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wind tunnel: 'King, I have been immersed in the realm of, as we have about you give me strength.' King Xiang Yu mad laughed: 'After you how to live, each had a re-state power must be increased, and why I did not see any growth in your power.' Du cold wind tunnel: 'Because the state is not indifferent so will not increase the power!.' Du wind lightly: 'Do not believe?' Yang Zhou Zhao nose zero almost crying, Du wind silent, suddenly hugged her, revealing a warm embrace unusual, Yang finally zero nose acid Wadiyisheng cried out. Du wind indifference: 'The state simply does not exist What drunkenly, Yang zero, I ask you, are you willing to go with the King will fly or what?' Young zero shook his head, Du wind continued: 'Do you remember Wei husband or son Yuji thing yet? Du Yang zero wind was holding a lot of good mood, fully attend to the wound on his face in a proper way, through tears and said:. 'Seen the book' Xiang Yu seems to have had a premonition that something. Shouted: 'You're trying to say in the end.' King thundered: '? You say this even though King Concubine wrong ashes, The King is not wrong, but also to the Concubine' Xiang Yu roar loudly, hands trembling slightly Sword, homemade body armor constantly peeling. Du wind that drink, awakened King. Du wind eyes, the emotion-laden realm really remain unaffected. Drunkenly is not a state, but the Emperor had confused the first generation of the princess of heaven, to set a bound. Liu days and strength, self-deception and others from their obsession. Liu days and one generation to obsession, became a force is applied to the willow impose zero-day body. Generation to discover that he is the reincarnation of Liu days and people kind of celestial realm of self-deception Princess strength, but also to impose a zero-day reincarnation of Liu body. Self-deception and being worshiped. Has always been one of humanity's most powerful spiritual force. King sword to the sky howling. Angrily: 'Heaven!' Roar, a huge flock to lightning from heaven down