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not small, you know the second lady is hiding somewhere, ' said:'?. luck, found the two Miss blessing is our luck, 'Bai Lichao nodded and said:' We leave for the night? ' said:' This is also ask you first go in front, ready to call the store dry food for us. ' I thought good, hastily walked to the front.Baoshu De finishing alone in the room clothing bag, but suddenly had an idea, and immediately went to the window peeping out.Just at that moment a figure came out of the window, move very rapidly.Baoshu De chance to take the clothes bag, secretly and said: '! Really spies Yeah,' he quickly flashed the door and found the man has come to end of the corridor, turned out to be sneaky character thirties, so always chase out the shop door, coincides Baili Chao took a bag of food facing, he immediately made a sign to Baili Chao, lest he fuss.Baili Chao know there are differences, actually turned out to see the wise.Baoshu De seem knew his leg muscles, not that different, even know he was so very strong, is not shipped dodge, so mention gas to emulate.After a front woods, looked up to see, can not help but suspect, alas channel: '! A super, he was off-line friends' smiled to him, loudly:'? Fast forward chase ' saw knowing Ancun said:. 'He heard what the guy in the place.'Yin was the face of sorrow. Shouzhou City High pool depth, but defensive fort wall Southern Tang Zhou Dynasty, the Southern Tang Li Lie alive before the main day, do not know how much thought on it, not only the city but with deep domain Blackstone casting, specifically Defense supernatural enemy spells, in the city, there are seven hundred thousand elite. Sanshanwuyue practitioner from numerous, are magic strength of the people. Kuangyin though Takeo. But also unassailable defense of these human practice, a time numerous casualties. 'General, His Majesty in person!' Bodyguard suddenly rushed. Kuangyin hearts surprised, quickly greeted out a few years to see the fruit of the Department, a team of people sped to about as much as hundreds of thousands become timid. Zhen Fang frowned and glanced at the crowd, Jingmang shining moment Zhen Fang suddenly knew when to spend demons robbery, fire HL Dinghai beads and industry in order to protect themselves, automatically show up, shiny cents, reflecting the three realms, was in front of the crowd that had Lingbao unearthed here, these people are covet the baby comes. Under the thinking, the dark hearts of anger, his eyes barely visible coldness flash, an enormous momentum overwhelming pressure down, the weight of all the monks heart was shocked to realize that in front of the young Taoist probably not so simple on the surface Some clever generation heart secretly targeting, or slip away good, magic is good, but also need to use the command. Li Lie heart was shocked, behind Dao Ming Huan child and silver Silver Dragon Suko, this is a two dragon he Wusong River within the territory of the Southern Tang enlightenment, magic strength, according to arms by Li Lie, Li Lie year too I do not know how much effort it took to their income countries, referred to the National Division. Silver Dragon child so today heard the words, know each other said is not true. But Lingbao former, if let go, not a pity. But while the other alone, but here are two mysterious cents own master, more angel several people, plus other people, there are dozens of people angel, big deal to kill this person, after the split of the magic it is. MoreSituation, to get the baby, not only imputed to this method. Moment made up his mind, today we must to this treasure, and so on refining its own inevitable Daoxing big into the future of the attack when the Zhou Dynasty, is also scheduled to be vanquished Emperor Sejong, a snow hundred shame. 'This fellow really not my magic and other advanced energy and also, very Guaren admiration, would like to invite your visit to my fellow Southern Tang, so Guaren night for advice. I live to the Southern Tang, will be for the National Division, bit still Guaren above. Guaren can build a temple in the palace, used