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to Zhuanshan conquest, all powerful, never thought of again setting a hook Chendi Jun; the only strength Tati is really tough, not only to guide the North Stars, four subdue Demon, being in heaven, deepSome veins, although but taught sects, even the Emperor to be allowed to third. If this woman is Zhenwu front door, made a big issue may. 'You know how she is Zhenwu sects.' Ten all off is not a fool. Although now in heaven I was still in his hands, but many lag elbow. Although I own three realms known as supreme, but merely to achieve development in the cracks, it is impossible for such a thick case former Red Cloud ancestors, it is impossible for the other two relatively smiling Emperor, if he really hurt Zhenwu disciple , Zhenwu once known, came to the door, I'm afraid it is impossible to shield himself Emperor, and his years in heaven in wait to see these guys do not have such authority Zhenwu, once Zhenwu launch an attack, I am afraid that these guys will swarm, a person can put a spittle son drowned himself. 'Your Highness, she's the yin and yang of the fish really Zhenwu Tai Chi Gong, more importantly, his use of the sword, it is Zhenwu sword.' Wu Yang pale face while. Although ten weekdays perish together oppressed goodness, but also looking at the object before the action, backed by those behind someone, but it is not presumptuous, but did not expect the iron today is kicked up. But it is no wonder that he, who knows a Tengyun just learned the art of the rookie, actually Zhenwu apprentice. Also his saber sword Zhenwu has given eyes to the little girl. Wu Yang This time even the death of the heart. Although his father was minister of heaven, but the status is not high, above the god of Senior, King, and then the four royal heaven, one will be able to clap Takenori god Emperor shot dead, not to mention. That Zhenwu powerful exception. How can it be that they can Rede Qi. 'Oh, sir, I know that the little girl said, Zhen Fang brother, who is it?' A day will suddenly beside Wu Yang said. A look of horror hands rapidly, purple evil spirits shine free shuttle crazy wrist among those who fled, each palm down, students are able to crack open the monument human hands, he let these inhuman spree, also taste is life and life torn taste. No wrist who Haide soul flySky, reckon out in this cold-blooded killers were like them are four-star, they tried to use the stolen technology together to weaken Du wind infuriating, weakening the destructive power of a large open hand monument. Open hand monument indeed weakened the power of the half, but when no wrist after being weakened by a large monument open hand hit him, still torn apart immediately. Cocoon magic refining the new infuriating, inter ancient weapons intended to kill the soul derived and war, together with penetration into infuriating. 'Pirates of the technology' such Jiminggoudao techniques, can not be killing the wind lifted Du meaning nothing. 'Ah ah ah!' Shrill screams, and has had at least a dozen were no wrist was split into crushed brains marrow mixed with the flow over the floor. No wrist rest were red eyes, simply to get together with Du wind rushed. The front of the wrist were no monument will soon be open hand unloaded into eight, who in spite of the bodies back visceral stench emitted efforts against the corpse ahead. This tactic actually received sacrifice some effect, four-star Du wind, in any case, the moment these people are unable to split. After three or four rows were no wrist have been almost split open hand monument former meat paste, remaining dozen were no wrist finally wind rushed Du body, his arms frantically to the DU Guan wind. They have already stopped using the 'Pirates of the technology,' the air in an attempt to pull out with their hands directly in the heart of Du wind, to end the fighting. 'Pop' sound from all the arms have hit the Du wind vacated right hand, was a bunch of people nauseating mountain of flowers. Pierce flesh revealing fractured forearm, hand and quickly waved Du wind, broken bones in his hands once woven