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inadequate since gone. Luo Feile will shovel thrown aside, a small blush scarred looked Du wind. Du wind around straight towering clouds, humanoid day fortress wall over a thousand meters high. However, all eyes are focused on the body pan full body Purple Du wind, sky fortress wall straight into the clouds, looks just awesome stickers silhouetted against the background of general Independence Day. Du wind eyes closed, when he suddenly opened his eyes when, a strong feeling of pressure from him revealed, the weight of the people around breathe. On the occasion of the edge of life and death, he has broken the cocoon magic of first-order state, reached the second order. Numerous shoots sprouted body has completely grown into numerous small airflow can always born pubic region. Body airflow run, finished in an instant on ordinary people need to run a half hours to complete the 'second Sunday.' Du these shares nascent wind circulation flow named 'Zhou evil spirits'! Even twenty years ago, Du wind is most lacking is infuriating lingering resistance. Due to sharp moves matchless Du wind, shot after some moves, there may even be temporarily cut off infuriating phenomenon. Because of this, cut a few Independence Day ceremony in seven type of God, there is always irreparable defects. It is also because of this, then Du wind fishes [Thor] Lee cowardly cold disdain, Lee Han reasonably vigorous lingering infuriating, Independence Day is the biggest killer. Today, the 'Sunday evil spirits' after Tempered, all problems are solved naturally. After Terry get physical, so that the body back to normal functioning create more planktonic pubic region, Du wind strength may even override the year. Du wind does not intend to destroy it shares fairy fire, as grown up together in your body and evil spirits, which shares power becomes immortal fireMeng matchless, just cut to hone Independence Day Shendao purposes. Joan - Luo Feile cried and said: 'Oh, you're okay Independence Day, it seems some of the stronger!!' DU head That name Guard shook his head and said: I'm afraid not, have confessed above. Anyone not in the near future when the mountain step Xujin Wu, you should go to Wudang is ...... 'Xie Jin Yan Mufei Fanwan handed out to him that gold medal, said: '? With this, you can not ask whether the two and release.'Gold into the head, and that two Guard immediately changed color, bow pants go together: 'I am afraid I have two senseless, adults are ......' said: 'Please landward command to make inquiries, he knows who I am!'Guard two quickly agreed, bend waved and said: '! Adults requested'Yan Mufei 'ah' sound, standing there did not move, just because that several pawns, also stand in front of him there Fazheng.Guard two busy shouted: 'bastard thing, not quick to give way!'That several pawns rather startled awake, they were afraid of the Guard is, in fact, Hugh said that these pawns, they will not even have to listen to these Douzhihuishi direct orders of the emperor of the Guard, immediately hastened back to the side.Yanmu Fei did not speak, move to go to the gate.Guard to keep it busy two-step, attentive authentic: 'Adults are looking for horses or riding a scooter healthy?'Yan Mufei stop and asked: 'From here to the Wudang, how far?'Yan Mufei micro a nod, just and said: 'Ye ......'Guard that were immediately toward that military officer shouted: 'looking to give adults ride horses, quick!'Yan Mufei simply put up, did not tell him politely, turning on the horse, and that his hands were too far attache, handed him the reins.Yanmu Fei took the reins, turning two Guard smiling nod, said:. 'You have worked hard and carefully guarded around, do not effect.'Guard bow pants two go together: 'Yes, thank adult attention.'Yanmu Fei did not say, shaking the reins riding horses, Chi out of town.Out of the city by HealthCare, Wudang district around the corner, but the inbound pass from Wudang Zhen grass but farther. Old Town grass estuary east hundred and eighty, fifty miles south of the county are, standing nearBoth counties. Zhen Yan exterminate the enemy was fast, hearts still hesitated pending, it did not bother its speaker appearances. They thought it was anti-valued, felt unworthy opponent, opening phase annoying inconvenience. The subject of trust, hired to come here, although these unknown junior not elegantly, be for laughs, but the owner of the sects and parties apprentice hired only friendly party, several of the best all casualties had fled, the remaining skill worse thing has been in the past, its potential can not Zaibai, how nerve Gaozuo not ask! Everyone was holding the same thought, within two gas Zhuangxin thick, Jiangxi Province is famous giant flood and two Pirates. A divine kings Huyao Zong, an eight diamond stick Shaw -, count on a martial arts, primality rape, Yilaomailao, think they do, never thinking, first of all keep clear sky, the sound just right: 'Damn dog, my two He was born to the split! 'both off long clothing, at this time went to the proscenium, wait to be Zongla, then toward the center of the ring, playing against the enemy. The original mine should Lion fame, only a Jiaonv knee, irrelevant born with a very beautiful, but also on a well-known martial arts school, character is the end Zhuangxian Xiao, weekdays love, such as life, Zexu few years, a long time without When Italy, according to Cai turtle man, had asked him to not move, the Friends of the generation of a covenant of friendship is quite thick, and I heard a friend Charles Hung gold eyes wild flower family dwelling, the two groups named Hanako Jiede judge, but in reality both sides About Supreme many; Jiumu Liangzhe hills to her daughter wins, nagging father long to travel, come and humble gift, and very sincere respect,Good old man is high, eating froze, thinking her daughter to take a tour of Zhejiang wish, handy for her with Yau, choose a Jia Xu, would not do both? And they agreed to come, to be able to go, do not accept gifts, when shot or not accountable own desire to see things and then set the merits, not reluctantly. That time not about