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Golden Gate' Could it also went to the main door?' nodded and said: 'It should also here, let me say hello They soon ......' Now the speaker said: '? Two unscarred'The two black eyes cast over Mangjiang man heard and saw Yan Mufei, hesitated and then both free hip into the sky, skimming over.Yanmu Fei laughed: 'Yes, they know me.'Were shot down in front of the black man, bow pants go together.'Yantai Xia seen!'A busy a ceremony said: '! Dare, two good'Two black guy and said: 'Thanks Yantai Xia, you well!'Looked up and look Wei Han Ying, said: 'This is the Guardian Could girl?'Wei Han Ying smiling nod, said: 'It Wei Han Ying, two good!'Two black guy busy and bow to the lower body, said:. 'Seen Wei girl'Wei Han Ying shallow answer a ceremony, said: 'No, I heard so much about 'Golden Gate' a dragon, named his six tigers, twelve wolves, all heroes, all hero, today saw, indeed. 'Two black guy Nan laughed and said: 'The Guardian praised the girl, two How to get here?'Yan Mufei interface, said: 'I told the girls to go to Nanjing to guard, passing here, pleasant scenery Drunkard Pavilion heard so much about, so the way to look at, but also a Buddhist relic Zhanyangzhanyang six, two of it?'That were black man said: 'the main door to go north from here through, also the same with you two wanted to see, did not expect to meet you two in here.'Wei Han Ying said: 'Could it at the main door on Langyashan??'Two black guy and said: 'Yes, the hill next to the main door civilized temple, before the snow cave, I hung two of the anti-popular disturb passengers, especially in the foothills of the guard..'Wei Han Ying Yan Mufei look smiling, said: 'Since the hit, and you do not want to see her go to see?'Yan Mufei face a hot, my heart can resist, nodded slightly.Two black guy and said: 'I go to Bing Zhi two main door soon.'Wei Han Ying, raising his hand, busy: '! No, let me scare her two also give her a surprise.'Two black guy laughed, a micro-bend, said:. 'Let me lead the way two for two.'Turned away before the trip.Han Wei told a fairies in general, Holy Warriors, but Xie Shichiku net vegetarian sects, today also with Miaozhen Shenni rushing over, Getting xiyi real words, could not help but say it. Although Lao Ni Miaozhen feel grateful Shichiku point out some rude words, but their tolerance of others to the door where people learned the truth, the moment an eyebrow Shuangsha stood, would get angry. Fang Chen's first smile, and said:. 'I waited comprehension is actually repair the heart, although over time, time change, I can handling the moon and stars and other planted countless Reiki can accumulate huge land magic, with a variety of supernatural, tragedy again and again to resist, to bleed air from of God, Conghua God to the anti-deficiency, the last day of Immortality fruit can soaring achievement. But the magic is magic, the supernatural is magical. I often Road Act, etc.Read, but do not know which road to Heaven law contains insights and mana pursuit. Heaven as cylinders, magic water. Both complement each other, only the cylinder increases, Mana growth rate will be faster, there can be no danger of breaking the cylinder. In Buddhism among many secular monks monks walking among them the one hand is the Buddhist teachings spread, but also a kind of practice. This practice is in the repair of the heart. 'Carter, Zhen Fang glanced at the side of the truth monk fruit reflected changed complexion changed. 'Daoxiong said even.' Physiognomy monk quickly stood out, even his hands together and said: 'I waited a Buddhist man and a different door, and only in this way can the Buddha realized Elysium hearts, hearts.' Zhen Fang does not speak, while the reality is not perceptible breeze Lengheng loudly. Everyone can come to the realm of practice, not only the accumulation of time, but also because of the qualification's sake. Zhen Fang remarks that, on the surface is a Buddhist saying the move was in the repair center, but it is in the description of Buddhism had to rely on the move do not know how much incense, how much air transport had,