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said: 'money! My money! ' Du wind lightly: 'The [empty] touch away.' Fat wail: 'But ...... but have not been cut blade signs ah!' Young zero scoffed and said: '? Dead pig, you know what it [empty]' Liu fat man screams: 'The? Is not it my thief hard money deposited ah ......' Du cold wind tunnel: 'Do not cry, and he can even steal your kidney, and then quietly help you mend it up, and if he stole you, I can not find it.' Liu fat can not help but called the Cold War, Du abnormal cold wind of this tone, look nothing like a joke. Du wind dispersed the crowd just staring, think of this wandering the city, there is still Miaoshoukongkong figure. Excellent as Du wind ancient weapons, in theory, can be proficient in all of the ancient martial art in the world, but in fact, every good ancient weapons ancient martial art, or have specialized. Du wind is good and everything knife attack defensive ancient martial art, if those who want to play with in front of him, in front of the masters is simply Guan, himself. The same as the world's three ancient weapons, Lee Han array of good feng shui school, Xu Anqi bowstring far is good, which is quite different from Du wind studies, it is not difficult to crack. But unparalleled [Independence Day] Du wind, no way he understands there are blind spots. For example, after Yang Ying of 'cooking', can be an ordinary foodstuffs accordance with certain components, play, and the same effect as drugs, but without the side effects of drugs. It is said that it can follow the same principle with the poison, but Young did not cast a shadow over this technique, if there is this layer of Du wind effect is not known. Another Du wind unknown mysterious ancient martial art, is the mystery of 'Pirates of the technology.' High star ancient weapons are extremely sensitive sensors, not to mention being an enemy to the physical contact, even if the enemy appeared around him tens of meters and the like, but also to detect it in accordance with the transaction flow. But bar codes for fine' would hide around.Fortunately, that guy restrained quickly, or else are non-biting is not.To the one, that guy stopped step, and said: 'You two are here, and so, I went to inform the sound.'If not finished, just listen to the lights in front of the house between a voiced speech sounded: 'Who?'That guy busy: 'Han Ye, I was about to come to you!'Just listen to that amount in humanity: 'Wait, I'll come out.'Suddenly the door opened, and out of an old man wearing a very impressive from the inside face of a philistine, sounded evilFoul smells, holding the root of Calumet, hesitated and said: 'These two are ......'That guy is busy approached to say a few words whispered.'Oh!' The old man slamming nodded and said: 'So yes, let them come.'That guy turned around and said: 'Han Ye heard it called the two of you in the past?.'That man is busy and helped that woman went over to the near, I do not know his face, crying laughing, ha a stoop, but did not speak.That old man looked at first glance that the woman, then turn hope that the men and said: 'What name, what is it?'That man busy: 'I ...... I Wang, tempest big ......'That old man a frown, said: 'Why did not name children?'That man busy: 'There, there, called the mark!'The old man said: 'King standard?'That man nodded three times in a row should be a yes.The old man said: 'Where are what?'That man busy: 'Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang!'Oh, that old man cry and said: 'Shijiazhuang, which is very far from that!'That man said: 'is far, far.'The old man said: '? You two run such a long way, to Nanjing to do it.'That man busy: 'The family famine, Daibu Zhu, to Nanjing is to vote pro, who knows that the relatives we moved, so, so ......'That old man cat crying crocodile tears mouse, sighed and said: 'There was a famine, a complete stranger to come here again, unaccompanied, blame the poor, Oh really, how does God eyes ah!!'That man busy: 'Please, please please do the elderly.'That an old man nodded and said: 'That should be, people there, who did a disaster ......'Eyes a turn,