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attributed to the Holy temperance, so how private private works!'Duron Holy nodded and said: '! It is also, it made me so, called Qi Chek out even a good fight.'Off Mimi sneered: '? In addition to red and even Qi, Santos would not be the person who sent you something blue Meng decision, even saints did not dare modifiers it?'Duron Holy frowned: 'the United States and the US What do you mean!?'Off the United States and the United States said: 'even the appearance of red to blue Qi Meng mean, Holy pay more of a command, or intact, I naturally suspected to have been subject to the Holy One of his control!'Duron saint smiled: '? You really want to get more, but where they pay attention to'Guan Mei Mei said: 'This is not my idea of ​​a person, since the blue Meng came here, the Holy of his toe, almost in secret by his orders it!'Duron saints towards others look a bit, looked at with suspicion Jiandajiadu himself, apparently is off Mimi moved by words, is laughed: 'I sent a child just because the other side, to the staff of the Palace of disdain to deal with, so it will look not you think so serious! 'Guan Mei Mei said: 'Do not think that this child saint a good deal, as far as I know, his performance at the Emei Lux Congress also better than several wrestlers, called Qi red even to deal with him, not necessarily be able to win, we have lost the next two, and if they lose once again face the other fellow was heard, the Palace prestige that? 'Duron Holy slightly stunned and said: 'You know how things outside?'Off the United States and the United States said: 'Tu told me the moon, blue Meng will throw him out of the defeat of the personnel did not mention, saints still in the dark, thought he had much success too!'Duron Santos said: 'Meng you fared on the outside it really so bad!?'Blue Meng said: 'No matter, I was injured because of oversight. She softly to himself:. 'Independence Day, do not you cut me open, how to cut open the seal of heaven, but there are two cut seven gods type style, we have a chance.'