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mushroom-shaped granite. Seal engraved on the front body 'Chi' word, east embedded 'music industry people Jiu map' for Dongyi tribal legend Chi Jiuli people. MapThe more fully reflect the ancestors hunting and fishing, farming, smelting, primitive life scenes to make fire. Chi is the life of the back on the classical essays. The upper end of the base of the stand with a large statue of Chi, about three meters high, angular face, Muguangruju, look into the distance, deep fortitude revealed thick, seems intimate knowledge, there is also deemed a thousand words. Also deemed unyielding. Statue surrounded by lawns planted with stone lawn within a few blocks, each of them with the life of the legendary Chi named data, lettering on the stone implication meaningful, thought-provoking. 'Ares Stone' lettering: 'Star Chi Division soldiers, the emperor, Han emperor who must sacrifice of sending troops.' 'Heaven Stone' lettering: 'behavioral adaptation to nature, in line with the people of virtue, that of Heaven.', 'Rain Stone 'lettering:' Summer rain, which God Chi, Secretary farming, cure epidemics, supporting this stone Chi blessed ', etc. look. Strong good elders and the elders knelt beneath the stairs, on the front Jian made of steel, but stood a head pearls, a pair of arms and legs, under the silvery moonlight, flashing strangely brilliant. 'Good witch clan elders disciple strong following, worship big witch Chi! .......' Formal and solemn ceremony, as if a mysterious energy flow between heaven and earth, of a sudden, the original silver moonlight presented to a bleeding red, as if is stained with the blood of the same, and on this point also remains Chi Jian to blood red flashing light. An evil spirits straight Sky, the sky dyed red. Good seeing strong elders, face while Koki, mouth emitting a blood come, Xue Wu Chi sprinkled over the body, followed by Royal River Presbyterian, Presbyterian ... Xuanming. Twelve have ancestral blood witch 12th mouth elders have to spray Xue Wu, Chi spilled over the remains of a powerful, actually inadvertently destroyed each other's attack, extremely light-hearted, and no little suspense. 'Haha, Zhen Fang live. Do not blame Venezuela uninvited Come!' A voice before the arrival of the fleet a radius of a few meters huge golden bat falling from the sky, into a handsome young man. This person is the Prince family kinship Rhodes Rhodes Rilla. Zhen Fang awaiting answer, countless air and falling figure, wings, or purple, or silver, or black, or gray, dense mass of a large group, like the Rhodes family moved empty. 'His Royal Highness Prince if not years, Zhen Fang happen to see me three clear founder of.' Zhen Fang joked. 'Fang, we come later it! By the way, forgot to tell you, that is called Oriental Palace Ms girl, already safe arrival.' Under public places, Hayne dare shout down for Master Zhen Fang. 'Thank you.' Zhen Fang nodded. 'Damn dark creatures!' Ares said angry. 'Oh, time to go. Damn, next time find you afterwards.' Then the sky flashed a white light beam, Lancelot stature micro Akira, resumed his eyes clear and bright. Seeing the dense mass, but to spare his men first warrior King Arthur, also surprised. Ares did not expect to call itself, actually led to the arrival of kinship. ? 'Lancelot' Rhodes Rilla mouth hint of grinning, said: 'You kill a lot of blood, but sin compatriots, today King Arthur would you ...... Hey!?' Red eyes look to the northwest. Zhen Fang northwest direction at this time there is an awe-inspiring sense of holy power quickly flying. Getting Rilla words, but know that the patron saint of King Arthur went to the British Empire, the hearts really surprised. 'Rod Rilla, Hugh hurt my knights!' Sound if the vast, surging feel, even the air shook up, visiblePressure over toward the crowd, a group of Light, if the bright light, bright galaxy, extremely bright, misty fog among the rising sun never sets. Light across the sky, shining fog, seeing some of the weak blood group, have issued the sound of a scream, as if the body was shot numerous bloody holes