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Hadera front alert immediately, rapid back a few tens of meters. Hadera horde pace at the moment, he could feel the armed vindictive than interest in his forehead gently rub a bit. Hadera relieved, Xu Yuan was down about it, it really is out of disguise. The presence of ancient weapons, their combat effectiveness is definitely the weakest one, but also the most cautious of the most cunning. Hadera could not help but secretly glad that but for his quick return, Xu Yuan had already been shot ripped through his forehead. Korean prison and thunder are looked at with trembling Hadera, Hadera surprised and said: 'What? You see.' This phrase stuck in his throat, had become the life of ancient weapons soaring last half of the sentence. Occult Blood spatter, there has been a deep forehead Hadera blood hole, sky stumble to the ground. Xu Yuan has proudly stood up, armed grudge become leaden entity, enveloped in the same side as the fortress Xu Yuan in leaden armed grudge outer layer also shines constantly enlivened strange infuriating, Kazakhstan Della is in addition to tens of meters by this infuriating brush his forehead, killed on the spot. That is far from the cocoon to promise to bring new infuriating, Wu spy vindictiveness. If say a bomb armed vindictive, vindictive spy Wu is a sniper rifle to Xu Yuan's body as the center, within a radius of a certain range of body weeks infuriating super power diminishedBlow gun! Even in the tens of meters outside the power of being vindictive spy Wu slightly whisk and forehead, and the end is also close to focus without distinction. Korean prison a little hesitation, Xu Yuan gave up and turned quickly toward Du wind Meanwhile, the wind has been hacked Du retreat Tianshu fairy has once again rushed to the exhumation Du wind, the wind can not defense Du, is their most Good fish targets. They rushed to the wind in front of Du Du wind quickly swarmed the body had been wrapped in blue Xian Qi, Xian Qi bloodthirsty native body were a step ahead. However, Xian Qi blue tooth observed, but a fight, still find it difficult to cope. This is not only due to the gain of the Tianshan sword has changed, and the silt Tang Xiaolan with polished internal strength to Win friends this protean fencing, every unusual Meiyi Zhao Jian Zhao, power is also surprisingly large, Meng Shentong ready for that coverBarely parry, how can he talk about crack. Chi Chi battle but deaf to hear loud, Meng Shentong gown also wore a few, according to the sword in the shoulder again, but fortunately he was well prepared, knowing the aversion, the day Romania footwork, but also with was superb, just a flesh suffered minor injuries, as soon flashed. Meng Shentong excited and nervous and anxious, and thought: 'So fight it, I could only parry the effort, eventually to be mourning under his blade.' Born evil spin to Zhang Li Shan Pai, a little soup open Xiao Tang sword bar, swift as lightning before the body Qi Jin, Zheng Zheng, Zheng: another bomb on the hilt of his three times! The recruit was extremely dangerous, the whole passing Jianguang, Meng Shentong hair to cut away a large, almost become bald! Yang symbol and red are left speechless startle call, prosperous and just when the two sides battle, the sword Tang Xiao Meng Shentong bar has had to bomb in four or five times, but each has a little bit of time interval, despite the overcast Momen cold evil attack, with Tang Xiaolan internal forces, still feel numb wrist micro levy failure. Fortune said, that moment, Ji Zhang Meng Shentong arms, flapping earth and easy to make, Sheng Tang Xiaolan:!! 'Well I will try to Shura your hidden evil power to get rid of it Longjian withdrawal, a silver, straight up to the crowd side since the horror, but hear, 'Peng, Peng! 'Rain, they have four palm intersection, stick together. Each upright disciples see Tang Xiaolan sword sell, eclipsed all the same care. Little do they know themselves but Ye Jian Tang Xiaolan, intentional and his internal strength of the competition. To know he's constantly being Momen chill evil attacks, Zhen Fang westerly see off the larger body more up, and quickly told Road. Town demon but Guiwu origin, body if nothing is not an entity, along with flesh-eating demon, seeing across a monster, how happy, a big mouth, it will fold westerly swallowed belly. Zhen Fang rushed inside the pagoda. Sure enough, less than a moment, to see the town in the hands of the demon tower while the riots, Zhen Fang means if it is superb, the prototype demon tower town is a small Japanese village is the Lian Yao Dao, probably would have already bombed the town of demon tower pieces. Zhen Fang This virtual breath, can almost finished fried town demon tower, I am afraid this can also be able to get hold of mudslides Qingliangshan come. 'See under lord.' Loud shout, the Zhen Fang woke up, surprised to find himself in front of the clouds floated a cloud head thanks to countless soldiers. There helmeted, there is keep braids, but also with short hair, a variety, about tens of thousands of people. 'Haier is where the ghost? Why not join to the government among this wandering?' Zhen Fang naturally see clearly, these are the soul of the military component by countless ghost army. 'There are six places among the government, the admission of ghosts, do not accept Haier, who also received?' Zhen Fang short laugh. Zhen Fang nodded and said: 'So, uh, so, not the Asura Haier Road, but can not stay in the human, mortal fear frightened, so be it Pindao have a baby, call the town demon tower, O! The second layer can enter the tower, on the one hand spare time I listen to the sermon, on the other hand, when I need to, you can come out to help me resist the enemy, do you think? 'soul of a good thing but, disrespectful Heaven , disrespectful spirits of allegiance to the people loyal to a murderous even more sharply, according to legend white from the Qin Dynasty general who trained generals killed grid heavenly days, showing the military spirit if used properly, can be comparable to a fine of magic. But the soul of the military who had folded