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had no alternative, only by virtue of the power of Chaos treasure donghuang minutes before the dragon wounded, though now the ability to land pressure, high strength, but where is that whenEmperor Chun and donghuang two opponents, and only saints shot, can be so easy to Qin Zhu dragon, even a saint but the soul is shot, too, ordinary people can not resist. 'Your Majesty Shengshou boundless.' White Pond and two sheep trader glanced coldly ground Zhong Yao, bowed to the ground, but it is called Majesty, apparently want to take the real status quo for land pressure Taoist Yaozu Great. 'Meet Your Majesty.' Kunpeng demon worship division also down. How can it be a saint means to the average person can imagine, Kunpeng although since that magic strength, Daoxing profound, but it can not be a saint opponent, think what a powerful dragon, but also to be close to the mountains and rivers to boat plans. Nvwaniangniang Daoxing or saints in the lowest, if other saints had won. Think of another guy about to sanctification, or your own life and death head, Kun Peng could not help but secretly regret. More hearts concluded that only the thighs clasped his land pressure, in case something happens in the future, also can be obtained saint Nvwaniangniang helps. 'Your Majesty Shengshou boundless.' On Eagle Peak cheers rang again, Qunyao gathered, as if about to reproduce the old glory Yaozu general. Lu pressure Taoist red eyes, hearts apparently endless excitement, the stature of a turn, but it is emerged in a robe, embroidered with mountains and rivers boat looks like, chest still want a witch fly three gold. 'Today, Guaren commander Yaozu, statehood number for the gold.' If the sound of the bells, spread throughout the North all Luzhou, Yaozu now finally officially entered the North Ju Lu Chau. Build a strong dynasty. 'Li demon division Kunpeng demon for the division, the White Pond left Fubi, commercial sheep right Fubi; complete side as Grand Marshal.' Lu Zhu Lu pressure Taoist soon packet demon king, could not help nerd, in fact, really kind of sub gentle taste.They companions walked more than twenty years to find that Bashan actually waiting in the street, a small beggar believe that the old couple is to recognize Bashan, but cried aloud: '! Balao four, come to see the two elders.' 'Yumen Hidden Minds' generation were rushing laughed:'! had little trouble actually form a stretch of the 'Bashan see the ceremony, but proud smiles:' Imagine that case, the left two Laoer also come up from the road. '' yunling Hawker 'left the group cursed:' Wild Boy, you make a person walking in front of what must have been up to? 'Bashan laughed:'? the old man who can see past the future, 'the old man swore Left said: '? Boy, do not hesitant, and the moment you found out what' Bashan said: 'martial arts-related events, and the reputation of the joint several martial arts legend, and I am afraid I can not spell it short, I discovered an unfortunate thing it is true, 'the old couple to know he would not say, but it alarmed endless, with the channel:.' thing probably not quite clear, so you can not say, but you also should Shaolu flaws 'Bashan said:.' I'm afraid what, but I do not want to tell people that I spread rumors, tell you, there are several martial arts ringing people want to cultivate a common disdain for martial arts prodigy, Ju material actually see that several VIP missed it, actually training the bad guy come, I ask two, this is unfortunately not the martial arts? Currently things are still very small, I'm afraid that the bad guys do endless future Aftermath martial arts. 'The old couple was shocked and said: 'You mean we have to understand how bad the current law man!?' Bashan said: '! Incest thing has made to the' left were busy on behalf of the group said: 'This matter will become worse and worse the more We should be the job of those VIP dewpoint news. 'Left group look like a very heavy, immediate and four small goodbye, put power toward the right side of the path, I do not know what they look for people, perhaps to find the so