheet. A faint breath of life comes