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pat chaotic, ups outside look, see Castle Tian tree overboard like flying in general stepped back, knowing that the wind, exceedingly happy . Reed village also woke up with times, call the servants entrance to a question, the ship passed Zhang Ting, separated by more than 30 years Lanxi only water-way, do the same big head wind, the evening before the scheduled undoubtedly be rushed. After washing clothes, and Yu wife will also come from the rear cabin, said: 'According to the images as if Xu arrived at the beginning of the past, even a false alarm can forgive.' God Bless all said and did not mention. Shun Wang Sheng, China has ordered according Lanzhen said, taught them a speech, in case someone asking. To Lanxi, the genius of the West are, sunset in the mountains, nearly dusk. For the sake of rapid, early life trackers go ashore with the first chair hire porters good, people will start to ship the body. When that happens, watch out view, next to the marina berthing many cargo and passenger ships, sail twitch everywhere, smoke everywhere. Night boat is ready to open the line, there are two kind enough to ship after Guan Chuan, along with parking both are some positive business passengers. Miscellaneous goods shore home, selling candy peanut snacks burden columns along the word open, the call he sold, and the people on the boat landing and down the loud sound of the corresponding human language noise, see a little abnormal. Su Weng divination because as God, finally pregnant wary, after the names scheduled to act. Shun Min Wang Yuling couple liters and a maid accompanying companions, force said:. 'Do not have, like most non-peer-peer, and then take the single best' Shun polite people do not know the couple, the moment people shun couple reed village along with the maid and other Zuojiao first. Wang Sheng Deng valet charge baggage affair, along with the people to shun away Qi Zhou Yu Wei Liao Hung village of residence and walked. Lan Zhen Zhang Xu from the crowd, followed up the rear. Lanxi, Jinhua very close, your brother Willy ' Bashan will look doomed plane, his mind seemed to answer, nodded and said:.' Little brother, you guess Yes, but I'm with high Laoer things, two best not to interfere, 'Bashan Interface:.'! Among the large crowd, why disturb your guanjia, when making male came, we all look good. 'Xuanwu legislation to sublime said: 'Lao Gao, we went to go outside.' 'Senju Ghosts' sublime sneered: '! I fear you when you fail, go' behind the audience suddenly someone stepped channel: 'You two are not allowed leave, and then follow them when the old lady go 'sound like from all sides issued, but do not know people there, Xuanwu of dry, loudly:.'? Who is such a great tone out of the whole being counted, 'the entire backyard people feel strange everyone's eyes search around, I did not know who to speak out in the end.Xuanwu then just export, day and suddenly flying a little shadow! Followed by 'cracking' sound, actually inserted in the side of the Rainbow flags on the slate.Obviously there are a lot of viewers around the martial arts arena, we saw, also issued horror shouting: '! Seven Fiends' It's a little flags now, Bu Wei shocked Xuanwu and sublime, is the 'old man hidden Yumen 'Were generation and' yunling Hawker 'left the group also show intense feelings.Although Xuanwu people arrogant, but very Shigeyoshi little beggar, though he heard the tone is different, but how he does not believe it. Sublime is different, he knows there is little beggar behind Warren.Coming out of the city when two. 'Cloud neutron see Babel rude not to pursue their own hearts happy. And after listening to Babel's remarks Caiming why he and others want to stay in Tianzhu Mountain. Although time is short, but obviously their own Daoxing and improve the feel of magic. 'You're not there to wait on you Shishu, how to I here?' Tongtianjiaozhu asked. , Neutron cloud rushed Kuangyin handwritten taken out, delivery and Tongtianjiaozhu: 'The disciples of orders from Red Cloud Shishu help resist land pressure Taoist Sung Wong did not expect time, dart hair too fast, the enemy received in the past, on the potential upside down and beat, never too late, took up not only two dart, still not far beneath wait, that is not good to see, to rush to the vertical over the fight, and just like to make your own hands can not slow recurrence shader. Body with shaders are now ready, the same distance, bayan that hair. Still far apart as three dozen pieces of hidden weapon, Pente hands together and back squarely in the sights; Should approaching, when the enemy with his knees - lift, triangular top five nails are playing vital, even hide hide no law, crack shot , no more spared. Original situation was extremely rapid, almost all at the same time. It has not yet landed next fall after Zhang Sheng, Zhang Kang has since issued a hidden weapon. At this situation extremely dangerous side! Jiang Ming, although a lot to know his body hidden weapon possession, loyal mindful of his hands, knees can be issued to a hidden weapon has not been proof. PAA slight negligence, only to be hit and other key features, the sight of blood would have no physiological. Five have saved the final count, different masters to teach in the end, from the self-study martial arts, it is not to beat the opposition, the first anti-yourself, the more favorable the more tightly wins preparedness. Especially the enemy unexpectedly sudden, jump to attack from a distance, as usual, to the defensive to the offensive, Hengdao first three-way protection on the move in the set move, quite a number of changes in non-Quzhun spared no enemy square, sword Libi, Never jump hair, so as not to bite in case of desperate opponents, to exclude a death while under fierce trick and has been hard, lived and results of the enemy, he is not wounded or dead. This is a virtual style that knife, sharp-eyed and they account for a little cheaper; also be in possession of a very clever way, knowing that the enemy must take good dart, not hit, intentionally starting a dart out, riding the enemy dart lift access Hand on the