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And you do the same thing.' Yang Ying Kuiran said: 'And I like things?' She vaguely Liu days and guess what to say, really willow days and then burned charred face smile smile:. 'You can make Odyssey Warrior for your indomitable been rushed to heaven, as I can.' Liu days and smile:. 'No, do you remember, chaos Witchcraft' Her face appeared proudly look and said:. '?? No matter how I was his own man, he is the same for me, but in the end for what you are crazy or bitchy.' Liu days and Huo stood up, countless charred patches from her fall, Xu lives far away exclusion sleepy she shot only for a moment. She sneered:. '. I did not expect Tin Ying princess will curse you can call me bitchy' Yang Ying indifference: 'You are bitchy!' She reached for the knife pierce the heart of Willow days and countless green juice splash immediately, Liu days and continue to unite to the vitality of life began to disappear. Only the tree of life also in the birth of the princess, and they knew where the key to the tree of life, how to kill her. Blue scalpel into numerous small fragments into Liu days and the body began to dismember. Liu days and sad a chuckle: 'You kill me can not forget the tree of life is one of the?.' Yang Ying to face suddenly blue, willow into those days and all the scalpel body to become roots, anti Bay over to her. She thinks to kill Liu days and knives solution actually useless, but their strength all been sucked away, willowDays and whispered in her ear:. 'Do not you know there are rules of the tree of life, the next level of the tree of life you want to kill the original parent tree of life, is simply nonsense, come into my body.' Lying on the ground extradition would Morohito exclaimed, watching Yang Ying figure into a pile of blue light, but why can not stand myself anyway. From the ground, revealed numerous roots firmly tied to them, Liu Yang Ying days and even use force to recover their strength, she has completely lost the exquisite manners of heaven princess, crazy laugh: 'Heaven on the