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began to Du, Du wind always with a sort of indifference, no matter where they can make people coming out of himself pleasantly surprised at DU before the wind like an ordinary rock like no attention. The indifference of the ancient Wu Yang Ying seems that only the eyes of a man, she could not help pointing to his chest sneered:. 'There, you stole the hearts Kyi day, the day of resurrection Ji Hyun is put to you.' Du emerging wind eyes glowing bright trace, then without a word, walked away. Guang watching his back sigh: 'The Little Princess ......' Liu Ji leisurely day and said: 'I did not lie to him, Lee, is how you should come, each mysterious device, means great sacrifices, I gifts to others.' She places a mischievous laugh: 'Mystery is the heaven of the princess to life with my power, perhaps this breach of the resurrection of the drug world Tsunatsune things, if he does not steal the hearts of days Ji, Ji day again. how stupid enough to sacrifice himself turned into a mysterious device, to revive his wife, but every word is the truth Kyi day, hee hee. ' Guang sighed, in the second day of heavy seal enchantment, including thirteen of God and the power of the Emperor of all the congregation of the seal powerless. And finally had to use extraordinary measures, numerous houses of princess to sacrifice their lives, into the impact of different properties of the mysterious device seals, after a failure into a seed. Hidden in the houses of the most precious little princess body. Since the creation of the heavens, hundreds princess gave birth to the tree of life, in addition has not been enclosed in a second day of heavy willow butterfly world, finally leaving Liu Ji day one. If it is not met Zongda. Liu Guang and day out Kyi accidentally blocked the second heaven, this sad fate will befall road someday this little princess who loved most. Guang burly body actually began trembling, suddenly said:. 'Little princess, the wife can ask you a question.' Liu Ji leisurely day and said:. 'Can you call me Lee Ji-day. concerned, two modest retreat politely refused by Cai, Takahiro spent two masters, to go with the Lord of the dependable if patron Yaoseng diabolism same judge who in the middle of the theme, so I did not go to the main stage. Initially all the rivers and lakes in the older hero itself, as usual, without even opening the players, you see each other appearances are never seen unheard unknown junior, is the hand to that victory, not glamorous. First there are two factions in the Bank's human side to compete with it, underestimate the enemy arrogant, do-side. Both sides see the heir to the big three are not weak, but also said that with the support of the winning monster serpent, not very real skill. Until Zou Hong, Van significantly, Bian Jiang Ming Moye and progenitor Cunzhou two children, has spot victory, this aspect of these nameless see Xing party has an amazing ability whole younger generation, it is a worth one, they played their own nor must prevail, much Haiyi. Cai party already connectedDefeated three times, led by owner Hugh said, they own the surface does not look good outside the off phase, you see everyone grief party Cai Cai tortoise skinned livid with anger, his eyes seem to be Mao Chuhuo come, do not go out. People like conceited, that their years of Wal teleseismic, skills, high strength, very few rivals met, according to the enemy situation, although difficult period of their win, not to make a big result at most, will not defeat reason. This gang of robbers Greenwood, rivers and lakes old thief, still do not know Cai tortoise old eyes no flowers, from the second game will be seen by a pair Fang Taijiang, unless the Lord will feijian main stage magic magician played, the old gang back Dongtai this figure up , the same as it is difficult to seek justice, in order to spare the reputation of the group for many years, once in danger of losing their fear of the unknown hands of the younger generation, he has also eager to take revenge, hate someone immediately release feijian will cut completely rising, Du wind burst open more than a hundred meters away. Scarface's body back to normal by gaseous, whirring gasping, face increasingly grim. Du wind finally into his body gas, the power of the weak was unimaginable, Scarface This found that he was just being infuriating already depleted Du wind, like a dog rush to catch dozens of laps, Du wind Just left infuriating, not even a three-star small flames are no match. Du wind also stabilize the figure hundred meters away, his body did not fire, just steaming the entire right arm, apparently burns intense heat wave. Sin fire to the body, no longer had extinguished. Fortunately, at the last moment, Du wind transports enough body strength with a large open hand monument pixiang air waves, surging underlying strength after two contact immediately create a strong explosion. Extinguishing Principle, which already has a fire explosion, namely the use of certain chemical reaction bombs, the flame reached the UHP automatic explosion, caused by an explosive blast fire. Du wind this principle used in the fighting, explosions create fairy fire blast, anti-wind body cents to Du fire extinguished. The ancient martial art of 'to Peter's Road, also applied Bishen' the truth is its head Du wind. Scarface fiercely spit saliva, grinning: '!! You go to hell his X's to die.' His face resumed overbearing demeanor, who intends to release all the five-star Xian Qi, the ground shook the dust danced around the object coefficient swallowed. Scarface curse: 'See you this is a five-star Xian Qi power, you dare contradict this overconfident fairy stuff, I want you dead than alive?!' Du wind tunnel deadpan: 'Death is you.' Voice hardly ever, Scarface mouth sudden puff to puff Xue Jian. Then from the right shoulder to the left knee, Grande Punto Grande Punto blood like a fountain marked. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Recommend books ah, ISBN 1002230 'rogue princes' Masked girl as clear lake-like eyes always watching the war, chaos in