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 Hypnotic effect is eliminated Du wind gas to almost negligible, even for ordinary people like Liu fat can not play the power. Du wind can even ignored, there is a practical side over one hundred years of age, rich experience, ability is not strong kinship. Fat woman desperately twisted his throat, Du wind Leng Heng said:. 'Lifted his hypnosis, I let you go.' Fat woman suddenly bitter twist his neck, screaming: 'You're dreaming!' Her vocal cords had been Fenjincuogu hand spiral Anjin grasp, so twist the neck in the opposite direction, Anjin immediately diverge onto her body, such as rubber-like body and neck immediately twisted mess, is twisted Anjin live vocal cords but comfortableA. Twisted into a twist like mouth would call fat woman, as long as she shouted word 'death', E would a life Guixi immediately. In her mouth on the occasion, the wind suddenly Du mouth, I heard muffled roar issued by his throat. H slamming, sand around within a few hundred meters have been shook flying. That roar, like on top of the cliff to frighten the animals lion roar in general. Think also called fat woman yell, her vocal cords were alive Du wind roar ripped. Soul flying at the moment most of the fat woman tried to kill is the autopsy of the old man. It is precisely because she heard the old man said Du wind infuriating amount of storage is not enough, their skills to myself exactly weak gas ancient weapons nemesis, only one person from the team secretly rob reward. Now it seems that she simply came to die. The legendary seven-star [Idiom] ancient martial art, there is a very vigorous non-foundation and infuriating is unable to cast. The cold front man, is simply a wild roaring lion king, the old man said, where there is the slightest autopsy insufficient storage infuriating look. -------------------------------------------------- -------- Today, more finished third night is no longer updated, please book faithful to the book review area top posts leave a message, blessing about your sister-in-law and sister, this trick Cloud hand makes it pretty good, people smell Lv Siniang of Xuannv sword Miaojue world, let me be an eye-opener on how P. ' listen to this officer said very politely, if he looked appearance, position seems over Qin Geng two, she reciprocity, they also Bao Jian, said:' I was only a few years, resulting in the division, but a little effort fur door , the town will still be used to deal with, how get into the adult stuff? 'This sentence she overtly holding a handful of the officer, but it is privately ridiculed duo Qin Geng Geng pure.' Well, 'a cry and said:' You are no match for white adults, understanding, respect of fitters sword throwing, pending disposal. 'Gu Zhihua said:' ah, this is the original white adults. Will white adults, and I want you in the end is a competition, or is it specifically to arrest me? Which in the end I made you a Fa? 'The middle-aged officer slowly, smiled and said:' Do not Miss Valley suspicious, of course I wanted to see just for you and your sword before a test, as for the two of you and what they feast, this, this I do not watch the tube. Ah Miss Valley, do not hesitate, you move it to give: ' listen to his answer was even forSlip, are wondering the meaning of his words, he casually replied:. '. White adults, if so specified must enlighten clumsy fight I had to offer, please give the first move since adults |' It would have been a lot of rivers and lakes before the contest courtesy to speak, Gu Zhihua see him courtesy, of course, first hands inconvenience. She thought that the 'white adults' are bound to be something sometime, saying that she still knows the end, that middle-aged officer then laughed loudly: 'So, please Gu Zhihua cool off guard, almost to his whiplash sweeping look, fortunately to light and wonderful, busy barely tolerable 'Wind Taiwan Flower' help agility, with whiplash watching referred, were rolling about three turns, this barely avoided. That middle-aged officer unrelenting, immediately look they resorted to whip in the palm of stunts, whip around