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followed into the wine shop, a seat near the door at the head and sat down.Folks came Peixiao asked Yan Mufei To what? Yan Mufei arbitrary point a few dishes, and two middle-aged black man unto the seat of the head of a Nuzui, said: '? Guys saw what, and that the two'Folks looking out of one, and said: 'See, how ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'That is my two friends with me, gave them into one!'Dude promised soon, and turned away.It happened at this time that the two middle-aged black man also walked over to greet folks. Folks passed, Kazakhstan with two whispered back to him and said something, then pointed Yanmu Fei, like a dude They told.They hesitated and looked over, Yan Mufei with a smile. The two face changed, not the wine, food is not the point, and stood up awkwardly away.Folks startled, Yan Mufei smiled.Suddenly brought food and wine, Yan Mufei is not intended to eat and drink, he just drank two cups, eating food on the mouth the wine capital left out.Door, begging Hanako still waiting for that, he saw out immediately to a passing, while whispered said the sentence:. 'Yantai Xia, please come with me.'Yan Mufei smile onto the street, he followed it from the street line at Lang Yanxia walked quickly to see people begging Hanako Zi hand.Before long, the two have turned into a quiet street, begging Hanako turned to a knee point, the respectful authentic: 'Guo Yan Taixia! ' busy also a ceremony, said: '? Not deserve it, you see what is taught.'That Hanako said: 'The Guardian HealthCare girl life Fenduo turn Yantai Xia know in Yantai Xia leave HealthCare Meanwhile, a group of dozens of martial arts figures into the HealthCare City.'Yan Mufei 'Oh!' Sound and said: 'They know which way is it?' The beggar said: 'I do not know, but some people see them HealthCare Fenduo Guard took over the head with action rather mysterious, it seems skill not too low. 'Yan Mufei pondered a moment, and said: '? Thank you, sir, what do you want.''There.' That Hanako said: 'Take care of your health girl eye.'Yan Mufei heart suddenly became all the cloth hole structure. Feng Shui familiar people know, a break point in life, spread over three generations to be a great-grandfather's blood, spread over twenty years off the life of the hole, I do not know how many people to sacrifice their lives, so many people from this juehu absolutely door. Before moving off life rock cave, with palm and Fraser's Trick location, just and Du windBucket into a tie. Off life points a, Du wind body are isolated from the world of strength, even aging body began to decay, Lee suddenly felt cold winner. Lee Han leak just forget it. Independence Day Du wind is indifference ancient weapons, this indifference, but only with respect to the enemy, too inhuman behavior, will inspire his anger. Du wind hole off life immediately recognized the structure of indignant anger at the chest, the body last Du wind penetration pneumatic knife, had not yet resorted to pondering thorough knife. This knife is unstoppable clean break. Thor Lee knocked out cold spot was a clean break, if not then there are special circumstances occur, Lee Han had already died in Du wind sword. Raytheon Li Han, not be able to sacrifice themselves for others selfless person. With today Once upon a power station was on top of the world's Li Han, but instead to unite themselves and Xu Yuan, Xian Qi survival depends destroy him, really is a weird thing. Some distant sound came, off the crowd began tentatively be mingle into the ruins of the arena, Xu Yuan Du wind turned back and said: 'In tomorrow's ceremony, you will certainly use horsepower tie cents, fortunately It is in the world, the role will be greatly reduced cents, success plan ahead so you just shot down with horsepower tie, or even the shots are not horsepower tie was dying. ' Du wind indifferent said: 'This is not your concern.' Xu Yuan leisurely said: 'After the messenger cents cents fully open, horsepower tie strength is certainly not beneath you and I, you and I deal with each one of Thor, who has the ability to simultaneously