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issued a series of chest cracked beneath his feet. After Tan thread behind endured glorious rain hit, beaten almost can not even breathe, and she promised far activities, he continuously pulled the trigger several times, already depleted armed vindictive, gun simply did not fired a bullet, simply direct the butt to go Du wind hit his face. Bang, even his last golden gun weapon also Du wind hit his face cracked, Xu Yuan is thoroughly spent force. Du wind indifference: 'You lose.' They all gas consumed, followed by the competition away from home only hard work and close combat skills, no one is far from the long term promise. Xu Yuan's face and made cruel smile and said: 'Really?' Splinter golden gun suddenly disappeared Xu poured away the body, which is the gold gun impressively into the armed grudge. In an instant armed grudge into the body, Du wind nose to smell a pungent smell of gunpowder, while Xu clasp hands away from the strange body changes, a time like hot lava-like, one time and as the polar XuanbingCold. This is a sign of refining, was desperate Xu Du wind pushed away his refinery became a bomb. Du wind did not let go to avoid, but Chen Sheng said: '? Where is the shadow.' Xu Yuan a mouth, exhales a hot temperature gas sneered:. 'Worry, even if I die, as long as you buried, someone will revive her.' Du wind indifference and said: 'Do you really believe Once upon human promises?' Xu Yuan passing a trace of sadness in the eyes and said: 'Have faith Independence Day, your strength, and you still can not stop me die, want to jump on Down Once upon a time!?' Du wind shouted: 'Who gave you die I wake up!!' His wrist flick, the effect starts countercurrent North offerings, all of the body away from the promise looted by armed grudge full restitution to Xu Yuan body simultaneously, and some strange things are introduced to Xu Yuan's body. Xu Yuan body shiver, my mind appeared out wonderful formulas and eight characters. Back from the dead. Butterfly! opened Xu Yuan in hand, seems to have been cut off the bone together. Panic under negative pain, just make wild, they listen to the next immortal spirit snow blew the sound of birds and uncles seat. At this time, the original piece and Jiang brothers fighting female snake, Huangshan previous years because Tao uncles have come here and seen. Both sides, listen to his disciples with the lingo, said: 'To come to Huangshan, watching acts, Xu Tao uncles doors were younger, only frightened distress, fighting to pay attention to signs of the times, not really hurt. 'Female than male cunning snake is also purer, know each other best friends fellow teacher and master, lest afterwards by the responsibility, you see the river brothers hand it can not hurt things, they come without fighting, disc blindly delayed on the ground and refused to launch. Coincided with Jiang brothers also wish reluctant hands. Illegal immigrants waiting to see each other, listen Heming, immediately retreat hidden within the tree , travel time, and call the male snake speed back. ' 'The disciples knew Shishu one that will not allow snakes and people fighting, such as the first receded, Shishu to drive to the next, as they are afraid he will come to the job to escape, no reason to make the snake injured, not gas out, but also a terrifying fall heart unwilling to serve. hear the sound Crane far, that has not been seen here, busy with reminders to attack the snake is still yet to come before self-delusion Shishu slight point advantage. vengeful snake this injury, it is a force to battle his disciples magnanimous, gall some arrogant, listen to the sound of the asymptotic Heming, knowing flight rapidly, dazzling fly, revenge will be very difficult report, more and more desperate, so have the final blow. and other disciples see it Meng Xiong Wei hair, actually kill the next, which look like black brothers obvious to go, immortality will hurt the hearts of shocked, busy tried to stop, and has since not as non-Shishu fly faster, error will be cast, not only Shishu not, Master know this, the but also that you have such momentum it probably was alive, nor is it an ordinary person!!' That blue letter square Chen escaped his own knife kill, also exclaimed:. 'You do not have to be ordinary comprehension for many years, died in the sword of the monks do not knowHow much. The generals also tell you the truth, when he joined the king of the Northern Expedition to Mongolia, the Mongolian emperor had personally captured, swept desert, invincible, so only the achievements of today. ' Zhen Fang nodded, smiled and said:. 'I'd guess who your family is a king but I view your armor armor before tomorrow, you name Blue, former Ming, the Northern Expedition Mongolia can only turquoise generals, no wonder Jinling sits to the government, Chenggudaogua, random arrests take ghost, even to the government are afraid tube Hades. ' Blue letter was proud laughed and said: 'To be honest, it also strange that the emperor and a loss for the false killer if not they will be priests of Jinling cloth into this look, how my family again this Chenggudaogua king, even to the government are. dare say. ' 'This is why?' Fang Chen Qi asked. 'You know, my family came down face to face and ask the king of it!' In the hands of Kito sword in one fell swoop, suddenly shouted: '! Throw' suddenly appeared out of thin air in countless black arrows team, while countless sharp arrow piercing to, with a burst of whistling, barely visible shiny Wu Guang, obviously not a general lever, equipped with the most rudimentary than Zhen Fang of breaking the military more powerful. Zhen Fang burst mouth smile, chuckle June report also fast. Moment only brings red gourd, fire red light will shine among themselves, they thought, and brings up the town demon tower, saw the silver-filled, colorful brilliance hanging down and the next, but it is attached to the town of merit golden demon the tower will Zhen Fang Guanghua numerous wind and rain protection impervious. 'Look at me the means.' See that numerous branch Zhen Fang Lee shot at him, but could not