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, swayed sun, a piece of magic into squirrelfish, scattered move endlessly. Underwater fish, between countable, dial head off the tail, near the boat and laugh. Chuanniang both sides, sculls rocked the boat off, the lake incense pale stucco enmeshed group Pan smoke fog on the lake, with a circle of water swirling, from small and large, spread to swing. Looking to protect pepper, two Pei Lei Feng, opposite stands on hills shines among the Yao gold floating roof, peeling tiles reflect on. Residual bell tower angle, wind micro Akira, when making dumb loud, dignified and serene, old-fashioned Cang ran. Lakeside mountains, trolling purple Ying Qing Lan light desire to live. Hudi vegetation, litter yet, but very few flowers flush, Maple Leaf has been Dan. Yandi look in the past, Cuiye bamboo line where mangrove embellished when thirty-five, the road is in full bloom Chrysanthemum autumn flower Fan Yan, Chen De Autumn very bright. Shun the people want, although West is a burn trouble spots, although lakeside traveling, visitors flock lake boats complains, between woven by these mountain light color, Guta autumn Yung an embellishment, knowing people outside the meantime, the same can calmly enjoy , wander off. In turn feel the quiet downtown do not have good fun, even these visitors traveling, boats complains, like all small it can not really tell what reason. Regular meditation room, Suddenly reed village laughed: 'Buddy Taiwan, what thoughts you want us to sit down, okay brother pavilion Mrs. Santanyinyue want, I say again, etc. In fact, the people of the month titular King??. , not a day more spectacle, which also turn a bit more is better Pinghuqiuyue fun of it. ' This behavior of the wife Min Shun lake's Hope, nothing can not, replied: 'Big Brother Xiao Yu Shan do have non-overnight although Jiuyou of the brother, not to many years, face vaguely, roads All Africa, which like. You're wise old birds, nature dictated, Hugh to ask, but I see this Autumn Qingming outing than blindly - Yan also interesting, and sometimes which can be borrowed from the heavens San Fernando supernatural supernatural powers, such as the above praise Tathagata, you can borrow the Tathagata supernatural, into five Yamashina, the security itself. Repentance karma is able to trace borrowed escorts Taoist deities, although only a trace, but enough of the enemy. Amitabha escorts Taoist soul what a huge hint of the concept of God is sufficient to introduce the illusion of being able to be both, can not have the slightest sense of resistance. 'Rejoice merit.' Fugen Venerable face is a trace of mercy color. Kingland merit pearls shine behind, all of a sudden the sky Golden chaos fall, the ground filled with countless lotus, sandalwood attack, the mixing of the gas filled the entire sky River, the golden light of the Virgin and the spirit which include tooth fairy. They face suddenly a trace sinkOld hand and said: 'The elderly, I know you're old origins, my name Baili Chao.'An elderly voice laughed: 'We can just simply, we do not have to introduce is not it, ha ha ......'Qingyi Ren is no doubt that the emperor, of course, is Xulao old generals, they actually very happy to see you, Qingyi Ren laughed: '! Fool, do not introduce your companion.'Then he heard nine prince will we stand with the past, Baili Chao hee hee laughs:. 'Press arena rules, let nephew slowly introduce'He began to show Yunhe means: 'This is the martial arts called 'Yellow Dragon' exhibition Yunhe, the second is the 'Yangtze River Dragon' wide-Venant, the following is the nephew Yidi Bashan and inclusive!'Qingyi Ren haha ​​laughed: 'The first two are known Chuanbang hero, is the arena trouble after two little trick, OK, is a good man.'Zhang Yi and four at the same place, in unison: '! Uncle good'Qingyi Ren haha ​​laughed: 'Probably you know, well, you go with me to tour the Mountain!'He said nine Mangxiang Prince said:. 'Nine children, you just go to the election with Du horses a good horse, but do not disturb the sitting city hall, and had breakfast on the left.'Nine sound such a person? 'Dark valiant young said: 'Sir, you are not the main hall square, also unknown to each other, advise you better not meddle manifold others, for others a dare.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Your Excellency words ......'Dark valiant young said: 'Sir, I dun party only to find the main hall, do not want to add the holidays with others.'Yanmu Fei said: 'I said, taking a trip to the main hall of the party.'Dark valiant young said: 'I believe that to be difficult, let me go in and see!'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'Your Excellency house late at night to break into people, and hand-held weapon, I can not let you!'Dark valiant young said: 'Sir, I have repeatedly put up.'Valiant young man with dark eyebrows steep Young, said: 'Sir, you let me patience!'Lueqi long body, air Zhenwan sword, rushed over power in general.That issue Qingchi five or six shadow on the wall, we should move.Yan Mufei bade said: 'None of you do, please temporarily sidelined!'Meal laughed: 'Sir, please watch your hands a weapon!'Dark valiant young exclamation, turning down the radio retire, landing Zhengzhu, Yandeng greatly, his mouth half open, not say anything.Yan Mufei a Douwan, Jianhua nine now in Janus, then said: 'The sword is the sword of the good, but unfortunately people make sword skill is still a bit weak ......'Dark valiant young shocked and awake, Li He said: 'Shut up, sir Who, How can we allow you sarcastic mockery ......'For dark valiant young sideways move, but did not move stopped, said: '! Master I can kill not be humiliated, you better kill me.'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'Use your sword to kill you, What in my eyes, you are a bit too young?.'Dark storm valiant young body trembling, said: 'Tolerance grief, suppressed hatred for many years, only when overwhelmed arts success, a blood debt to be reclaimed, but unexpectedly wasted effort, thought to empty, bitter find not met, this shame This insult made me harder and harder. Worth mentioning, Zhuge side you wait for me a few years! 'Turned around to go! Busy Yanmu Fei Yang Chen He: '