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in the past. God left mine in the supernatant sell out, the endless rumble, have toward Guanyin Venerable fight over. Within the range of around a hundred miles, full of supernatant God of Thunder, whom heaven and earth color. Suddenly the Qingping sword out of thin air to give birth to a purple lotus land, putting on the hood down. Guanyin seeing His Holiness, suddenly laughed and said:. 'Although your fellow Saints cut sects teach the first person, but in the end is a heterogeneous origin, its Daoxing not home' Then I saw the back of the head to give birth to round gold come. Immeasurable merit heaven shine. Among gold, there is an incarnation. Students face as Fu powder, three and six arms. Two heads Satomi fire flame dragon; inner ears blossoming Liansheng Jin Rui Cai. Zuta gold, Ai Ai clouds ten million; hands care pestle, towering Purple Toru Xiao Qing. Jingping in hand, Guangcan cents; there Bling rising on willow. Holiness is the incarnation of Guanyin Taoist Chi Hong. Taoist Chi Hong jump down from the golden light, holding a sword, on the Ni Wan Qing Dunsheng with Golden fell to the ground, relic element of light, golden light shining brilliance Bayeux, but also cover your whole body, taking the first step to give birth to two flower Lotus, the supernatant God of Thunder While rolling down, but can not hurt Cihhang Taoist nothing. His hands are moving again and again, looking air a Caesar, but it is supernatural Wu Lei Yu Xu Fa, Five Elements Five air fleet gathered, endless, endless thunder, will not when the Virgin around the middle, good burst tear kill. Venerable Guanyin,Senju appearance also emerged, hands clinging all kinds of magic, such as the execution scheduled wreaths canopy, flower pot guts, blessing God pestle, Po filing, golden bell, gold bow, silver halberd, streamers, flags and other treasures, All these are God read with the beliefs of, extremely marvelous, shining brilliance of various appearance, have no when the Virgin towards smashed over. 'Brother!' Sky fairy seeing a hint as if the chain lightning through his body, Du wind felt this specific mine, it seems they have a special binding. That power has some relevance. Violet Ray final nine style type - Tiandaleipi Tu real dragon, precisely to deal with all immortal, God in heaven, heaven transcend human princess in the world these things, as a robbery star Du wind was among them. Lightning suddenly closed the coffin lidOn the lid carved Nabing Dragon sword was also a lightning of forming alignment DU head wind, King thundered: 'rob star, died in the sword of the King, you should be satisfied.' Du cold wind tunnel: 'I am not a robbery star, numerology things between heaven and earth are established, have nothing to do with me, I would end extradition Du wind.' Xiang Yu loudly: 'The King really wanted to see what you have the ability to overthrow the Emperor, but unfortunately you do not have a chance.' Ray Dragon knife down to Du head wind, in this case, a hand into the light curtain from the lightning outside, the wind caught the Du arm like sparkling blue jade, extradition will Morohito finally found Du wind, strong wind power into the Du body. Du wind brow of a move. Hands to the sky. He ground forces have several times greater than earlier, the sky suddenly burst of vibration, thirteen stars shine robbery occurred mutation, originally dim light, then suddenly had a dim light up, thirteen stars without head and tail Xiangxian stop moving, became an endless loop. Sky chaos. Du wind forces are disrupting the heavens. Star light Zhitou into the ground. Du wind formed a protective aura around wildly aperture, King create coffin mines can not be surrounded by Iris prop. There is also a lightning cast into grasping mine to the sky in light industry, the Tulong Dao Du wind suddenly Pila middle body, there's no cause little damage. King shouted: 'brats, you actually line Guards!' A pair of lightning cast hand still at the mercy of the stars of heaven, robbery Star fate Du wind is temporarily mask. Tiandaleipi Tu real dragon