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but my teacher told me that during his lifetime, but this effort. Master said that such exercises great though extremely powerful. But they got one eighth the weight, but it is inevitable to suffer obsessions of danger, according to him, through the ages, only 200 years ago, Joe had got to the ninth heavy North sea, and his secret law practice has long been lost. So look for that year, although it was once the master tempted to think of Qinghai Lama visited the White Sect strike the practice of tactics, but finally did not go. I do not know Meng Jushi now has got the first few heavy? 'Meng Shentong sigh´╗┐Tone: 'The rest of his life too late, unfortunately, when the young have not had a chance encounter greater respect, or else you can ask him back, really not Xiangman already got my seventh heavier..' Monk laughed off method :! 'Then I came up really not Xiangman is timely, in his later years when my master's, I had words, and he was in the North sea, although I do not know Joe secret law practice, but if he had to repair the internal strength, is practiced expect Shura Yin evil power that does not obsessed 'Speaking here, a smile suddenly grabbing, added:.' Unfortunately, he saying this soon, the door will be born this drastic change, he actually died in Lv Siniang Jianbi old hand, this things to think you already know, do not I say that again. 'Originally he comes off the French monk Master's tragic death, Meng Shentong should indicate that his death is, but he listened to his words of the first half, had overjoyed, wait he finished, he jumped up, pat his head and said: 'Do you think I would not be too confused, Ling Shi is the first one-armed Shenni of believers, the school is authentic internal strength, certainly not in Tianshan Pai Down a couple under my dwelling on why far to find you is long overdue! 'In fact, when Lv Siniang dead, destroy French monk dare show up, even though Meng Shentong find him, he was afraid Lv Siniang know, maybe Before his effort did not excel at killing him, he dare with Meng Ying nodded and said: 'say' Wu Zhou Yu Chuan 'on:' to take the first war days Huanggai light ten Fang Li ship carrying dry reed Kuchai, filled with fish paste, while southeast winds, with ten solid ship For two years I sail to the North, while angry, fierce gale fire, burn north boat. 'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'Yes, the meaning of the phrase Seven sentences, ie: it because it was easy to give Shuro east, so two Joe did not lock in captivity copper bird table, can be seen, too Sun with Ji Gang is implied They find people, They did not come to a steel bird station, then what do you think? 'After Wei Han Ying thought, nodded and said: 'ah, a little truth, then ......' looked Ningzhu, said: '? They left after you think Wollongong gone.'Yan Mufei smiled and said: 'It depends on what is in place for Komori this quatrain it!'Wei Han Anglo head opened, urgent: 'Red Cliff?'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'Great minds think alike, I am afraid to go Chibi They are up!'Han Wei Ying inspire the spirit, and said:. 'Hubei Jiayu northeast south of the Yangtze, such as Zhi Gangluan Stretching on Juan Chibi word, Huanggang mountain outside the city, also known as the Red Cliff, the former Su tour this, for around Red Cliff'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'old Suxue Shi Huang Gang of Chibi mistake that Zhou Yu defeated Cao place, then step Xing Wu Qing Bachelor footsteps, mistake ......'Cry 'Big' hear Wei Han Ying head shot color, Mianfan flushed red, eyes of a cross, Qingchi: 'To you, who do not know the future will not have you barking?.'Woman, as long as the mother is not too ugly without salt poured appetite, gall scary woman, her hair in anger, there is a natural Jiaotai this Jiaotai most intoxicating, charming, and compared with mature woman´╗┐Daughter home even worse.Not to mention the front of the 'Bing Lady' Aromatic, absolute beauty!Yan Mufei though not a womanizer, whom he also captivated dizziness, heart resist.This is no wonder that people are people, not to mention she was this beautiful woman, as well as his years of soul-ying dream sweetheart