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known as the 'anti-Tianshan sword' Strangeness place, both parties are less than the sword, Zhang Li Meng Shentong less than enough, Lin Feng's tip shocked, and immediately rebounded cut out, even from Meng Shentong absolutely fantastic orientation to cut. Meng Shentong 'Well,' a cry, quite shoulder Yingjie, Feng Lin sword has been draped over his shoulders, but feel an extremely strong force sword prop it up, not even cut down! SayAt that time, fast, Meng Shentong has launched its own body care magic, the Feng Lin knocked back three steps, almost knocking the Yizhong Mu swept to the Tieguai fight. Gu Zhihua only said her father already cast killer, gasp, rushed to the soil, just turned Meng Shentong clip, arms stretched it out, and immediately picked her up, smiled and said: 'I promise you, will never go back, Do not worry, and with what I sent them! ' buttressed him, could not move, listening to him saying these, only slightly relieved. Feng Lin shouted: 'Good shameless, aggressiveness to get people!' Meng Shentong angrily: '?! Outrageous, my daughter, the provision of your business you then speak out of turn, call you eat a slap' Feng Lin really afraid He says it will do, and she did not dare to scold. Meng Shentong daughter in his arms, was afraid of her suicide, but this way, his hand to cope with Feng, two master wing attack, but also quite difficult. But to hear the sound of battle Chi Chi, Lin Feng Yun sword wind, Strangeness and inscrutable, a moment, has been in Meng Shentong body, pierced the seven, Meng Shentong certified body magic, his body touched the tip of a and immediately gave him a thorn breaking impulsive, but although his body was not injured, Eri has given numerous holes pierced! Sheng Cheng Haolin two martial arts too far, not inserted into his hand, had the side of the match, Lin Feng Meng Shentong ate several times after another loss, forks have something earlier, not resorted killer trick, to take her life, mind extremely Gas anger. Eye glance, see Cheng Lin Meng two standing next swing to the residue, leaving a complete skeleton form. Strictly speaking, this is not really a bone. More like one. Cents! Bone, leg, hip, hand after being H to open the monument surface residues of this body a few bones. Even these few pieces of bone, nor is the body's normal form of the distribution, but inclusive Xiangxian, forming a completeCircle. Circular bone structure derived from numerous small spines of varying lengths, instead of the complex human nervous system, traction adversary action. Bone surface showing a strange blue sheen, like most of them in the [World] in the day to see flood circle. Efficiency is also indistinguishable, is the use of transparent people who own bone cents, the whole waterfall hydration become immortal gas floods, even himself turned to water-like substance. Young zero aghast and said: 'What is this thing?' Du cold wind tunnel: 'I now know the true face of the immortal, and then after a while, it becomes a stone.' As he puts it, is exposed in the lake for a while after this flood of human bone-day circle slowly lose their luster and become a bunch of dull stones. Young surprised not had time to zero, the wind picked up her hiding Du rocks near the hole, and whispered:. 'Do not breathe, do not speak, I was also temporarily closed the air.' Three heavy water into the 'pop' sound coming from the top, Du Yang zero wind will head down in his arms. I saw three figure into the legacy of rock debris, one cried aloud: '?? Three ...... dead dead in the water at his best.' Headed man with a strange face Chan Jin Guangze, hand touched the wreckage and said: 'From a few hundred meters of altitude fell after the impact is too large, the performance cents pause, and the results of the open flesh monument hand of death. ' The last of humanity: 'Du wind should also caught a short gas closed state, I'll kick him out.' Speaking of 'pulling' the word, the enemy's body appeared like an old stakes like black shadows, lake bubbling mud puff, countless long eye algae stuck his head