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dissipated, a large purple hand suddenly shot down, hit land pressure in the body baizhang open space above the front, but I heard a big sound, like thunder hit on the forehead, and the destruction of the planet like a surge of smoke dissipated over the place showing a palm-sized black hole, the black smoke and the sky play. 'The power of the law!' Startled land pressure, when his uncle East Huangtai one, is to rule the chaotic minutes, using the sound of, rule the roost in the three realms, even the saints are careful. Lu also feel pressure to the power of the law, did not think today is the mysterious cloud neutron who has felt the power of the law of land. 'Daoxiong really knowledgeable, Pindao by fellow Red Cloud Shishu attunement, only today's achievement.' Mysterious Grand Master Jishou: 'The dark fellow top pressure, fear of evil comes, then the Emperor Chun, donghuang generation can be considered a hero too, as their last one fellow blood, when unauthorized treasure is. Now amulet became, if at the moment of seclusion fellow Wa Palace, still alive. Otherwise the time is too late to regret. Providence knives, whom should the list, the list who do not. Heaven Catholic, not because you are Yaozu after the Great, not because you have a human Goddess Goddess blessHeaven and earth to escape sanctions. Prince or earlier receded good. ' Lu pressure Heard face became pale, suddenly laughed: When you have people Road 'mysterious all, when you are prehistoric, prehistoric have seen, Lich war, Guaren ask you, when I Fu Huang and East Huangtai an uncle, also is expected to exit the Three Realms Lich when common, and the two will be the meteorite itself, if my uncle had hid Fu Huang and Wa Palace Nvwaniangniang asylum request it? Hey, since they are not Gouqietousheng, land pressure blessing cowardly generation. What's more, but is broken now but Haier Jian Zhen ten only. the overall situation has not been set, Haier is so excited. ' Mysterious Grand Master sighed and said: 'The fellow is but relied nailhead sat down. Xiyi live glanced this villa one. Shook his head and said: 'fellow really is supernatural, I'll wait here, although not the towering gate, but also the small jasper, the most important Reiki is actually as much as I waited for the gate, so I really admire and so ah!' The rest of the crowd smell words, they have nodded. They know where, Zhen Fang villa in order to build a decent, use magical underwater in the Yangtze longchi lead over the lake, do not know how much to spend today only the appearance of jade. After a moment, the Dragon fleet longevity and offer some underwater treasures of fermented rice and fruits. Zhen Fang smiled and said: 'This is a baby Pindao personally get out today, please come to greet you for Daoxiong.!' Then he gave a pearl grapes to eat together. Xi Yi, who looked at the stone table overflowing aura rare fruit, the boss eyes wide open, and looked toward Zhen Fang, see each other look like nothing had happened, it is not sensible to ask about the source of these fruits. As mentioned earlier Zhen Fang personally get out, but no one believed. Reiki can have these rare fruit, a blessing is common place to kind of come out. Qingcheng far more than a millennium heritage and Lung Fu Shan, Xi Yi and Zhang Xian, although not eaten fruit wines, but also know that this thing in front of non-general comparable. If it is somewhat taboo, this rare fruit probably already asked the provenance understand. That no real wind suddenly said: 'Although it is here on earth, no less rich Divine Aura major fairyland, but fellow now only one or two sects is still good, but after a hundred years, but how long have apprentice, you? there disciple. so that it can pass under the road system. At that time did not, how can this place? ' Zhen Fang look for a tight, although his boundless beneficence, just magic to wait until the Divine Dragon together again, day-dimensional reproduction of the door, but also the achievements of Immortality fingertips thing, but that she did not leave the door disciple, people trapped in the future, laughing off a Fiat. The snake did not want to fierce wild nature, the female snake is even worse. Uncles when you go, have repeatedly told. Weekdays fear because you master the magic, but also ordered the man to hell, Sekihisa into practice, in addition to your temple mentoring, nor outsiders, since nothing wantonly its Xiong Wei, you looked as if tame, to listen, and reality unreliable, once wild relapse, can wantonly poison damage. Especially appalling is that all young children come, already say to go to Huangshan. Recently Huangshan, factions Sword and better five previous years, the remnants are slipping through the net Huashan a battle of wits, at loggerheads. I looked up in the air right man for this child, poultry shaped agility are learning, it is a decent entry-fencing initial effort, the use of the sword is the fetish, obviously people are not door, but also with him must have roots. You are like the vertical Snakebite people, different day meet, how to love? It has been a long time I dislike Yao Yi, just for you repeatedly persuade master uncles, pity it after years of listening, the repair is not easy, barely compatible. Repeat this again before learning how to stay? You can not be this exemption, the nerve to intercede with it! Regardless of tolerance now dead slow even for a moment, so I saw you go in front of the master, then the pleasure again. ' Although the snake under the crane claw, eyes looking at the small Nepalese Burnaby, heard as if afraid already has, he kept them whine. Crane called to listen to the snake, meaning like gas, stand to capture the snake's long claws of a bear, the snake would mess the whole body shaking with pain, and looked more and more fear. Donnie first and nuns speak of this with a smile, but also heard something had gone wrong, stand with fear Yung face, mouth, skin fretting, it seems to Gurao, in the presence of outsiders also shy like export. Heimo Le Jiang Ming Tong Hing three, early to listen to the nuns was a decent