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delighted. Because they have to test to see Jiang Ming Liu, at the time he did not say so on. Linger in Tianmen island some day, over and over again people say that there is a surname Jiang Lan Zhen Yi percent, pinion age weak, Bong mother Riverside, now housed Lanzhen her husband. Asked the mother and daughter looked fine age, made a sudden think of the issue, the moment the old folk do, go Yongkang Interrupted, children who meet handy so Jiang Ming, indicating antecedent, Hyosung coincidence, that the origins of the young girl and her daughter and other stone, the enemy has this good children good female fetish hardly ever prefer hatred hand, then reconsidered and Hyosung, must take into account the gem in the mountains, on behalf of the casting tool, and Xie Fan autumn Ecuador. Jiang Ming Hei Mole only heard this, overjoyed, do not know the ins and outs of a deliberately put on his head the same line, we have to go a long time ago. Although the beginning of the Hyosung material Heimo Le calf child afraid of the tiger, it is inevitable no trouble dot pattern, but can not think would be so reckless, goes as far as the gates to worship the teacher tease the whole day, if not Geying cantankerous, period Love too, almost did not put a little life given away. That the time is premature, but also added a lot to meet friends that night to go a step further and found the Heimo Le bet when completed, Fanqiu Gang Gang bloom Temples. Hyosung know Geying very spiritual eyes and ears, and Tao Yuan their own leisure skills, stealth spy beside him, although aware Buzhi Yu, Jiang Ming, after all, the skill is still shallow, not uphill before, then ordered the temple to wait around. Be secretive asked deeds, whether even met people, and not frivolous. If not obeyed, it would be forever in the mountains, not allowed to go out to walk around the. Jiang Ming Jinmiao time, coincided with the fall of the vertical Fan people, because it is naturally frank, did not like Heimo Le tube head,Outside the course of time, indulgence suddenly stopped and said:Pinseng give you a word, when exposed to light and into the back every cloud. 'National Division King Buddha heard a burst of confusion in the eyes, but did not dare to ask, had quit dancing Pure Leiyin Si, while behind him, but still sounded tone bursts of Buddha. The road is full of words. The time when the Huaihe River flood in southeastern Mengqiu season, Dongsheng Divine almost become a flood plain. After Emperor Chai decree to Kaifeng city, life is defined as soothe Ambassador Zhao Kuang, Tournament Huaihe River. Kuangyin brothers now though long-standing heart, but now the right time, although they knew that the emperor wanted to take the opportunity to eradicate Sejong Zhao brothers, but not without Zunzhi line. Kuangyin brothers seeing, knowing Zhen Fang They have to already know what is going on, and there is calculated, the moment the hearts of joy, Zao quickly pulled into the main hall, fruit square Chen smiling. They hastened to worship: 'The disciples saw the teacher.' Zhen Fang nodded and said: 'I know you two had come, at this time a great relationship, and that is not actually what the Huaihe River flood flooding, but in fact an ancient water this ape ape doing nothing but strange ancient enlightenment. Ming Huan Wu Zhiqi, magical wand, when Yu's already attained. Although the year was suppressed, but this demon water and health, a blessing is as simple as can be terrible repression. What's more, hundreds of millions of years, changing, then a strong ban will also be consumed by the time the matter has been a long time in the past, presumably supernatural power of those who have forgotten a lot of it, therefore, the Huaihe River flood, this monster just out to make trouble, but also a a great calamity. ' Zhao Yi heard that Peter, the Huaihe really big fruit monster rebellion, even more important is that when the water ape actually had attained at Yu's mind is fear, in the end is mortal, even on weekdays practice supernatural good fortune, Its heart is not strong, bound of a sweep through the Temple ban, emerged to look upon a time come. But it is a mountain. Wudang Mountain, Wudang Mountain is not really original here, but called Wolf Mountain, since two thousand years ago here Zhenwu once preached here, it was named the Wudang Mountain. Pinnacle pine mountains, quiet secluded mountain, Reiki extremely rich, here is Zhenwu door of the residence, Zhenwu disciple human world are generally soaring this, but unfortunately, two thousand years, and no one here Zhenwu sects. This day, all of a sudden bounce Wudang mountain suddenly came a handsome girl, his eyes like a Wang Qingquan, laughing as a pair of crescent moon, pink face like a small dimple. If Zhen Fang In this case, this woman is bound to recognize alumni Crescent year, do not know when to worship Wudang into sects, became two thousand years, the first disciple of Wudang Ha Ha soaring. But, today, the general look and then, without any changes. 'Do not know Zhen Fang brother and sister where Secretary Snow, I heard them years ago soaring. Once upon a really great oh!' Crescent Moon eyes reveal a trace of confusion. 'This is the Wudang, but why such a break too! Is my family patriarchOnce upon having failed. ' 'Crescent Moon disciple soaring far. Come to report.' Crescent Moon shook his head, even if it is dilapidated door division, Crescent Moon will not mind, respectfully toward the incense to worship the statue road. That tightly pegged to the statue in front of the Crescent Moon, and the hearts of extreme loss. Wudang a huge number of years, no one soaring, while they actually become since Wudang mountains, soaring second person, simply no one to guide, but the mountains of books flying through the rise here, never Unexpectedly, this place actually has become a barren hill. Although there are really like Valkyrie, but Zhenwu door but no disciple sits where, and how to make people understand. 'Meet the Ancestors.' Crescent Moon seeing. I do not know how. This is a significant Zhenwu St., quickly worship