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you know, there is still time, it is a village in Bangladesh, I was in prison in the grotto among Bangladesh odd, but also that she would save me out. 'South said:' ah, which is a little strange, and she was, and you talked about Jinda Xia no? 'Liqin Mei said:' What you say is what mean? 'South said:' She put up with you. What do you say? 'Liqin Mei said:' She told me to go to a senior, I take care of her pointing direction, and she found it. 'South said:' She did not tell you to go Jinda Xia it? 'Liqin Mei said:' I did not have. Aunt, so repeatedly asked you noticing? You know that thing? 'South laughed smile, said:' Visible much mouth as well, that has a row Jinda Xia Meng Chuang, I heard Valley Woman said. At the time, the Yizhong Mu Qiu Shanpei, Xie et al true. However, when Jinda Xia told valley girl, but did not mention the girl Li. And now listen to what you say, this girl is Li save your people, so she was certainly in Meng Jin Shiyi saw the woman in the town, she knew youFind Jin Shiyi, but not you say, but it means you go to the brothers deliberately. Kazakhstan: there is not a little weird? 'Li Qinmei frowned and said:' That may be true? 'South said:' not the slightest false: Do you believe I still believe her: 'Li Qinmei speechless, looking down thinking the south and said:.' I know you do not believe me, then I ask you, do you believe she still believes Valley Woman? 'Li Qinmei thought for a moment and said:' I am convinced that they are the two people. 'South said:' compared to what? ' said:' Master Gu sister and our origins deep Tianshan Pai, relatively speaking, I certainly believe in the Valley sister. Ah, you ask what is the meaning of this word? 'South said:' You are a wise man, do not you understand Valley Woman's words? That day she repeatedly refused to let peers, implying that, in fact, do not believe that the girl who spoke Li. 'Li Qinmei was bluntly dissected the south, one really wanted to, could not help, said:' She said the idea of ​​changing the World Heritage brother faster, Health', 'Wudang students' and so on, I was a good friend from the mouth to hear, because he is a disciple of Mountain Pine, probably does not leave. 'At this time has come to town, the exhibition Yunhe listening to them conversation, then the rumors to Baili Chao said: 'I think the first person in front, and he is the capital 'Guards' in a retired person named Wu Ho, now I do not know what things are just what they say real thing. ' no longer care for them, he wholeheartedly want to find the murderer, after smelling unchanging tone: 'This has nothing to do with me.' Show him a push Yunhe said: 'It has not to see it, to find enemies, all aspects of the future have to snoop, thanks to their own is not enough, perhaps from a variety of occasions to get a little clues Yeah. 'Baili Chao heard rationalFragments, have such a realm. But also more later increasingly difficult. 'The disciples willing to try.' Liu Li thought for a moment, nodded his head, if not agreed, although he certainly will steadily increase Daoxing within a hundred years, but it is impossible to reach the realm of the dead cut two, is impossible Monkey opponent . \\\\\\\\\\ To the time when the cause of the taking, or will die, in that case, not as a fight, even if unsuccessful, it is a death, but if successful, they would be reported only that the rod of the year hatred, you can repair the great progress, even if they can not increase in the future how authentic OK? Is it also not looking forward to the saints. Liu Li thinking about that. Soon even if it is clear what is at stake, the moment you want to cast Arcane Zhen Fang, forced to upgrade their cultivation. 'Well.' Zhen Fang nodded with satisfaction. Said: 'If you want, you must have this bitterness is the subject of the year of the Monkey King had Laojun alchemy furnace help, Make a King Kong is not bad, but he himself is spirit Ming boulder, but the universe tripod body. The earth-colored jade refining, very sturdy, a body comparable to the ancestral witch. To defeat him you will not thousand buildings blown over and In the bottom of the people, even the spectators on the hillside at the lower, the bone should be blown no deposit! They advised Meng Shentong change locations, to thousands of buildings to battle and Tang Xiao Ping bar, on the ground that: Shaolin but the enemy stronghold, a decisive battle in the Shaolin Temple, in self-defeating. Meng Shentong listen to them are right, then think of her in the temple, and he was afraid to see her daughter during a decisive influence mood, and thousands of buildings, Ping is also true that the contest is a good place, he accepted their proposal: But They further suggested that the recommendations Meng Shentong led partisans, and the Shaolin Temple people here in the valley to a big melee, Meng Shentong did not accept: Meng Shentong Great Satan is already a ruthless, think they have more very toxic, Meng Shentong actually make even the characters are caught, including martial arts, has been secretly watching Jin Shiyi common phenomenon and Kou Fang Gao actions inquired into the secret, but I do not know where to bury the line drugs, and therefore had emerged in stature, in The common phenomenon of Zhuolai site, coercion him to discover gunpowder. In fact, this time without Jin Shiyi then flogging, the common phenomenon of drugs should extinguish quickly to lead, and to know when he relies instead on 'Jedi', gunpowder not recognize people, once exploded, so why even he should fry to pieces. Ran next to the common phenomenon of a boulder, hard rock aside, Jin Shiyi immediately swing shovel shovel, and she saw beneath a thick layer of dynamite, then shovel away, I saw a prosperous and burning of fire, like a snake like winds come, Jin Shiyi hastily put out a foot, calling out: 'good insurance!' medicine line distance gunpowder, is less than ten feet away! Shock, sudden, I hear, 'Peng' is heard, a rocket exploded in midair off, buttressed by a slip of the fire, rail rocket sticks to his third successive shot, the Jin Shiyi took off his wet shirt,