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personally arranged a big fuss, no weekdays too pure rune repression, or a defective large array, if familiar with the matrix method of generation, but also to find the death Huiming four-door, So enter them have a chance, but now it is too pure rune with a large array of repression. Six array change freely, in accordance with the changes in the strength of Heaven, non-sage can not understand the truth into which the dead leader even dare claim to find four. Thus Destroys out. However, the world is not always unassailable castle, which is a big fuss, too, since not clever way, the bird can die way. Nether leader Shushan destruction but since we know Heaven set, otherwise it will not easily agree Zhen Fang him. So to make it play a filthy sea of ​​blood to drown Shushan, as long as one hundred years before, a large array of nature can be broken Shushan. By the time it wants and then approached a clean kill. 'Namo Amitabha.' The Buddha suddenly heard from a large array Destroys out, I saw the golden masterpiece on the Shushan. The Buddha-filled, sandalwood ground attack, an enormous breath enveloped the entire Shushan to compassion. I saw a sea of ​​blood surrounds Shushan actually visible to speed slowly melting, standing in a sea of ​​blood among the numerous ethnic minority Asura, as if attracted by what sounds like, have been out of a sea of ​​blood, Shushan in the DPRK fly, no sudden array into dust in two appearances. Be twisted to ashes. And that Buddha sound more powerful. Road merit countless golden shine around. Nether leader seeing his face became pale. In addition to the West actually did not expect two saints and Tathagata outside, actually there are so many people have such merit. Water sea of ​​blood, the Yam to the evil, but the world's most filthy thing, but to just be the story of the Buddha but positive things, especially gold merit, but both of the nether sea of ​​blood allelopathy. This is why both the Buddhist and Western nether sea of ​​blood and death but the offensive magic of their own strength and speed, etc. Xuenv Guiwu. 'Immeasurable revere.' Zhen Fang mouth hint of strange smile. Overhead hoist red exudes a red light, protecting itself firmly in the middle of town right on the demon tower suddenly flying through the air, the tower was the boss mouth, a Wu Guang fall, but it is countless soldiers. Xiangmaotangtang headed by one person, tall, holding a bloody sword in the hands of the DPRK worship Chen said:. 'Under the broken Jun Tongling Bai Yunfei, Meet lord.' Bai Yunfei rejoicing, worship and said: 'Thank you lord under.' He stood up, back the other Chen, shouted:. 'Wind, gale' 'The wind, the wind.' Tens of thousands of soldiers have weapons raised his hands and shouted drink up, although some sword broken, but could not conceal the kind of murderous, a few hundred years ago, or cold weapons, or Poet era is on the battlefield murderous knife to a gun fight. This murderous sometimes even comprehension met all wince. Chongxiao murderous, avoid ghosts. Fuso Shikigami although interest, but in the end few people, face to beat the Guicu, everyone scared heart panic. 'Kill!' Bai Yunfei bloody sword in hand, standing in the middle, surrounded by tens of thousands of former soldiers knife shield, spear in the post, hold the line on both sides of the bow and arrow, along with that step Teng snake killed in the past. Teng snake lunged Guicu looking, his face showing the appearance of hesitation. Bai Yunfei shouted: 'You are where Guicu, actually throw to me presumptuous by go die.!!' Countless Lee shot out, like clouds cover. 'Merit gold, Wan avoid all evil! Break!' Zhen Fang hunkered air, smiling, waved, I saw a colorful fall Guanghua these Guicu body, barely visible rays little. The incompatibility between good and evil, at this moment, actually be able to attach to each other. Originally these Guicu day listening Zhen Fang sermon, though not of the shape, but he is not afraid of a merit golden touches. Thus, those Guicu Weaponry, also contains a hint of golden