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wonder destiny; no wonder the elders said to worship at his door, and I can get the Fox family peace. And they worshiped the moment and said: 'Please close disciples live as a disciple.' Zhen Fang face smile, never heard of Daoxing can receive low Daoxing higher than his human followers, but did not expect this kind of thing would happen in his life. 'Your guess quasi Fox clan elders do?' Zhen Fang asked cautiously. 'Master, in fact, whether you do not charge admission disciple believers, we must face the demon clan revenge.' Nine fox demon suddenly smiles tenderly said. 'What say?' Not only is Zhen Fang looking shocked that even Secretary Snow, who also surprised that even nine demon fox too soon 'Master' is also negligible. 'Master, now spread the word comprehension sector, who have Zhen Fang, tragedy are free;. Too Zhen Fang's, master's gate will Hing Road real good fortune, had already spread throughout comprehension sector, also said Master will be the fate of the people get the Divine Dragon will resume in the hands of the master, the door will be day-dimensional because Master Seoul reproduce. The teacher merit is very high, was the master of natural gas transported door division can continue. What is more, if the After the master passed away, using arcane relic available with this relic, not afraid of demons harassment, not all tragedy befall. 'Fox said nine demon face solemn. 'If I was the fate of the people, to gather the Dragon, day-dimensional reproduction of the door, the family tragedy that people will come, although some risk, but more is hope. Terran comprehension because of this and Daxing. Demon slayer's slogan will be hanging in the mouth edge of these human right wayYaozu disaster will come, so it will not let me live Yaozu Aberdeen world. Nine demon, I can say that right? 'Zhen Fang smile. 'Master said very yes. Five secret disciple Garnett reported Yaozu has hit the road.' Nine fox demon nodded. 'Well, it was not there the right way?' Asked Zhao Han seven. 'What is the right way Fang has won himself. 'What a Heaven, Heaven is indeed in control of things.' Escorts Taoist suddenly said: '? Young, the teacher gave you Heaven Is it just to do a head you beat the saints,' said a long sigh, very soon disappear in the emptiness, quasi mention Taoist too cold a hum, also followed. Chaos days escorts color Taoist face hardships, the quasi-mentioned Taoist eyes red, above Yulian faint color excitement, Nvwaniangniang Fenlian cold Fengmu the Shining Light, as the owner of the soil behind the empress, compassion is great, but at the moment they face a rare exhibit difficulty with color. Well quite a while, that quasi-mentioned Taoist never running out of patience, speechless said: 'Lady, at the moment we do not send troops if Temujin, afraid Chen West can no longer stick to it, this way, in the future with the Wu family going today Buddhism as a separate deal with good fortune and the door of attack. Goddess, so even if Heaven had favored the Wu family, afraid I can not support to the last moment, will also embark on Buddhism old, was destroyed by the two sides. empress had better think twice ah! ' Escorts Taoist sighed and said: 'Young Red Cloud superior strength, non Pindao Young able to deal with but do not know why the teacher gave Red Cloud Heaven **** Young, non-general of the saints unless I can resist the four. St. Qi, so that it can wait until Zhen Fang experienced, he is after all not a saint, St. Daoxing prospective saint can not stand the delay I waited. 'Then the situation said the trio fighting again, quasi-mentioned Taoist pale red, unwilling to face with a trace of shame, more anger, and that the soil behind the empress and Nvwaniangniang became pale face was, I did not expect the strength Zhen Fang now so sophisticated now, it can not even injured in more than two holy struggle, The two holy repulsed. Really is not an ordinary saint can be compared, and the soil behind the empress whole body freezing cold, large hall filled with a monstrous war, warlike tribe witch. Houtu personally taught by me, or look for another teacher to introduce to you, no not. 'So dream day and night, always look over the proposed loss after Shishu sword, finding no contingency for many years, she is more months before I do not know what year and what was hit, and suddenly no intention derived;. To worry there is no sword box, think of the opportunity so coincidentally, will be Note that hit early, leading figures certainly do swordsman, how can with joy, overjoyed? Shihai initial fear was that the sword again with tricks, the box after a good wear, always afraid to loosen the grip hilt. After getting feel the sword go box, as if each of them made, stubborn believers meet strict teacher, with the bundle, thus quiet down, but no change. Deposit thoughtful: 'Today morning, first night later the trio came to visit them in the red iron swords Xia Yunxiang, only one seat, they eat old common phenomenon, even mocking horse mysterious duo with exhortations to say quite a meal people. deep, stammer a few Bianji resign. Heimo Le discovered cliff path Sanli waist circumference did not keep talking about right, yet still do not know, we can see this is very old for this secret, only to see their own weight. When the store for fear of ancestral week to see the sword, inattentive and was flying, sword clenched face, smiled and said:. 'Ancestral brother first not busy, so I finished terrible sword through again, I avoid trouble like empty' Cunzhou see him from a meeting will concentrate on this sword, is very reserved, exceedingly puzzled, smiled and asked: 'Why?' to get a sword through that week deposit speechless laughed: 'You worry too much a. as you said, the sword is real fetish, can soar change, but you have to know the main thing, Zhu Sanshu intentions never hand for many years, you have no desire derived within half a day, it's clear that you have. Look at the situation, pointing out that heard or found Tang Jian Qi, hopes of finding the root of this. Seeing been somehow be it of go, just to get a Jianxia