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the end of this world, absorbing qualities intake of 100 times more radiation than ordinary ancient weapons, luck did not die, all have long become mutated monsterA remarkable achievement! 'Kangsi Han said: 'Tantric people live in twelve hundred years is a very common thing, like Tianchi Venerable teacher, I do not know exactly how old he was, and looked up to but four or five years old, but he was my grandfather told friends, seven or eight years ago, he is not old, nor have any change ...... 'Was finished, on the outside went into a white Les, hope it really only 40 years old, look elegant, Yuyan Long head, eyebrow ink beard, chic Chu Chen!Yu Shi-yuan, who quickly stood up to, Kangsi Han busy: 'The teacher is good, I'll give you ......'It was Les Tianchi Venerable, hands are baskets, put smiles: 'I knew that you brought me three guests, may also give me trouble for, sit, sit, you're welcome, ni son gave me introduce you! 'Kangsi Han very casually sit down, one by one introductions! yuan from attitude, know the world outside expert certainly do not like stereotypes, the arch is also casually hand, said the sound had long admired disturb it!Venerable towards Tianchi trio looked at, laughed: 'rare, rare, three are odd prime talent, Yu Jia Gengu brother, I can categorically put EXTRAORDINARY SPLENDOUR Road ......'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'His Holiness kindness, Shumou very grateful that this immortal life, Shumou also extremely longing, just Shumou body with custom bone, it is difficult to enjoy this fairy-fu ......'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'edge, blessing are false, as long as you are interested, you can always get the chance, but you Xia heart and courage, is not willing to get rid of dust it works!'Having laughed laughed: 'This is the property Setsurei Sydney, taste quite sweet, and the dollar will help increase this effect, no matter Bong Mountain off, ladies, please feel free to use twelve bar!'There are ten pieces of pear-shaped baskets round fruit, the color white, he put the two in front of each person, and region are collected in a little infuriating, the knife aside, I am afraid that the whole city should be cut into two pieces Du wind down the middle.  who slips light flashed a hint of excitement, excited authentic: '! Three three-style!' Cactus group issued a fear of noise, seems to have discovered the trick of terrible, after a burst of ghostly whispers, the group erected cactus needles paralysis, the same as the crawler to transfer a person. That is what Ke Leizha send out a few batches humans, man body wet ground, it seems to be just like a fish out from the slot, like nutrition, has died. His time of death seems to be just a few seconds ago, Yang zero, E and Liu fat all fall in this city, which is tantamount to a Shajixiahou's warning. Du wind stands still does not move, cactus needles come alive again, this time sending a girl shape wood. See Du wind left hand hilt. Images relieved cactus-like, soft mass, placing, and it gets back suddenly startled cities. Days wandering the city walls have been restored full of energy, the day the wall radar system is significantly more than wandering the city's many advanced, cost far to detect wind and Du jeep back, Jeep is not out of town when the bike, but his car had a head more familiar logo. Soon jeep went to the city, the city stood staring at the front door to greet the fee that the flame demon form of signs, murmured:. 'This is the team's car purgatory' Du wind tunnel does not care: 'What purgatory team does not exist.' Fees body Jiling, Purgatory team on the case, he also does not know much, but fierce Scarface lifting purgatory team will first go to the ground every Tukou saliva, then Bickering remind players that five people more powerful than six Star Warrior also worse on ancient times, met to make a detour to go. Du windWho are not even a patch, Independence Day purgatory even effortlessly put the team packed up, fee really is extremely revered, quickly took the initiative to open the door for the two. Luo Feile Fenlian containing cream: 'The