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as God of War ' 'This ......' high sense shocked. 'Yes.' Skinny old man Leng Heng said: 'But those differences can be charged with ancestral witch blood, after waking up, known as the Witch Witch points, to witch, witch days, big witch, witch ancestors rather than a few so-called. What level come. For example, the old days, but the good witch strong next stage. Although we can not reclamation, but between their hands to destroy a city or can. ' 'In ancient times, Pangu, a gasification three clear, blood divided into twelve, collectively known as the twelve ancestral witch,And because Ares punishment day magical wand, also known as the thirteen ancestral witch. 'A kindly old lady face, it Houtu elders.' In addition to Wu, there are demons, there are some immortal ilk. Lich ancient irreconcilable. ' 'I dare Houtu elders met his disciples that good fortune is what real identity?' Gao Xin Yi Fu Wen ancient secret hearts of surprise, they think of the mysterious clouds, by asked. 'That's good fortune can live clouds, cloud body into a white, but human right way, must have been a god of his ilk.' A metal-like sound up, but it is a disgrace to speak income. 'Yes.' Sentence Mans took the words of the elders said: 'Today on the planet, no one has been able to become an immortal, and can only be called an expert Yu comprehension using a variety of magic, such as Shushan Yu Jian flight is an example. the so-called group of day. gods Foundation, hehe.'ve matriculation five hundred years. 'sentence Mans speech appear vaguely audible acoustic irony. 'That really is the real god of good fortune, rather than comprehension?' A cold voice said in the side. It is well known as a wise man in the ancestral witch candle jiuyin hands from time to time playing with one of exquisite pagoda, it Suolong tower. 'Since Bowen Bong emperor of life, cut the Dragon world, not only the loss of people between the aura, but also destroyed the door on the day-dimensional circles. Human aura loss, so that the slow progress of comprehension whole thing did not sewIf necessary, recommend to the self-generation! 'Qiong Yao Yuwen nodded: 'I understand, but there he mention it to you?'Wu Yunshan said: 'mentioned a moment, he and his very Taoism, refused to accept for a moment, I think you'd use the opportunity to create the facts and then slowly explain ......'Qiong Yao Yuwen little worried authentic: 'I'm afraid self-defeating, strained how to do?'Wu Yunshan also attached to her ear, a machine should be granted.Wu Yunshan laughed: 'I had a good job for you, in your saddle, the vial is a ruby, each with two pellets is enough, you can not use excessive!'Qiong Yao Yuwen dedication to her hand, kissed on the lips could not help but said: 'Shan percent, very kind of you, I was worried that some girl how to force them to pass away, they are not willing for leave them, I am afraid he does not agree to delay them, I too harsh, you really helped me a great favor, and I thank you for them ...... 'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'Do not nauseating, and I also have photos of this, if I do not find a few helpers, too much for myself, who told us all fall in love with a bull it!'Qiong Yao Yuwen laughed a moment before reluctantly bid farewell to them, Wu Yunshan arrangements have already been made, did not take long, a large number of people meandering south. ranks with Yuwen Qiong Yao Yuan also impressively account, wait until after a woods, she prepared two substitute was there! Clever for the people, Qiong Yao Yuan and Owen had left, with the application of green shadow thing, right at the end of the woods waiting to pick Road West. Yuan Qiong Yao's eyes moistened see Owen, could not help but ask: '? What you're sad.'Qiong Yao Yuwen choked authentic: 'I was reluctant sister Alexandra, she is a very great woman!'Yu Shi Yuan laughed: 'You are not the most taboo before her do?'Yuwen blushing Qiong Yao said: 'That I was too naive, and now I respect her more than anyone else, Yu Xiang Gong ...... if someone hurt her a hair, I will cut to one thousand of his segment ......'